11th February 2017




AGED almost 9 MONTHS




Welcome to my world, won’t you come on in.

Wow! Isn’t life great? Restaurant experience this week

Mamma and Grandad took us to the pub/restaurant. But before we went Grandad did some standing up and walking practice. He’s quite good at it, but I suppose he should be at his age. (Sorry, Grandad taught me all I know about humour and my jokes come out like his.)

I, of course, mean Grandad got me practising standing and walking. I can’t wait to walk. When I can walk I am going to be out of that front door, making my own way in the world. Do you know Sister Freya, I realise you might not but pretend you do,  she is four and a bit and waits for a grown up before going down the street. How bazaar is that? What a looser. You’ve got to find your own way in this world.

I can nearly stand especially if my Grandad holds both hands. When I’m standing I always think the world looks so much better from up here. Just imagine what it looks like from where Grandad stands, because he is much taller than me. And then think about how the world looks to Uncle Ian (6ft 6in ish) if he stands at the top of our stairs, I think he can see all the way to America and on a clear day probably the Great Wall of China.

The best thing in the world next to pooing, eating and sleeping is electrical gadgets. I love investigating DVD players, Tivo boxes, Freeview boxes,  computers, TVs, remote controls, tablets and mobile phones. As far as I can see they all do the same job, enable lots of noise. There are cables and wires too. I’d love to get at them but there is always someone watching and catches me. But one day, one day, I will keep working on it and outwit them. So much to investigate and experience. I think you can spend a lifetime plus some exploring the world and still not have experienced it all. Brilliant!

I noticed Grandad put his phone in his pocket. Fantastic. I managed three times to fish it out and bite it. Why bite it? Nothing in this world is worth having unless you can eat it or poo it. So that has to be my first test.

We then went to the pub/restaurant.

I have to say I feel at home there. It has everything you need: food, drink, music, toilets to do a poo and I even saw a TV in the distance. Having my family with me what more would you want, probably a few toys and some TV remote controls. But I can fix that.

A lot of times when I’ve been to the pub I’ve slept. But not today. I stayed awake and sat in a high chair at the table. The only disappointing thing was I wasn’t given a bottle or food, just a biscuit and made to sit and watch everybody else. But life is what YOU make it. There is not lots of new stuff you can discover or experience stuck in a high chair in a pub whilst all around you are eating and drinking unless you are a real ale fan tasting the latest guest beer.

But you know me I did it. I had to, it’s my job, it’s what I do.  My mission is to get as much as possible from life.

Grandad was sitting at the opposite end of the table to me. And guess what? He “air fived” me and I “air fived” him back again and again. I’d not done that before and everyone thought I was brilliant. Then, driven on by the adrenalin and endorphins of good feelings the audience reaction created in me, I nonchalantly turned it into a little wave. The audience was in raptures and it brought them to their feet to give me a standing ovation.

Whilst standing – I think it takes so much effort for them to stand they did not want to waste it – they put their coats on and we went home