10 Nice Little Numbers 30.9.2017

10 Nice Little Numbers 30.9.2017


1              1 second is all it takes for the MIT Media Lab camera to take 1 trillion pictures (it can photograph the speed of light).

2              18,000 miles in total Mark Beaumont cycled round the world to get in Guinness Book of Records

3              240 miles a day is the amount of daily miles he cycled

4              16 hours cycling every day he had to do

5              16 countries he visited

6              1,505,957 Children’s Books if you do a Children’s Book search on Amazon

7              15 apricot kernels contain enough cyanide to kill a child (QI)

8              60% of Premier League footballers go bankrupt within 5 years of retirement (QI)

9              3 Pence That is how much the copper content of a pre 1992 2p piece is worth (QI)

10           $16.5 million was the cost to make the Thelma & Louise film

2p piece