12. GEORGE, CHOCOLATE BARRED        29th December 2016









Welcome to my world. So this is Christmas. My first Christmas. What an experience!

I was dumped in the nursery, barred from eating chocolate, barred from going on a steam train and eating chocolate and going to McDonalds , stayed with grandad and mamma and barred from eating chocolate. Had to give up soft play at Sister Freya’s birthday party to look after Grandad, and still barred from eating chocolate. Barred from going anywhere for Freya’s birthday or Christmas day, although we did secretly escape to Nanny and grandad’s, but still barred from chocolate. Santa came but brought me no chocolate. Barred again, I suppose. On Boxing Day quarantine was over but what about chocolate? Barred again That is obviously why chocolate is called chocolate bars

Christmas celebrations continued after the pantomime visit with me being put into nursery for the first time for a few hours on two days. An early Christmas present from Mum and Dad to me.

Cousin Ewan had told me about nursery. He said there are lots of other folk our age there. So it’s a good get together. Ewan says the problem is other kids often, annoyingly, play with things you want. He says the best thing to do with that scenario is to sit upon them until they give it you. He has found they soon get the message.

He also said to smile sweetly, don’t cry and look all angelic at the fantastic adults looking after you and you will be amazed how great life can be. You’ll be loved, cuddled, fed, nappy changed and you’ll be left to sleep, eat and poo to your heart’s content. What more would you want from life, he said.

Just a wee bit of chocolate. I replied. But he wasn’t interested.

After going to nursery, Mum took us to Mamma and Grandad’s house. Apparently she was going to see Jason Donovan, some retro celebrity from her youth who was doing a concert in Nottingham. She was in a hurry. I think that was because lots of stars have decided to die this year. Jason Donovan had managed to cling to life when all around were losing their’s and she wanted to catch him before he shuffled off this mortal coil.

So me and Sister Freya had to look after Mamma and Grandad. What a responsibility especially at Christmas.

I tried staying awake to watch over them but by the time Iggle Piggle was sleeping on Cbeebies, I was fast on, too. I could have kicked myself and probably did. Mamma and Grandad take a lot of looking after, they get up to some odd things. And they eat chocolate. They are hardwork, it really takes two of you to look after them. Fortunately, Sister Freya forced herself to stay awake.

After a nap I woke up and helped her out at about 10.00pm. When Mum returned all four of us were awake and alert (I’m not sure that applied to Grandad). Mum said it looked like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But I didn’t see or get the taste of any chocolate.

I was excited about the next day we were going on a steam train to see Santa. I’d seen him lots of times at various places but it did not matter, the steam train was something I was desperate to experience in life, almost as much as chocolate.

Mum put me in her car, I fell asleep straight away and when I woke I was at nursery. Had I slept through the steam train experience?

I was so annoyed with myself until later, when I was at home in the afternoon and Sister Freya came back from the steam train experience with a toy dog from Santa. She had also been to McDonalds with Mamma and Grandad and Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan too.

I then realised Mum had double crossed me and taken me to frigging nursery and not the steam train experience. She obviously thought I enjoyed nursery so much I would prefer it to the Steam Train. Yes, I did enjoy nursery, but, Mum you’ve got to learn to keep things in perspective. I need to constantly be expanding my experiences of life.

But I let it go. I don’t let things fester. I’ve got over worse disappointments in life. Not many though.

Next day was awesome. Sister Freya’s birthday party at Ed’s Barn, East Bridgford. Everybody was there to celebrate Sister Freya’s birthday. Lucas, Poppy, Cousin Ewan, Cousin Finley, Cousin Rory, Nanny, Auntie JuJu, Uncle Ian, Mamma and Grandad and lots, lots more people many Mum, Dad and Freya didn’t know even (Note 1). The only people not there were Nanny’s Grandad and Uncle Steve. Nanny’s Grandad said, when I saw him later, someone has to keep the country running. To be honest I really feel for him. I think the same thing happened to him that happened to me the day before. I think he went in Auntie Jayne’s car and he thought he was going to have a good time at Sister Freya’s party and they dumped him at work. I do feel for him. I’ve been there, Grandad, done that and got the tee shirt.

I wasn’t allowed in soft play. Why? Too dangerous for little boys, apparently. I ended up as the pass the parcel. I was reminded very much of the Chuckle Brothers in the pantomime. “To me.” Said Grandad. “To you.” Said Nanny. “To me.” Said Mamma. “To You.” Said Dad. “To me.” Said Aunt JuJu. “To you.” Said Auntie Jayne. “To me.” Said Mum and the music stopped and she was left holding me, the baby.

Sister Freya had lots of presents from everyone. Birthday parties look good. I wonder if I will ever get one? I think you have to wait until you are four years old before you get one. Cousin Rory was 4 and he got one. Sister Freya was 4 and she got one. Cousin Ewan has not had one that I’ve been to and he’s only one year old. I wonder when I will be 4. Do you think it will be before next Christmas. I think it’s after you walk. Better start trying to walk.

Sister Freya’s party ended and everyone got a party bag but me.

And still I didn’t get any chocolate.

The next day was the day before Sister Freya’s birthday. Mum was ill and kept being sick. Then we heard Cousin Ewan had lots of spots, chicken pox. And then Sister Freya was sick. Mum said she and Sister Freya had a sickness bug, but my secret theory is that they had eaten too much chocolate.

Dad kept on working. As Grandad had said, “Someone has to keep the country running”.

All of a sudden all our plans for Sister Freya’s birthday and Christmas Day were wrecked. So what did we do? Read all about it in my next post.

Oh happy days.

Editorial Note 1 – The Barn was open to the general public, which may explain it.