W/E 19th November 2016


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Hi Ewan here. This is an Emergency Blog.

I do not normally read the newspapers, mainly due to the fact that I cannot read yet. But grandad pointed out a couple of very important items to me reported in the newspaper.

The amount of time children spend watching TV was one. Apparently 3-4 year olds watch 14 hours and 12  minutes a week, that has dropped by 18 minutes from last year. And they spend 8 hours 18 minutes online So a total of 22 hours 30 minutes looking at screens.

Grandad read this from the Telegraph:“But experts last night still insisted they were concerned about the amount of time children were spending in front of screens.

Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, the clinical director of the Priory’s Wellbeing Clinics, who called for the time limit to be put in place, said: “Screen time stimulates the ‘reward centre’ of pre-school children’s brain, acting as a digital drug, so they will want more and more of it.


“But young children should be active, investigating life in the real world and having lots of social interaction to develop healthily, physically and mentally.””


They even say  the under three’s should not watch TV.


Excuse me Mr Telegraph, I have only just started watching TV and it does me no harm. I love it, it enhances my life, my learning and inspires me. I learn so much from it. I watch Teletubbies. They talk a language I understand and their body shape is similar to mine, so I do not feel I self conscious about my shape..


I learn loads from TV. When you are eating something and put it down, and go back two hours later its always gone. Why? Or if you leave your toys all over the lounge when you go to bed at night all in perfect place to continue playing next morning and next morning you cannot find them any where they are tidied away. Why? TV taught me, it’s the Twirly Woos who have done it. I’ve seen them on TV.


Bing is good too. He does things I like to do, but better than in my life grown ups are very small, and insignifficent.


Thomas the Tank teaches me how railway engines and trains work. Postman Pat is a cross between the postman and DPD. So it helps me choose the career I wish to follow when older. Fireman Sam gives me an insight into a career in the fire service too.


But Grandad says Fireman Sam is the Jeremy Kyle Show for children. He says Naughty Norman is obviously Fireman Sam’s love child. He says Naughty Norman is always calling the fire brigade out and yet Fireman Sam is very patient and never gets angry. Any other kid would be in so much trouble. But because it is his son he lets him off. Naughty Norman has red hair, the only other person in the programme with red hair is not even his mum but Fireman Sam. And there is no dad on the scene in Naughty Norman’s life.


So I am learning all about the facts of life too.


I watch and love documentaries best of all like the Snowman and Snowdog and Stick Man and Witch on the Broom


And on TV names are so ease: Iggle Piggle and La La. Mr Tumble even has a grandad like mine. But his grandad is more intelligent.


I think the report has it wrong about computers. I know I am not three yet but I am banned from using the computer telephone and remote controls. But my day will come.


But I am rather distraught and I’m trying to get the use of a telephone at the moment to urgently ring Childline to report my mum and dad.  I know I am only twenty months old. That must be nearly three years old.and my mum and dad don’t allow me to watch anywhere near 14 hours 12 minutes of TV as per the report.. They are depriving me of TV. And as for getting anywhere near a computer,  tablet, telephone or even TV remote control, I have no chance.