11 garden teepees to bring a festival feel home this summer

11 garden teepees to bring a festival feel home this summer.

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 11 garden teepees to bring a festival feel home this summer.

My daughter was involved with a project that was for  Children in Care. She with colleagues deecorated a teepee which was shown at Chatsworth House. They wrote a story based on the Wizard of Oz called the Scarecrow’s Story. This is the tepee.

That made me realise how magical I have always found the tepee, since playing Cowboys and Indians as a child. I then moved on to find what tepees were available to relax in for the garden or countryside. Here are 11 available as shown in Country Living Magazine.

Great for garden parties – or just to sit and relax.

So, you’ve got your garden furniture sorted, created the perfect outdoor lighting scheme, the barbecue’s been dusted off and a fire pit now takes pride of place on the patio. What now? Well, you could consider investing in a garden teepee. These create a fun, festival feel in your home’s outdoor space, making them ideal for using during a garden party or social gathering.

There are various types of garden teepee available, so think about what you’d like to use your teepee for before making your purchase. If it’s primarily for children, go for a little pop up number. These are like a cosier version of a Wendy house that can be taken inside during bad weather.

Then there are the proper bell tents that are suitable to camp out in – handy for taking with you on this year’s summer staycation, festival trip or weekend hiking expedition.

Finally, there are the luxury hanging options. These are essentially a cross between a teepee, an egg chair and a hammock, ideal for relaxing on long, hot Saturday afternoons with a book.

The proper bell tents designed for camping are, naturally, fully waterproof, but the others on this list may not withstand living outside in the elements full time. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions, but we’d recommend bringing them inside in anything other than light rain.

Here are our favourite garden teepees for summer 2021.

Hanging Bell Tent

COX & COX       coxandcox.co.uk £1,125.00

This beautiful teepee has a removable canopy, so it can be used as a perfect spot to sunbathe or, when the heat gets too much, as a cosy shaded nook to relax with a book. It’s water- and UV-resistant, so it should cope well with the unpredictable British weather – and you can use it inside, too. Off on your holidays? Take this with you: it folds down into a small bag so you can pop it in the boot of your car for your next staycation.


It’s decently roomy – two adults can fit comfortably, so it’s a good spot to snuggle up in the sun with your partner.


Indoor Outdoor Hanging Bell Tent

COX & COX        coxandcox.co.uk                 £595.00

Here’s a mini version of the above but for kids instead. Two children can fit inside here – and it’s got all the same UV and weather-resistant qualities as the grown up model.


Superlite Polycotton Bell Tent

BELL TENT BOUTIQUE                 belltentboutique.co.uk        £279.99

Another great option for creating that festival vibe at home in your garden – or, of course, you could take it to an actual event when they’re all up and running. This is big enough for up to three adults and has a ground sheet that curves up around the edges to prevent water from creeping in during soggy days – very handy.


4M Superlite Polycotton Bell Tent

BELL TENT BOUTIQUE                 belltentboutique.co.uk        £359.99

Need something a little bigger than the above? Here’s a larger model for groups of up to five.


Tepee Tent

EUROHIKE          gooutdoors.co.uk                 £69.00

So, this one is less aesthetically pleasing as some of the others on this list. But if you’re after a teepee-style tent you can take with you to festivals and camping trips (as well as pop up in the garden, of course), this is a worthy contender at a great price. It’s currently reduced to just £69 from £190.


Tepee Play Tent

PARTY ANIMALS             argos.co.uk           £30.00

This will add a welcome splash of colour to your home’s garden and give the kids somewhere to sit and shade themselves during family barbecues. The inner sheet is removable, so it can be used indoors, too – no need to pack it away come the end of summer.


Teepee Yurt Bell Tent

WIMBA                etsy.com                £230.00

Here’s a clever one – the inner and outer sheets can be detached and used separately, so you essentially get two tents for the price of one. It also comes with two different kinds of flags to decorate it with after, for a proper party feel. It sleeps three to four people.


Wedding Teepee

MAGIC MADE POSSIBLE              etsy.com                £40.00

This mini teepee makes a great photo backdrop for outdoorsy weddings and garden parties – and kids will love to curl up inside it, too.


Children’s Wigwam  


POLLY MADE ME            etsy.com                £227.00

This one isn’t waterproof but, with its beautiful teal stripe pattern, we aren’t all too bothered. Pop it in the garden for the children to enjoy on sunny days and, if there’s a downpour, just pop it in the living room instead.


Classic Large TeePee Hanging Daybed

LIME LACE         limelace.co.uk      £369.00

This is a lovely looking option – and it’s really customisable, so you can get the right fit for your needs (and budget). The teepee itself is £369, but you can add a rain cover and a hanging stand for an additional £300 each.

Even with all the extras, it’s better value than the above Cox & Cox version – and the large size means it fits three to five adults happily. Good for the whole family, then.


Classic Medium TeePee Hanging Daybed

LIME LACE         limelace.co.uk      £339.00

Here’s another by the same brand, but slightly smaller, in case you don’t need to squeeze five adults in your teepee – this one fits 



The Top 10: Oddly named railway stations.

  1. Whatstandwell, Derbyshire.


  1. Wait-A-Bit, Jamaica. Named after the Wait-A-Bit tree, with long hooked horns, so called because it takes time to disentangle yourself if caught on one.


  1. Hall i’ th’ Wood, near Bolton. Named after a nearby museum, “with spelling rightly done in the local dialect”, said James Blanchard.


  1. Recess, County Galway. Conor Downey also likes the now closed Inch station in County Wexford, and Tattynuckle, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. “Also sadly closed.” He reminded me that the Russian for railway station is “vokzal” (воксал), because the first Russian line went between St Petersburg and Pavlovsk, whose station, which also served as an entertainment venue, was called “Vokzal” after the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in London.


  1. Bat and Ball, Kent, named after a long-gone pub; or Bowling, Dunbarton.


  1. Blackrod, in Bolton. “Satisfyingly close – knocking on the door, even – to Mr Speaker’s Chorley constituency,” said James Blanchard.


  1. IBM, west of Glasgow, serving the former computer factory. Currently closed, but hoping to reopen. Andrew Ruddle, who also thinks it odd that Transport for Wales has two stations called Garth, about 40 miles apart.


  1. Besses o’ th’ Barn. Now on the Bury tram line, previously the Bury to Victoria line. More dialect spelling. “I like to think there are other Besses on the line, whose stations may now be defunct but whose presence required such precision in the name,” said Richard Troth.


  1. Quogue, on the Long Island Rail Road. And Mastic-Shirley. Not far from Speonk.


  1. Haltwhistle, Northumberland. “I’ve checked and it’s nothing to do with halting or whistling. Shame. It is the centre of Britain, though,” said Emmabella Murray. Etymologically, it is hal-twistle (high bit between two streams), but its claim to be the centre of Britain is ingenious: it is equidistant from North Orkney and Portland, Dorset, and from Wallsend to the east and Bowness on Solway to the west.


No room, then for:

Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, which translates as White Man’s Bridge – ang mo being local slang for a westerner. “It is thought to derive from John Turnbull Thomson, a red-headed British engineer who built a bridge there, as the term meant ‘red hair’ before being applied more widely,” said Stewart Slater.


Or for Four Lane Ends on the Tyne and Wear metro system. “It is at the junction where four lanes do end, but the “s” is added to the end, not the lane,” said David Bell.


Honourable mention for Absolute Shower, who said he thought it odd that Waverley station, Edinburgh, is named after the series of novels by Sir Walter Scott.








 “Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.” – Chuck Palahniuk


Happiness is…resting in a tepee.


  1. A single glance tells me if somebody is lying. It’s the fact that they’re horizontal that gives it away.
  2. What is red and goes up and down? A tomato in an elevator.


Love is…that special moment together to treasure.


A time to camp out in a traditional tent…A time to camp out in a tepee.


8th July

1996 British girls group the Spice Girls release their debut single “Wannabe” in the UK.

1999 “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” the 3rd book of the series by J. K. Rowling is published by Bloomsbury in the UK.

1889 The Wall Street Journal issued their first paper.

The newspaper is an American-business focused daily paper in New York City.



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