1st APRILh 2017  






Hi Ewan here.

I am all of two years old and the penny has only just dropped that there is a festival or special celebratory day or someone special’s birthday every week of the year. Things like Christmas, Halloween, my 2nd birthday, Brother Rory’s 4th birthday, Cousin Freya’s 4th birthday. Funny but I’ve not seen Cousin George have a birthday yet. Maybe he’s so laid back he’s not bothered about one. Then there is Valentines Day and Bonfire Night. You get the picture? In fact one day I think I will list them to make sure I do not miss any.

The last two weeks have been Mother’s Day, 26th March, Clock’s changed same day and April Fools Day, 1st April.

At Christmas Father Christmas comes down the chimney in the night and fills our stockings with presents. So I assumed on Mother’s Day Mother’s would come in the night and fill a handbag with presents. I will let her off coming down the chimney, she’d find it a bit claustrophobic and her acrophobia would kick in if she had to climb on the roof and all to find we have no chimneys. I suppose you wouldn’t leave mince pies, carrots and a glass of milk for my Mum. More like a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and a cup of tea would be better.

But not a single present was in sight on Mother’s Day morning and I searched everywhere. I think she forgot. Mum is very good at forgetting.

She wasn’t at home Mother’s Day morning, she went to London with her friend to see a band so Dad could have the full Being Mum experience on Mother’s Day.

Mum’s Day is about thinking about how good mum’s are. I made her a Mum’s Day card at Nursery. Apparently that’s what you do. Although I didn’t see Mum or Dad make one for their Mums. Not that I wouldn’t buy her one, I am a cheapskate you understand. You see I don’t pay for such things anyway, Dad does. The made one is from the heart anyway. Everyone says that but what does that mean?

I guess Dad bought her a present from me and Brother Rory, she would have been a bit annoyed if he didn’t. But the great thing is it is not my worry. I suppose it will be one day and I know I’ll never do remember to do it. That’ll be a major naughty step day that day. Oh well, we’ll worry about that when it happens. I wonder what age I will be. At least I’ll have some warning. Brother Rory will get into trouble a couple of years before me and I will know what to expect.

Brother Rory went to church with Mamma to give thanks for Mum and they gave him flowers for her. I don’t know why I didn’t go? I love running around that church and shouting and imagine all those flowers to play with. I definitely missed out on a golden mischief opportunity there.

I love my Mum (and my Dad, too).

On 1st April you give thanks for Fools. I think there is a church service for that too. I thought a fool came down the chimney and left you a present in a bottomless bag which would be foolish because it would fall out the bottom. He (or she) would be a fool trying to come down the chimney anyway because we don’t have one.

Apparently April Fools Day is all about jokes and tricks but only until midday. May be the fact I could not find my April Fools card or gift was the joke.

I thought I really need to throw myself into this April Fools thing and play some practical jokes. It’s difficult being funny, it’s a very serious business thinking jokes up.

April Fool’s Day was a Saturday. So I decided to wake Mum and Dad up as if it was a nursery day. Mum was first to come into me followed ages and ages afterwards by a blurry eyed Dad. They tried desperately to get me back to sleep after they finally realised it was a lie in day and not a nursery day, but just to keep the joke going I got a book and insisted on “Night Time reads” as if I was going to bed.

Oh how we laughed… Well, I did.

I wonder what next week’s special day is?

Bye Bye