5th November 2016


5th November 2016                                                         POST 090







Welcome to my world. Wow it’s been a tremendous week. I’ve experienced so, so many new things in life.

We went to a Halloween party at Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan’s house. So what’s all that about then. I wonder how often that will happen. It seems to be about dressing up in something the colour of carrots, having giant oranges everywhere and music and dancing and best of all food, but food for everyone else and not for me. The music is fantastic. Spiders seem to play a big part too.

I think my mum loves spiders loads because she gets very excited when there is one in the house. And our house is full of spiders. They make mum so happy that she dances, even without music.  That was a lesson I learned a few weeks ago. I thought you had to have music before you could dance, but mum saw a spider and danced without music.

So, yes, I experienced my first Halloween. Weird.

Not half as weird as the next day when I experienced my first 24 hour grandad and mamma sleepover.

Nanny and grandad have already slept over. Brilliant. Just as if mum and dad were there but better. So I was expecting amazing things.

First let us analyse why I was put in this situation.

Mum and dad and sister Freya were going to a wedding. I’ve not been to a wedding before and was quite excited. As you know I am desperately hungry (always hungry), no not just for food, but for new experiences. I like at least one a day.

But it gradually dawned on me that I was not included. Why? I do not know. Did they think I would cause trouble. Throw pint pots at the DJ if he did not play “The Wheels On The Bus”. Surely they no me better than that.

I’ve seen this happen many times before in a Cinderella video my sister and I watch on TV. So I was Cinderella. The problem was that my Fairy Godmother did not turn up, just my Mamma and although she’s magical she couldn’t conjure up enough magic to get me to the ball ( wedding).

Fortunately I’m a placid child. So I could have screamed the place down because I was not going. But no I looked for the positive and thought I will instead have an amazing time bonding with Mamma and grandad.

What hard work that turned out to be. First we walked into Newark. Well, not me. That’s still something I need to master. I can roll over and keep trying to crawl, but definitely not walking. I was in the pushchair. Unfortunately I fell asleep. I say unfortunately because my cousin Ewan has told me not to be caught off guard, sleeping. To be aware of what  grown ups are doing around you. He says there are lots of lessons you learn.

It was good advice. For I woke up and we were in Costa. I’ve been there before with my mum and dad and sister. I looked round. Grandad had a cake and coffee. Mamma had a cake and coffee. Everyone sitting down at tables, and there were a lot of people because irt was Saturday afternoon, had cakes and coffee and even some of the people queuing at the till to be served had cakes and coffee. But I had none. No cakes. No coffee.

Now I am noted for being placid and smiley all the time. But I have to say I became a little agitated as my tummy rumbled.

Grandad didn’t even notice as he scoffed his flapjack. Mamma’s a lot more sensitive, so guess what, she gave me a bottle. That’s right, not a cake or a coffee, a boring bottle. It was better than nothing I suppose.

Back home my tummy was rumbling again. All that fresh air I think. I am just starting with solid foods. I only get the tiniest bit of baby rice, but it is so delicious, a taste that is out of this world when you’ve had nothing but milk for six month. I get it at tea time every day. I build my day around it. But guess what? No Baby rice.

I waited and waited. I was given a bottle. Then I was aware that they were expecting me to go to sleep for the night. I stayed awake a hour beyond my normal bedtime in the hope they would come up with the solids.

But get this: instead they turned the clock back one hour to make it look as if it were my normal bedtime. Grandad kept saying something about “Fall back.” I don’t know what he meant. I only know I fall back all the time at the moment. I am working hard at sitting up by myself and falling back is one of the side effects.

I did then fall into a very deep sleep. But what Mamma and grandad don’t realise is that my body clock is amazingly accurate. More accurate at time keeping than Big Ben even. So next morning I awoke at my normal time, which looked as if I was an hour early.

Although I am a peaceful, placid child I have assertively made sure my parents stay to the correct timing of the clock for food, for going to bed and waking up, not Mamma and grandad’s new fictious one hour back clock.


  1. Bonding with Mamma & Grandad looking after me
  2. Going to Costa with Mamma & Grandad
  3. Different tastes and varieties of solid foods
  4. Halloween Party
  5. Dancing with Mamma at Halloween Party
  6. Rolling over by myself
  7. Sitting up by myself
  8. Experiencing being snubbed and banned from a wedding
  9. Listening to new music and sounds
  10. Setting my eye on something and making sure I get it