Friday 8th September 2017









Hi, Ewan here.


Wow, what a traumatic week. I’ve sensed this was coming for some time. I’ve felt it in my water. (Grandad says that. What does it mean exactly, my water feels either hot or cold and always wet, but not a lot else.).


On Thursday Rory started school without me!


No I can’t believe it either.


Mum and Dad dressed him up all fancy like, left me in my civvies took us both to the school. The school was a place we do not normally go, but it had a familiar ring I think we might have gone once before. I just expected to stay with him. There were so many exciting things to get into and play with, there. Far better than nursery. And millions of different books, far more than there were children there,


I did think it was a bit odd that there was no one my age.


When it became clear Rory was staying without me I screamed and screamed and screamed. If my name had been Violet Elizabeth I would have made myself sick, but my name is Ewan, so I didn’t, just nearly. – For those who do not know Violet Elizabeth is a character in Just William books.


When I was born, no before I was born and lying comfortably in my mum’s womb, my brother Rory and I made a pact. We decreed that we would always be there for each another, through thick and thin. We would never ever leave one another’s side. All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.


Yes, all for one, one for all – that is our motto, is it not? United we stand divided we fall.


We even sang this Paul McCartney song together: Win or lose, Sink or swim, One thing is certain We’ll never give in, Side by side, Hand in hand, We all stand together. Play the game, Fight the fight, But what’s the point On a beautiful night? Arm in arm, Hand in hand, We all stand together .


And if we were sisters we would sing: “Sisters, sisters, There were never such devoted sisters.” But we are not girls we are boys and “Brothers, brothers, There were never such devoted brothers” doesn’t quite flow the same.


Anyway we are a duo like Batman and Robin, Sarah and Duck, Peppa Pig & George, Jack & Jill, Lucy and Tom, Wallace and Gromit. We are Rory and Ewan, see.


So I think I’ve made the point. We are inseparable. Always have been, and always will be. So I had to go to school with him.


And look at all the new life experiences I was missing out on that Rory was going to be doing at school whilst I was at smelly nursery. Nursery which is so yesterday.


Mum dragged me outside screaming. No, she wasn’t screaming I was. Then, once we were out of school leaving Rory in there, to enjoy life whilst I was inconsolable, things quickly went from bad to worse. My dad, yes, my wonderful, devoted daddy, walked away from me and went to work. Devastated is not a strong enough word to describe my feelings.


All that was left was me and Mum against the world. There was no sign of Granny or Grandad David, even Cousin George had left me in my hour of need. And where were Mamma and Grandad when I needed them most?


So Mum took me to this horrendous club thing called “Terrific Twos”. It was a joke, more like “Terrible Twos”. There were all these little babies there none above my age. Infact it was so horrendous everyone was a boring two year old and no older children for me to look up to, or learn from or give me a challenge. All my nightmares come true in one session. I was a broken kid.


I had to hide myself in the toy kitchen to get relief. A kid came to help me and she was OK, on my wavelength, thought my imaginary drink and food was fantastic. She really looked up to me and thought I was an amazingly talented guy.There was this amazing tepee. If you don’t know a tepee is a cone shaped tent. In the tepee were loads of animals. Not real ones, toy ones, farm animals and zoo animals. I was able to create my own Madagascar.


Then we played outside on brilliant tractors. I met some real cool guys out there. This was followed by cart loads of toast, satsumas and apple pieces and an incredible JCB, dream machine digger just for me to play with.


This place was just so amazing the best place in the world ever to play in with the best toys and even better eats ever.


And do you know what’s even better…?


No big brother to interfere or take things off me! And for once in my life I did something he’d not done better.


The best day of my life ever.