Here are a few Trick’n’ Treats I found on the internet. The first 10 are published by BookLife See their site: https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/

1              New Monster In School

Being the new kid at school is never easy, especially when you’re a monster! Luckily, in Transylmania, the other kids are monsters too.

2              Monster Beach

What frightens Frankenstein? When the monsters get lost in the woods, they’ll discover that even the mightiest of monsters can get spooked.

3              Phantom Pirates

It’s holler-day time again, but things never run smoothly for these ghosties. Instead of a luxury cruise, the friends find themselves aboard a ship of phantom pirates–how frightful!

4              Cinderella at the Vampire Ball

In this twist on a traditional tale, Cinderella’s not scared of ANYTHING – not even the ghastliest, ghostliest, creepiest, spookiest party of all time…

5              The Snow Queen

This retelling of a traditional Hans Christian Anderson tale offers young readers a chilling tale – and even if the ending isn’t always happy, there is lots to learn about storytelling and other cultures here.

6              Hide and Shriek

Before the Mighty Mighty Monsters can play Hide and Seek, they need to make some rules. No flying like a vampire bat, no sniffing like a werewolf, and absolutely no magic!

7              Monstrous Maud: Scary Show

When Maud decides to learn advanced sorcery for the talent show, she can’t control her spells. Now Maud has to work out how to do reverse magic – before the whole school guesses her Monstrous secret!

8              Jack the Giant Killer (and other stories)

In this classic tale, readers are drawn into chilling, eerie fairy tales full of magic and wonder. Dark, haunting images and illustrations complement each story and help readers explore these scary fairy tales and their own imaginations.

9              Ghost Striker

The Tigers are facing a difficult away match against a tough team, but they have got special help of their ghost goalie – or have they? Football fun by Janet Burchett and Sara Vogler.

10           Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse

Can Henry protect Peter from the mummy’s curse…? Find out this and more in these top tales of Francesca Simon’s cheeky creation, Horrid Henry. Includes 4 laugh-out-loud stories.

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  1. Spinderella by Julia Donaldson (Author), Sebastien Braun (Illustrator)A fantastic new picture book all about a football-playing spider, written by Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, with glorious full colour illustrations from the talented Sebastian Braun and a sparkling, glittery foiled cover.

12           By the Light of the Halloween Moon  by Caroline Stutson


By the Light of the Halloween Moon is an unusual Halloween picture book, a cumulative tale. Set at night and featuring a child with a wiggling toe, the tale is both amusing and slightly scary. The story, by Caroline Stutson, features alliteration and repetition. Kevin Hawkes’s dramatic illustrations greatly add to the appeal of By the Light of the Halloween Moon. Recommended for most kids ages 6 to 8 and some younger kids. Marshall Cavendish published the book in 2009.

13           Creepy Carrots

Creepy Carrots is a deliciously creepy, but not really scary, picture book by Aaron Reynolds, with black and orange illustrations by Peter Brown.

14           The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This just-scary-enough story is both a good read-aloud and a good read alone. A little old lady goes walking in the forest until dark and then heads for home. On the way, she keeps hearing ominous sounds. She finds herself followed by noisy clomping boots, then by wiggly pants, and more. Kids will enjoy repeating the story’s refrain and will delight in the little old lady’s creative solution to the problem of what to do with these noisy objects who are upset because they can’t scare her.

15           A Tiger Called Thomas

This charming story by Charlotte Zolotow is about Thomas, a little boy who moves into a “new house on a new street” and never ventures from his front steps because he thinks his neighbors don’t like him. Day after day, he watches children playing and neighbors walking by. When Halloween comes, he is surprised to find that his neighbors, children and adults alike, recognize him, despite the tiger mask he hides behind, and want to be friends. He goes home a happy boy.

  1. Humbug Witch

Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian tells the story of a scary-looking little witch who finds that, despite looking like a witch, she can’t do what witches do. The little witch is quite a sight, with a big nose, crooked teeth and stringy red hair. Although she tries, the little witch can’t cackle like a witch, fly on a broom, cast magical spells or make magic potions. We find out why when the little witch removes her costume and mask, and we see she is a little girl who has been dressed up for Halloween. The simple illustrations are full of humor, much of it the result of the expression on the face of the black cat as he watches the little witch. This is a good book for three to five year olds.

17           What Was I Scared of? by Dr Seuss

What Was I Scared Of? by Dr Seuss is a new picture book edition of an old Dr. Seuss story that first appeared in The Sneeches and Other Stories. Subtitled: A Glow-in-the-Dark Encounter, this children’s book is a sweet story of two creatures who start out scared of one another, even though one is “A pair of green pants / With nobody inside then!” The narrator is scared of the pants, but ends up comforting the pants when he realizes the pair of pants is very scared of him. While not a Halloween story, it’s a good very slightly scary story for ages 4 to 8 during the Halloween season, particularly since special ink makes some of the artwork on every page glow in the dark.

18           Boo Who? And Other Wicked Halloween Knock-Knock Jokes

This clever book works on several levels. It’s a book of funny Halloween knock-knock jokes; it’s a fun interactive lift-the-flap book, and it’s the amusing story of a boy’s and girl’s adventure in a haunted house.

19           Moonlight: The Halloween Cat

If you are looking for a warm and gentle book about Halloween for a very young child, Moonlight: The Halloween Cat is it. Halloween is Moonlight’s favourite night, and author Cynthia Rylant describes how he enjoys walking around the neighbourhood, watching the children in costume and seeing the jack-o-lanterns glow. Illustrator Melissa Sweet’s full-page artwork provides a window on a magical Halloween night.

20           The Monster Trap by Dean Morrisey

This delightful picture book features the wonderful oil paintings of Dean Morrissey. Although not a Halloween story, it features some of the most delightfully odd looking monsters you will ever see, perfect for the Halloween season. A little boy, Paddy, spends the night at his grandpa’s place, which includes a shop filled with antiques and equipment. When Paddy worries about monsters, his grandpa builds some monster traps for him, with surprising results.

21               Bat Cat by Luna James (Author)

A fun picture book with gorgeous illustrations.

A quick fun easy bed time read that will have your little ones engaged & intrigued

Ideal for younger children (aged 2-5)

Lovely unique gift for Halloween!

Mr. Tickle and the Scary Halloween (Mr. Men & Little Miss Celebrations)

byAdam Hargreaves & Roger Hargreaves


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