24 Limited-edition foods no longer around

24 Limited-edition foods no longer around

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Limited-edition food no longer around

 The weirdest versions of our favourite food and drink

Bringing out weird and wonderful versions of popular snacks is a great way to generate publicity for the world’s biggest food and drink brands, and just occasionally, the product actually tastes good too. Here we’ve rounded up the wackiest limited-edition foods ever.

  1. Budweiser & Clamato Chelada

We’re not sure what Budweiser was thinking when they came up with this concoction, although the inspiration was apparently Clamato, an American bottled drink made with spices, clam broth and tomato juice. The Budweiser version includes lime, salt and clam water (as well as beer, obviously) and has a deep pink hue. Apparently, it’s especially popular in Canada and Mexico. We’ll pass, thanks.

  1. Oreo Carrot Cake Cookies

A delicious take on an old favourite, Oreo’s Carrot Cake Cookies have achieved legendary status, although they’re perhaps not quite as delicious as the slice of carrot cake pictured on the wrapping. But don’t get us wrong – the biscuits taste and smell just like the real thing, which is pretty impressive when you consider there’s not a cake crumb in sight.

  1. Cucumber Sprite

A version released especially for the Russian market, Cucumber Sprite was designed as an extra-refreshing version of the nation’s favourite lemon drink. Although it hasn’t taken off as well in other countries, a sugar-free lemon, lime and cucumber version recently launched in the UK.

  1. Red Bull Ruby Grapefruit

This will surely be many people’s idea of hell. Take sugar-packed Red Bull and flavour it with the world’s sourest fruit. The drink was part of a range of limited editions, and others include tropical fruits and orange. We’ll hold off from making these one of our five-a-day for now.

  1. Häagen-Dazs Green Tea Mochi

Green tea is delicious so Häagen-Dazs’s limited edition flavour isn’t actually that weird, unless the fact that green tea is usually served hot (and this obviously isn’t) perturbs you. Mochi chunks add texture to the ice cream, which is made with what the brand refers to as “ceremonial-grade” matcha from Kyushu, Japan. Just try not to be put off by the colour – a deep, dark shade of green.

  1. Heinz Spiced Gherkins

Heinz might well be famous for tomato sauce but in the past, the brand’s dabbled in all manner of vegetables – especially spiced and pickled varieties. Even their tomato sauce has had a makeover. A few years ago, the brand unveiled Blasting Green and Funky Purple versions, although both were a resounding flop. One of Heinz’s earliest products was a walnut tomato ketchup and these spiced gherkins, packaged in a barrel-style bottle.

  1. Hello Kitty Spam musubi

Spam gave the world’s most popular processed meat a timely makeover when they launched Hello Kitty Spam, a kit designed to make canned meat look cute. It’s aimed primarily at the Hawaiian market, where a popular dish is Spam musubi – a sushi-like creation consisting of a slice of Spam atop a moulded block of rice. The kits contain a tin of Spam and moulds to transform your rice into the ultimate Hello Kitty-shaped, Spamtastic snack.

  1. Banana Kit Kat

The banana-haters among us will ask why you’d want to ruin a perfectly good chocolate bar by giving it the flavour of such a divisive fruit. However, it’s one of the most popular Kit Kat flavours – so much so that Nestlé has recently released a premium version made with a banana-milk-flavoured white chocolate coating and wafers layered with a cream made from banana powder.

  1. Tabasco chocolate

Spicy chocolate? Yep, we’re sceptical too but it’s one of many popular Tabasco off-shoot products, which include everything from olive oil, sausages, crisps, jelly babies, ice cream and pralines. The spicy dark chocolate comes in individually-wrapped wedges and for the true addict, a one-kilogram (2.2lbs) can.

  1. Wasabi Kit Kat

Thought banana-flavoured Kit Kats were bad? Say hello to a wasabi version of the popular chocolate bar. It’s one of several varieties being produced at a recently-opened Japanese Kit Kat factory built purely to produce smaller batches of bars with unusual flavours. Others include purple sweet potato, edamame bean and cherry blossom.

  1. McDonald’s pizza

McDonald’s experimented with pizza in the 1980s when the brand was still riding the wave of the success of the Egg McMuffin, introduced in the 1970s as a breakfast-only item. There was a desire to create a dinnertime snack, in an era when burgers were purchased mainly during lunchtime. The pizzas launched at around 30 US restaurants but dedicated pizzerias weren’t impressed. Pizza Hut even launched an anti-McDonald’s campaign with the words “Don’t make a McStake”. Another problem? The pizzas took 11 minutes to cook – too long for a fast food restaurant. The McDonald’s locations serving pie dwindled to two and in 2017, the McPizza was officially discontinued.

  1. Kit Kat Volcanic Sublime

The Kit Kat Volcanic Sublime range is one of the newest launches from the brand and features three chocolate bars inspired by volcanic destinations: Vanuatu’s Malakula Island, Papua New Guinea’s Karkar Island the Philippines’ Mindanao Island. The bars have been made with beans from these islands’ volcanic soil. Flavour-wise, we’re told that Karkar’s bar is the fruitiest, with raspberry notes, while Mindanao’s has bittersweet notes and a hit of grapefruit, and Malakula’s has a molasses flavour.

  1. Jalapeño M&M’s

Personally, we’re not convinced M&M’s needed spicing up in this way but who are we to talk? Jalapeño M&M’s was one of three new varieties introduced in early 2019 (Thai Coconut Peanut and English Toffee Peanut were the other available options). To mark their launch, M&M’s unveiled a website which allowed fans to order personalised packs of confectionery by adding faces of either themselves or their friends.

  1. Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies

We know what you’re thinking – birthday cakes come in lots of flavours. And we agree. Perhaps the idea is that customers stick a tiny candle onto these cookies, created to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. Apparently they’re sweeter than original Oreos and we’re definitely impressed with the addition of sprinkles in the filling.

  1. Elderberry Cream Milka

Happy Elderberry Cream, to give it its full name, is a white chocolate bar from Milka, filled with a delicate white cream and an elderberry jam. The fruit lends a pleasing tartness not usually associated with chocolate, making it ideal for those who steer clear of sickly-sweet concoctions.

  1. Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Mountain Dew Pitch Black was first released in 2004 for Halloween but proved so popular that it became a permanent addition to the range in the US, and is sold in a number of other countries too. In South Korea it’s known as Wild Black and in Canada, Alerte Noire. As for the taste? It’s made with black grape which apparently makes it less sweet than the original. Personally, we just love the deep, dark purple colour.’’

  1. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach

The whole concept of Coca-Cola Peach just sounds wrong. If we fancy a fruit drink, we’ll go for the proper stuff rather than a fizzy drink packed with the flavours of a fruit. We’re also not a fan of the packaging which closely resembles the original bottle – a confusing quirk guaranteed to annoy Coca-Cola purists.

  1. Snickers White

Snickers White launched in the UK in late 2018 but disappeared shortly afterwards. The bars, consisting of layered nougat, caramel and peanuts, were enrobed in white chocolate rather than the original milk. It’s the most recent limited-edition offering from the brand – previous versions include salted caramel and chili-infused bars.

  1. Nutella

This is one of several limited-edition Nutella jars designed purely for aesthetic appeal – the contents remain exactly the same. A run of seven million uniquely-designed jars sold out in one month during a 2017 marketing campaign in Italy. Customers could find their perfect label with the help of a personality quiz on the brand’s website, with questions asking everything from which celebrity you identify with (David Beckham is an option) to your response to seeing someone fall over in the street. Similar projects have been rolled out in other countries.

  1. Unicorn Edition Smarties

Given that, in recent years, almost every single product has been given a unicorn-themed makeover, we’re hardly surprised by Smarties’ latest offering. And if you’re wondering what unicorns taste like, keep wondering. The only thing different about Nestlé’s best-selling sweets is that they’re pink and blue, as the taste is exactly the same.

  1. Coca-Cola Plus

Coca-Cola claims that drinking a daily Coca-Cola Plus (sold in Japan) will help suppress fat absorption and moderate the levels of triglycerides in the blood after eating. We’re not entirely convinced your doctor would agree…

  1. Chupa Chups fizzy drinks

If your love of lollipops isn’t rotting your teeth quick enough, speed up the onset of dental disaster by knocking back a Chupa Chups fizzy drink. They first appeared in South Korea but are now available in Singapore too. Flavours on offer include strawberry and cream, grape and orange, although there’s no word on whether they’ll make it to US or UK shores. It might be a good thing, if you value your teeth.

  1. Asahi cherry blossom

Full disclosure, these flower-adorned beers from Japanese brewery Asahi don’t actually taste of the famous Japanese blooms. The limited-edition pink cans are released every spring to coincide with cherry blossom season.

  1. Heinz Ketchup Caviar

To celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary, Heinz created its poshest product yet: Heinz Ketchup Caviar, made with tiny pearls of tomato ketchup. But there were only 150 pots available when the product launched in early 2019, just before Valentine’s Day, funnily enough. Although any partner who believes tomato ketchup – in any form – makes a suitable love token is severely mistaken.


Top Ten Genuine shop names

  1. Wok This Way Chinese takeaway in Newcastle.
  2. Sun Tan Drews Tanning salon, now closed, in north-east Fife.
  3. Curl Up and Dye Hairdresser in many places, including Kingston, Surrey.
  4. Melon Cauli Greengrocer In Pheasey, Birmingham. The sign also says: “Funeral work undertaken.”
  5. Kumquat Mae Vegetarian restaurant, Sheffield.
  6. Napoleon Boiler Parts Alton, Hampshire.
  7. Sellfridges Fridge shop in Stoke Newington, North London, recently closed.
  8. B-Side The C-Side Record shop in Herne Bay, Kent.
  9. Maison D’Etre Restaurant at Highbury Corner in North London.
  10. Lawn Order Gardener’s van.

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