05. GEORGE’S BLOG – CELEBRATION FOOD               12th November 2016

12th November 2016                                                         POST 099






Hi, Welcome to my world

Another wildly exciting week of discovery for me.

I love life! Don’t you? It is so full of new and exciting things to discover and sample and you just do not know what the next new experience will be.

This week, it has been mainly food based.

But first on Saturday we went to a bonfire night party. I just do not know what that was all about, like most things grownups do.

When it got dark and I thought I was going to bed my mum took me and my sister to my mum’s cousin’s house. There were millions of people there. But we did not stay in the house where it was cosy and warm and lots of light. Everyone went out in the garden where it was so cold and dark.

I’m very brave and I like stars and the moon, but some children were terrified. But I find dark exciting. Because no one could see and it was so cold they lit a huge bonfire. The bonfire warmed us up and we could see everyone again. So why not stay in the house? Weird.

After awhile a couple of guys stuck some sticks in the ground and touched them and ran away from them. Crazy! After an hour or so there was a bit of fire came from the stick and then it made a wind type noise like I do when I think I’ve pooed my nappy and I have not. But the noise I make is ten times louder than these things.

But they did have one magic stick, and because of that stick I now know where stars come from. The guys put this witches broom handle stick in the lawn. They put a light half way down. There was a “Whoosh” noise. And it went high in the sky. I could not see the witch, though. Then a sack bag full of coloured twinkling stars exploded from the stick into the deep black sky. Stars were everywhere.

I love stars I always have done. They have a point, don’t they? Five I suppose.

With the fight I had to be created I always thank my lucky stars.

And that is why the sky is always full of stars.

I wanted to watch the stars. But as usual the grownups then decided everyone needs to go inside. Always, always they decide to do something different to what I want to do. I soon got my head around it though because inside there was mountains of food.

I love life, I love my family and then I love food. The good news was there was mountains of it. The bad news was there was nothing for me. I just got a bottle.

On Tuesday we had a family outing to a place called Meadowhall. This was all about food too. Mum was desperate to visit this place. Dad was not. But we always have to do what mum wants to do.

Apparently she is preparing for what sounds like a major event. It sounds as big as my christening all over again. Christmas, it’s called. As usual mum and dad have not planned it very well because reading between the lines it is Freya’s birthday one day and this Christmas thing the next. How ridiculous. A bit of planning could take all the stress away.

It must be very soon, probably next week, sister Freya’s birthday and this Christmas thing, whatever it is, because Mum was panicking and desperate to buy things for it and get it in the bag, last Tuesday.

Dad was not over interested but made a big thing about getting a good meal at Meadowhall. I was so excited.

But guess what? That’s right, I just got a bottle.

You may think I’ve been a loser when it’s come to food this week, but no. I have had my best experiences of life there. Each day I have been treated to a little solid food, and what an amazing spectrum of taste I have had.

Just to pick up on two of the best. First there was pear. What is the point of pears? The taste made my face go all contorted and my ears twitch and laugh. Crushed pear was too tart for me. But moshy carrots made up for all that. They were the bee’s knees, sheer nectar. The colour is brilliant, bright orange. They feature in Peter Rabbit’s life a lot. They also seem to feature majorly in this Christmas thing that’s coming up. Apparently there is some guy involved with Christmas, who loves and adores them. My mum and dad love him lots – they call him “dear” – I’ve never heard them refer to anyone else as dear, not my sister, Nanny, Mamma or either of my granddads, So they must love him, loads and loads. His proper name is Rudolf.

So yes, carrots are good and pears are to be avoided at all costs.

Well, I need a pooh and a sleep now. Which first? To sleep I think. The pooh will look after itself.