George:  Welcome to my world won’t you come on in.

Ewan:    Hi I will, thanks. Its Ewan here.

George;  So Big Cousin Ewan, what’s this Valentines Day thing all about then?

Ewan:    I get the idea its not for us, but grown ups and girl ones too.

George:  Yeh, too right. Sister Freya got a great big card and a heart shaped chocolate lollipop. What did I get? Zilch. Parents just shamelessly go out of their way to show favouritism. But look at this face does it look bovered.

Ewan:    No it doesn’t Cousin George. But look at mine mine is bovered. Like it’s my birthday on Friday. Mum and dad organised a party. When it was Cousin Freya’s birthday Santa came too and brought her double presents. One lot for birthday and one lot for Christmas.

George:  I remember that.

Ewan:    So I thought. Great my birthday and all this talk about St Valentines Day, double presents for me too. But not a dickie bird. So where’s this St. Valentines guy? Does he have any reindeer?

George:  Pictures I’ve seen he has a bow and arrow. And I think he’s all about girls.

Ewan:    Yeh, it’s not for us, it’s a girl thing. Do you think he’s like Robin Hood.?

George:  Who’s Robin Hood, then?

Ewan:    You don’t know who Robin Hood is? How old are you?

George:  Never heard of him.

Ewan:    He’s patron saint of Nottingham and lives in a tree. Because he lives in a tree there’s no Tesco nearby so he has to go to Rufford Park Café for his meals. He survives on sausage cobs and chips. He robs rich people and gives it to the poor.

George:  He’s never given me anything.

Ewan:    Maybe you’re not poor enough. Poor means you’ve only got 21 toys.

George:  I’ll check once I’ve learnt to count. How do you contact him if you qualify?

Ewan:    My dad has got an app on his phone. Where’s Mamma, I want Mamma.

George:  She’s not here is she?

Ewan:    No, no, I don’t mean Mamma, I mean bot-bot. I always get them mixed up.

George:  I’m sleepy.

Ewan:    Bye, Bye.

George:  See ya