13. GEORGE’S BLOG – PRETTY PAPER 30th December 2016

13. GEORGE’S BLOG – PRETTY PAPER 30th December 2016







Welcome to my world.

Sister Freya’s birthday was here at last. I’ve been waiting for this day since I was born on 8th May. Like, I’ve been waiting for chocolate too. But I cannot understand why people who organise these things made Christmas Day the day after Sister Freya’s birthday.

Grandad says Christmas Day should be in March. He says the shops would not be so busy like they are in December and it’s a way from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I don’t know because I have not seen a March yet, or January, February or April. But Grandad is normally right.


But forgetting all of that, 24th December was Sister Freya’s birthday. When we got up there were masses of pretty coloured parcels all waiting for her. I was not bothered what was in them. They just looked good and exciting to explore. I expected lots of chocolate in them. They looked chocolatie. But I was barred from investigating.


There was major panic too because I had a spot. Mum and Dad thought I had caught Cousin Ewan’s chicken pox. So with that and Mum and Sister Freya’s sickness bug, we were quarantined for the whole of Christmas. I think Mum and Dad just used it as an excuse to have a quiet Christmas.


Sister Freya opened all her presents very over excitedly and very quickly. She had this spooky life size doll’s head that was just for combing its hair. How pointless is that?  Its eyes followed me around the room where ever I went. Spooky! I hope they don’t put that in my bedroom at night. I’d never get to sleep.


The best present she had was an electric guitar and pink shades. The guitar made mega noise. That’s what you need. Perfection!


But I still think she dismissed the best bits, the paper and the boxes. So I got to play with them. It felt like my birthday. There was such a mountain of paper I could dive into it and I was lost.

That afternoon we were supposed to be having a massive celebrations for Sister Freya’s birthday but no one came, because as I said Mum said we were too ill.

When night time came Dad said he was off to work, but he couldn’t fool me. I know he was Santa’s little helper. I’ve seen him in his costume.


Sister Freya and me put lots of food out for Rudolf and Santa. Loads of carrots. I like carrots. What a waste. And they weren’t even cooked. Thank goodness the quarantine ban does not apply to Santa and Rudolf. But I do not understand why it doesn’t. I suppose Santa and Rudolf are well immured to chicken pox. Infact, can reindeer even get them. And concerning the sickness bug, I guess they have to have the flu jab.


Christmas morning Sister Freya woke after me well excited. I’d lain awake ages chuckling to myself. I’d calm down a bit if I were you. I said to her. Well I didn’t because I can’t talk. But if I could I would have done. I don’t think Santa’s been I would have told her. I never heard anyone come in the night and my hearing is pretty sharp, totally opposite to Grandad’s. I can hear a mouse stir.


But would you believe it? When we got downstairs there were mountains of presents, or at least boxes wrapped in pretty paper which is all I am interested in. But I looked carefully. I was sure these were the ones left for Sister Freya’s birthday yesterday re-wrapped, with an extra pile for me.


But in the midst of Sister Freya’s presents was this giant one. I’ve never seen her so excited when she was opening it. And it was fantastic a real two wheeler bike. I want one so much, almost as much as chocolate. But the paper, wrappings and boxes are a good substitute, although not for chocolate. Where was my chocolate?


As far as the cycle was concerned, Mum and Dad said you have to run before you can cycle and walk before you can run. That’s my new year mapped out for me, then.


Dad looked exhausted after his night of helping Santa and Rudolf. It was decided I had not got chicken pox. Surprise, surprise and we started socialising again. We went to Nanny and Grandad’s where there were even more presents and you should have seen the pretty paper and boxes for me to play with. Sister Freya got a double buggy for her dolls too. But that wasn’t as exciting as my boxes and paper. And guess what? Still no chocolate.


I seemed to have been preparing for Christmas Day since I was born on May 8th. So I was expecting major, major things. But it was just a normal day with the addition of pretty paper, boxes and Christmas music.


Boxing Day came next. That sounded promising. More boxes if you looked at the name of the day. Maybe everyone got boxes of chocolate. Surely they would not be cruel enough to deny me chocolate on this day.


Nanny and Grandad visited but did not come bearing gifts or chocolate for me.

Next we packed up the car and went off to Mamma and Grandad’s house, and even more presents or boxes wrapped in pretty paper. Even I had present fatigue. There is only so much pretty paper and boxes you can take, when there is no chocolate.


But there was this gift from Mamma and Grandad that was alright. It had little figures in it that you can bite on without it being dangerous. But not chocolate though. And there was this boat shaped box to put them in that made a lot of noise. That’s my kind-a toy, if you rule out chocolate ones.


Mamma produced this magnificent, major feast of a Christmas Day/Boxing Day dinner. I demanded my dinner early, it was only 3.30pm. So Mum gave it to me. I had a full Christmas dinner! But without the Brussels. Dad persuaded me that I wouldn’t like them. Oh, and without the turkey, that needs liquidising. Oh, and without the parsnips and roast potatoes and cranberry sauce, and pigs in blankets and Christmas Pudding. That’s right, I had mashed potato mashed with swede followed by custard. The best Christmas dinner I have ever had. Well, yes, I do suppose it is the only one, my first. The only thing missing was the chocolate.


Everyone ate their dinner and then Mum and Dad started on the chocolate biscuits. Cleverly I distracted Mum so she put the chocolate biscuit she was eating down on the table in front of me. Whilst she was otherwise engaged, I saw my opportunity. I nonchalantly picked up the chocolate covered biscuit and put it in my mouth. Back of the net!


But before I could bite a bit off I was spotted.


Not to worry I got the taste. It was not all that great anyway.  So it’s on to the next thing to explore and discover in life. I’m so looking forward to 2017, it will be full of new life experiences.


See you soon.