03. LIFE’S EXPERIENCES                           29th October 2016





Welcome to my world. My grandad says life is amazing and that I must take advantage of every amazing thing that comes my way. That way he says I will get the most out of life.

Do you know he is not wrong there?  Constantly I find amazing things happening to me. Like last week when I thought it was just an ordinary rainy day. I marvelled at the raindrops falling from the sky. As I craned my neck searching for the giant’s watering can, just out of the blue I was given baby rice to eat for the first time. It was truly amazing.


Dad gets lots from life when he watches TV. He is often astounded and amazed when he watches football on TV. I’m not sure at the end of the programme that he’s particularly got the most out of life though. He usually looks miserable. The sport on TV certainly makes him very emotional.


Other amazing things that happen in my life is that whenever I wake up night or day my mum or my dad is there for me. That’s 24/7. Who offers that service, any more, not even Tesco’s these days.


Another amazing thing that happens to me which again helps me get the most from life is sometimes when I pass wind through my bottom. It makes amazing noises I love it. But what is an even greater experience is when I think I am doing that and it turns into a real pooh explosion. When this happens I have such an amazing satisfying feeling. The world and the experience of living becomes something else, man. You really feel you achieved something in life and made a contribution.


Mum and dad appear to hate it when I do it, they pass me around for one of them to deal with it. I’ve not yet worked out how they decide. I’ve a pretty good idea its like pass the parcel, like we played at my cousin Rory’s birthday party. They pass me from one to another and when the music stops that person has to change my nappy. Poor old mum seems to be very unlucky or is it lucky and gets me almost every time.


I went with grandad and mamma, mum and sister, Freya for a coffee in John Lewis restaurant. Well, that’s what mamma said, “We’ll go for a coffee.” Fantastic I thought I am about to sample another of life’s fantastic experiences. But all I got was milk. Not even baby rice.


Grandad had this delicious looking scone, warm it was too. I am so ready to experience these things. He is the one saying get everything you can out of life, but he would not give me any scone. I kept grabbing his arm, but mum kept intervening and telling me to let grandad eat his scone in peace. I don’t know why they stop me eating scones. I’ve got teeth two of them. It hurt enough getting them, they could at least allow me to use them.

I gave in and settled back and dreamt of doing things from my bucket list that will give me an incredible feeling, making me feel that I have lived.


Yes I have a huge bucket list even at my age. There are so many things I dream of doing, you know things like getting the remote control and pressing the buttons to change TV channels. Here’s the rest of my Top Ten experiences I am longing for:


2.             Eating fries and a Big Mac

3.             Using dad’s telephone

4.             Eating my first Cadbury’s Crème egg

5.             Drawing, on my bedroom wall that is with felt tips

6.             Eating chicken dinosaurs like sister Freya does

7.             Pressing the buttons on the CD player to choose my own music

8.             Eating fish fingers

9.             Crawling – Grandad says it’s the way forward in life

10           Eating garlic bread

11           Escape from my cot and go exploring.

12           Eat tomato ketchup

13           Sit up

14           Talk

15           Eat a cherry scone

16           Cover my face with bolognaise sauce

17           Reading the first book by myself and colouring in the words and pages

I think there are more than 10 items there but bear with me as I don’t understand counting yet. I could go on and on. There are so many things I want and need to experience in the world.