Welcome to my world. Should I be saying welcoming to my Christmas World?

The last time I Blogged (that sounds like filling my nappy) was 3rd December – 2 whole weeks ago I am now a lot older I am 7 months old.

But you see I have been finding so many new experiences and discovering life. Isn’t life brilliant. So I have not had time to write about it. But now I am so excited I need to tell someone all about it.

This Christmas thing is so full of surprises, every day. There is always some new and stimulation and inspirational.

This Santa fella seems alright. Cousin Ewan is not so sure, but I’ve already learnt in my short life, it’s best to take as you find.

Apparently he comes on the night of Sister Freya’s birthday and leaves us all lots of presents. As I understand it we have to be asleep. I think it is all to do with Freya’s birthday. He makes a fuss of everyone else so they don’t get upset and jealous because Freya’s had a special day.

I don’t fully understand Christmas presents. I think they are boxes with nothing inside, but they are all wrapped up with shiny paper, I’m hoping so anyway. I love boxes and packets to play with.

We went away to Centre Parks as mum and dad called it, but I think they got it wrong, Cousin Rory said it was “Santa Parks”. I think he is right because it was all about Santa and his reindeer. We had four sleeps at Santa Parks and did lots of swimming. That was the first time I met Santa and he was an alright guy. He was very snugly, when he picked me up.

We did everything you do at Christmas, like Sister Freya going horse riding, we swam lots and lots, and a swan a huge white thing taller than me came right up to out patio window and looked at white I was doing. But it didn’t scare me.

There were lots of woods full of Big Bad Wolves and a robin lived there too.

There were these massive Christmas trees all decorated with balls, bells, lights and gifts. Apparently we were going to have one in our house. They would have to cut a hole in the ceiling and roof to fit it in, though. They were so big.

Christmas trees looked very interesting filled with glittery things that looked brilliant to play with. But I knew full well they were so good I would not be allowed to get at them without some effort. This was good enough incentive for me to start to crawl.

When we returned home mum and dad put our tree up and as I thought picked me up and showed me but from a distance. No matter how much I reached out I could not touch it.

There were many decorations on the tree. Many looked good enough to eat. Like the advent calendar many were made of chocolate. Chocolate always looked good and smells good. I knew it was good because grown ups stuffed themselves with it. You can tell when things taste good or bad. If they taste good grown ups eat it themselves and don’t give us children any, like chocolate. If they don’t like it like moshy carrot and tomato or squidgy sour pear in a tin they feed it to us babies knowing we can’t object.

So I put my mind to it and with the tree as my goal I set out to crawl. And managed to get across the room to the tree, before anyone realised. The problem was the tree was too high from the ground for me to reach, And so to get the chocolate I would need to climb the branches of the tree. That needed upper body strength, only achieved by doing press ups. So I got on and quite naturally did my first press up. See the photo.

But mum and dad realised what I was up to and put a stop to it. So I have not yet got my chocolate. But I am confident my day will come.

You always have to be alert, always looking, always hoping, seizing the moment at every opportunity. On the 13th it was my mamma’s birthday. Does everyone have a birthday at this time of year? Will I have one? We made her a beautiful chocolate hedgehog cake. I was sitting on her knee at the table and a bit of the chocolate fell to the table about 10cm from my hand. Slowly, slowly catch the chocolate, I stealth fully reached out for it. I reached out for the kill.

“Thawack!” It was gone. Mamma seen me and had picked it up and eaten it. One day, just one day.

Every time I see Santa, and it is lots, he keeps asking me the same question, over and over again. What’s your name? What do you want for Christmas?

I just want chocolate. And also to be able to talk, yes, that would help and then I could ask for chocolate. Not just chocolate anything to eat. I’m starving. My parents do not feed me enough.

Really I don’t want anything but food. I just wish he’d stop asking.

As a side affect of the press ups I have also learned to blow raspberries. That is my second greatest achievement ever. Grandad says I sound like his most favourite record “Ying Tong Song” by the Goons. I don’t know what that means and with the look on mum and dad’s faces, I do not think they do either.

Mamma has bought us a black board that tells you how many sleeps until Christmas, which is a good idea but I do not think it keeps time very well. Yesterday it said “9 sleeps until Christmas” I went to sleep twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon and three times in the night and today it says “8 sleeps to Christmas”. How wrong is that?

I know why it is, I heard dad say, she buys cheap things and they do not work properly.

Well, talking of sleep I think it is time for another. Until next time, bye.