10 feel-good movies you must watch

10 feel-good movies

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10 feel-good movies that will make you want to be a better person

What does it mean to be a better person? There are so many ways to deconstruct this which could spiral into the depths of overthinking. But what better way than disengaging from the outside world and being challenged by entertainment to motivate you into self-improvement.

Feel-good movies have the potential to fuel change, whether that be by broadening your horizons or educating you on complex issues that are often dismissed. We share a range of ten feel-good movies that will want to make you a better person.

  1. Fatherhood (Netflix) 2021)

Running time        109 minutes.

Originally scheduled to be released in cinemas by Sony Pictures Releasing, Fatherhood was sold to Netflix amid the COVID-19 pandemic and was digitally released on June 18, 2021. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with Hart’s against-type performance being praised.

Starring Kevin Hart, we see a widowed new dad coping with the doubts and fears as he raises his child alone. The Netflix film is based on the real-life story of Matthew Logelin and teaches us that when life is difficult we can’t just give up. It is a feel-good story that will have you smiling throughout.

  1. Instant Family (2018)

Budget   $48 million            Box office $120.6 million.

Running time        118 minutes.

Instant Family will instantly(!) alter your perspective on the world of foster care and adoptions. The movie follows an altruistic couple who are inspired to foster and adopt three children who are not interested in being parented. Following the pattern of a feel-good movie, the film is funny and heart-warming yet also an emotional rollercoaster which unravels the realities of navigating a new family dynamic. The film also highlights that it doesn’t matter if you are not the perfect fit for a role but that you need to be determined to beat the challenges that you may face.

  1. Soul (2020)

Budget   $150 million+ Box office  $119.3 million.

Running time        100 minutes.

Soul is a joyful film that was released on Disney+ in 2020 with a message that relays the importance to make the most out of your life. The story follows Joe Gardner who is on a journey to reunite his soul to his body. Under the humour, the film has a deeper message which radiates why you should appreciate who you are, helping those around you and finding out what truly makes you happiest.

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Budget   $55 million Box office       $307.1 million.

Running time        117 minutes.

A classic film, the 2006 biographical drama will make you cry happy tears but will also motivate you to find your purpose as we see struggling salesman Chris Gardener, played by Will Smith, find his. This film offers you the confidence to ignore other people’s doubts and that you should believe in yourself even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

  1. School of Rock (2003)

Budget   $35 million Box office       $131.3 million.

Running time        109 minutes.

Everyone’s favourite musician loses his job and decides to impersonate his friend as a substitute teacher at a private school, teaching the students the flair behind rock and roll. The comedic film teaches you to loosen up whilst also giving into your passions and striving to your best potential.

  1. The Blind Side (2009)

Budget   $29 million Box office       $309.2 million.

Running time        126 minutes.

This touching film is based on the true story of an orphaned kid who discovers a new family and a brighter future via football. It focuses on themes such as inclusivity, the significance of family, and the advantages of hard work. A truly inspirational film for when you find yourself in a rut.

  1. Someone Great (2019)

Running time        92 minutes.

Someone Great is the perfect movie for when you’ve been dumped, and life seems to be going downhill, but you need to pick yourself up and remember who you are. The 2019 film starring Gina Rodriguez was a huge hit with the plot meandering through love, loss, friendships and careers which will poignantly hit home for many people. It captures that to be a better person you have to focus on yourself and what you want to achieve after heartbreak.

  1. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Budget   $30 million Box office       $238.5 million.

Running time        121 minutes.

You may question, how can watching a film about some of the wealthiest people in the world make me want to be a better person? Well, the 2018 rom com is so much more than the riches. The movie dives into family, society and class, femininity, tradition and what is it like being “the other”. It showcases the struggles with identity but when you come to terms with it, you will feel more like yourself and will be able to push through the boundaries that are holding you back.

  1. Hamilton

Release date July 3, 2020. Running time        160 minutes.

Hamilton is a 2020 American historical fiction musical drama film consisting of a live stage recording of the 2015 Broadway musical of the same name, which was inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

Fans were delighted when Hamilton arrived to Disney+ and the uplifting musical with its funky, feel-good soundtrack is highly motivating too. We see the orphaned Alexander Hamilton come to New York to work for George Washington and then become the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. A story about legacy, viewers gain insight on how to strive in difficult times.

Originally planned for theatrical release on October 15, 2021, Hamilton was instead released worldwide to stream on Disney+ on July 3, 2020. Acclaimed by critics for its visuals, performances, and direction, it became one of the most-streamed films of 2020. The film was named as one of the best films of 2020 by the American Film Institute, and was nominated for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy and Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy (for Miranda) at the 78th Golden Globe Awards, while Daveed Diggs was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Limited Series or Television Movie. Hamilton also received 12 nominations at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

  1. Paddington 1 (2014)

Budget   $54.7 million (net)               Box office             $282.8 million.

Running time        95 minutes.

Paddington 2 (2017)

Budget   $40 million Box office       $228 million.

Running time        104 minutes.

If you haven’t watched Paddington yet, have you been living under a rock? The film and sequel will revolutionise your life and you will instantly want to be a better person. Not only will the films brighten your mood, they teach us how to be kind and compassionate. Having these morals can lead to endless opportunities and fulfilling self-improvement.



Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

1              Use condoms.

Whoever wrote this topic in the most intelligent person in the Earth. People should use it not only to save money but for their own and their country’s benefit by reducing population.

Condom => No kid => No stress => Healthy life => No medical expansion => No over population + Beautiful World to live peaceful life + whole life enjoyment.


Clever item. This makes sense since you don’t want to end up having a kid. It would cost much for a kid, especially when you’re poor. Thousands if not millions of pounds

I agree, definitely. Whoever thought of this is a master of thinking outside-the-box, or just witty, or even both!

As regular readers of this Blog know I do not believe in this one, quite the opposite, money well spent! Raising kids costs money, but it’s an investment

2              Reduce your bills.

Ask your service providers if they have bundled services or unlisted discounts that you can use to save money. Pay it down, make whatever it is your paying on last longer. Stop keeping up with the Jones’s THEY ARE BROKE!

  1. Reuse items.

Reuse plastic water bottles and lunch bags, wash plastic jars and tin cans ad use them for storage containers, use cardboard boxes as storage, and collects plastic grocery bags.

4              Work for yourself.

5              Don’t impulse shop.

6              Do research.

I was planning to o buy my entire Christmas list on Amazon this year, but I found some good deals at other stores so I did part of my shopping there instead!

7              Put it in the bank

Ssaving is the best way to “save” money.

8              Stop drinking alcohol

I think this means like stop drinking A LOT of alcohol. Don’t drink too much because the next thing you know you are going to the store everyday getting some wine or beers.

9              Cut back on the cell phone.

10           Cut down your food costs.

So many people go out and buy food they don’t need. A lot of canned goods or even home made is good and save the leftovers. I would recommend intermittent fasting. It’s not only about weight control but also saves money. Make restaurant meals at home, stay away from fast food.

11           Internet selling and Car Boot Sales.

Use Ebay and Facebook for this.

12           Cut your cable.

Cable T.V. wastes your time due to all the annoying commercials. Why subject yourself to that? Cable is not only a money waster – it’s a life waster!

Do you really need 999 channels? Many network channels are free digital signals or, go TV free.

Come on, you pay for this, and you still get commercials?

13           Shop at discount stores.

14           Keep a jar and collect coins.

15           Avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

16           Wear your clothes longer.

Don’t follow the trend. As simple as that.

17           Walk or cycle instead of driving.

18           Use coupons.

19           Buy a broken item and fix it.

20           Invest in yourself.

21           Do not go on dates

22           Cut your landline phone.

23           Don’t feed bad habits.

24           DIY (Although that ends up costing me money bringing in the expert to sort out the mess I made!

25           Stop smoking.


REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort


  1. Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. -Allen Saunders


Happiness is…a feel-good movies that will make you want to be a better person.



Love is…what helps you over troubled waters.


A time to cut your cost of living…A time to enjoy your savings.


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