07 GEORGE’S BLOG – SURVIVING WITHOUT TV                     25th November 2016






Welcome to my world. And it has been a turbulent world this week, with lots of brand new life experiences for me. Our BT box has had it. The BT box is the pivotal thing that our house is built around: the internet, the TV, the wifi and the telephone. Yes all communication. It just went kaput, throwing our house into total turmoil.

It is so sad and heart wrenching to see your dad cry. No child of my age should have to witness that. And then he just stares at the blank TV screen with no emotion in his face.

He says he cannot see his favourite football team play. But you do not need a TV to show you how bad they are. In fact, dad, believe me, you are in a better place not having a TV than beating yourself up emotionally watching them play badly and lose.

Dad was so devastated he took it upon himself to ring BT. I am only 6 months old and already I know BT service and customer service is the worst in the world. You should hear the problems my mum and dad have with them.

They told my dad it was the BT hub box that had broken and as mum and dad’s contract had run out they were not entitled to a repair or new one, they had to buy one.

Mum terrified us all, snatching the phone from dad and telling them in her best commanding teacher way and in no uncertain terms that they were hopeless because they had never informed her that the contract had run out or needed renewing. You could hear the bloke trembling at the other end.

Although I was taken aback by her fury, me, dad (or maybe dad had) and sister Freya had never witnessed such fury as this from mum before. Well done BT you achieved something no one else has managed to do, really wind my mum up. I smiled, satisfyingly to myself and thought at least I shall never be in her class at school, thank goodness. I know you see that my mum does not believe in teaching your own children. Wow, what a relief.

BT are not quick on delivery either. Dad reported it Thursday and they could not deliver until Tuesday.

On Saturday, mum and my sister Freya, went to see ‘Disney’s Frozen on Icing’ or so Freya called it, at Nottingham. I think it must have been because Freya couldn’t watch it on TV. She watches Frozen most Saturdays. To be honest I was pleased it had broken down. There’s only so many times you can take “Let it Go”. But me and dad didn’t go with them, we stayed home. And then went to Nanny and grandad’s. I’m not sure why we were banned. Nobody took the trouble to tell me.

I think dad was so devastated about losing the TV that he could not face the outside world knowing it was not working. Or was he like me and had come to the where he felt with Let It Go it was time to Let it go.

So I was in charge of dad for the day. That’s good. Dad is easey peasey work not hard work like mamma and grandad. You know where you stand with dad. But what I had not taken into account was that he was normally easy because I just sat him in front of the TV or internet and I could sleep. Then to keep him occupied I normally get him to feed me. Had I got to eat all day to keep him occupied? I suppose he could take me swimming like he often does.

No he was surprisingly very active. We took mum and sister Freya to the railway station. I so want to go on a train. I looked for Thomas the Tank Engine but could not see him. Then we went to Nanny and granddad’s house. Next, I went to sleep and when I woke up I was back home and mamma and grandad (I have two granddads you know but only one mamma and only one nanny, funny that). were there. I thought I was still dreaming. Mum was not back home, yet. What a responsibility? Dad, mamma and worst of all grandad to look after. I had a horrible thought mum and sister Freya were going to come back weren’t they. They had not left us because there was no TV. But they did eventually come back.

I miss the TV. I watch it sometimes, well often really. There are great colours and fantastic music and soothing voices,. I learn from it, too. I learn that I have seen quite enough of Frozen. I’ve learned football on TV is too emotional and stressful for dad. People, older and more intelligent than me say I shouldn’t watch TV. They are not just picking on me they say no one under three should watch TV.

I do not agree. I learn about life there. It gives me inspiration for my bucket list and it informs me on how things work. And the music makes me feel good. And how else would I I get an unbiased opinion of football.

The new BT box did not arrive on Tuesday when the text from BT said it should do. Mum and dad were not happy, again, with BT but if they watched TV, Postman Pat Special Delivery (Cbeebies 7.25am daily), inparticularly, they would know parcels always go missing and get delayed. Most of the time it is because Jess the Cat is playing with the parcel behind Postman Pat’s back. Grandad said he would never send anything with Postman Pat, his parcels always go missing.

Yes grandad but he always finds them in the end.

Well, as I write this we still have no BT box, mum is fuming and dad is wandering around aimlessly staring into blank spaces. He needs something to occupy his time. That is down to me. So I’ll demand more food which will create more poos and he won’t even realise the telly’s not there.