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1 1824 Cadbury Goes Back to 1824. Cadbury founder John Cadbury opened his first shop in 1824 where he sold cocoa and drinking chocolate. But the first manufacturing business wasn’t opened until 1831 when John Cadbury bought a four-story warehouse to create his cocoa products.
2 1875 The First Cadbury Easter Eggs Were Produced in 1875. Before the Cadbury Creme Eggs that we know and love today, the candy company created their first Cadbury Easter eggs in 1875. The chocolate eggs at this time were made with dark chocolate and had a smooth surface, and were filled with what were called “dragees,” which were sugar-coated chocolate drops.
3 1923 First Filled Eggs Were Released in 1923. In 1921, Cadbury first revealed their cursive script that they’re known for today. It was emblazoned on the side of their transportation fleets. Two years later, they Cadbury first released their cream-filled eggs, in 1923, the first variation on the creme eggs.
4 1963 The first filled eggs were born in 1923 by the Cadbury Brothers, but the Creme Eggs we know and love today were introduced to stores in 1963, but were initially known as Fry’s Creme Eggs. It wasn’t until 1971 that they renamed them “Cadbury’s Creme Egg”.
5 50 years this year Today’s Creme Egg Came Out in 1971. Although a version of the chocolate Easter egg came out in 1875, and a type of cream-filled egg was released in 1923, Cadbury didn’t introduce the creme-filled eggs we know and love today until 1971. That’s 50 years of the adored Easter treat!
6 500 million 500 Million Are Made Each Year. The creme eggs are by far the most popular Cadbury offering, and 500 million creme eggs are made each year. About ⅔ of those eggs are enjoyed in the UK.
7 3.5 Eggs That works out at 3.5 creme eggs per person living in the UK!
8 1994 Cadbury Caramel Eggs Were Released in the ’90s. Cadbury caramel eggs are almost as popular as the original creme eggs, but they haven’t been around for nearly as long. The caramel eggs didn’t hit the market until 1994, but that’s 27 years of delicious, caramel-chocolaty goodness.
9 26 There Are 26 Kinds. As if the original Creme Egg isn’t amazing enough, Cadbury’s has offered another 25 varieties of this egg-filled favourite over the years, including Caramel Eggs, Jaffa Egs, Orange Creme Eggs and more.
10 1975 The First Ad Aired in the ’70s. The Cadbury Creme Egg TV ads have become iconic. The classic 1994 ad gets replayed each year, featuring different animals “auditioning” while wearing rabbit ears to be the next Cadbury bunny. But the first advertisement for the popular egg aired in both the UK and US in 1975.
11 2007 The Gorilla Ad Won Awards
12 2016 In 2016, Cadbury opened a pop-up café titled “Crème de la Creme Egg Café” in London. Tickets for the café sold out within an hour of being published online. The café on Greek Street, Soho, was open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 22 January to 6 March 2016.
13 1.5 million The Factory is in the UK. Cadbury Creme Eggs are a popular treat in the US, but they have to cross the pond to get there. The eggs are made in the UK, and the factory is located in Birmingham where they make 1.5 million creme eggs a day.
14 3 months Cadbury’s Crème Eggs are only sold for 3 months of the year 1st January – Easter
15 10 Times Cadbury produces so many that if you were to stack them each on top of one another, the pile would be 10 times taller than Mount Everest!
16 6 You can always find Cadbury Creme Eggs sold individually as wrapped eggs, or you can buy them in boxes. They used to be sold by the half-dozen like real eggs, but the amount has now dropped to 4 or 5 eggs per box (depending on the market).
17 3 There are three distinct ways to eat a Cadbury Creme Egg, according to a survey conducted by Cadbury. 53 percent of people bite off the top, lick out the creme, and then eat the chocolate. 20 percent bite straight through the egg, and 6 percent use their finger to scoop out the filling.
18 150 Each egg contains 150 calories
19 6 Each egg contains 6g of fat
20 20 Each egg contains 20g of sugar that is Half Your Day’s Worth of Sugar
21 4 Each egg contains 4g of saturated fat
22 8.65 Jamie Jiggs from Lancashire, England, holds the world record for eating a single Creme Egg in 8.65 seconds.
23 £200 million Cadbury’s make approximately £200 million per year in Creme Egg sales in the UK alone.
24 3 600,000 Creme Eggs are made in 12 hours at the Cadbury factory, which is three times heavier than an elephant.
25 40 Many people, especially in the UK, often complain the Cadbury’s Creme Egg is smaller every year. When in actual fact, British Creme Eggs are now 1g heavier than they were in 1977, as they currently weigh 40g.
26 34 However, it is bad news for US customers, as American Creme Eggs are now 34g, which means they are 5g lighter than they were in 2005.
27 £100 There is an elusive WHITE CHOCOLATE Easter Creme Egg.  It went on sale in the UK in 2018 and then again in 2019. The catch? They were wrapped in the same foil as the milk chocolate ones so buyers had NO idea if they’re getting the rare white chocolate egg until they unwrapped it.  ALL white chocolate Cadbury Eggs came with a minimum prize of £100 British Pounds.
28 £5,000 To add to the egg-citement, this year, Cadbury Creme Egg is celebrating its 50 th birthday. To mark this momentous occasion, Cadburys have hid 200 egg-sclusive Golden Creme Egg in stores across the UK and win up to £5,000. Let the Golden Goobilee celebrations begin!
29 £17,000 A rare 22ct gold egg has “smashed” estimates and sold for £31,000, beating its record sale price three years ago.. The special Cadbury’s Conundrum egg was made in 1983 by the Queen’s jeweller as part of a treasure hunt competition. It’s made of 22 carat gold and sold for more than £17,000 in 2017. Auctioneer Greg Bateman, from Bateman’s of Stamford, said the new sale set a record for the auction house.
30 60 The Cadbury Creme Egg Cookbook has 60 of the most ridiculously delicious Cadbury Creme Egg recipes the world has ever seen. So whether you’ve got a bake sale, a birthday or a brand-new box-set big night in, this book is for you! It’s time to ditch those dull desserts and create a Cadbury Creme Eggstravaganza!




1              Regular Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

2              Caramel Eggs (chocolate egg with a caramel filling), launched in 1994.

3              Mini Caramel Eggs (bite-sized Caramel Eggs).

4              Chocolate Creme Eggs (chocolate fondant filling), introduced in 1999.

5              Orange Creme Eggs (Creme Eggs with a hint of orange flavour).

6              Mint Creme Eggs (green “yolk” and mint flavour chocolate).

7              Dairy Milk with Creme Egg bars.

8              Creme Egg Fondant in a narrow cardboard tube (limited edition).

9              Creme Egg ice cream with a fondant sauce in milk chocolate.

10           Dream Eggs, a New Zealand-exclusive white chocolate egg with a white chocolate fondant filling. Discontinued in 2010.

11           Cadbury McFlurry (British, Irish, Canadian and Australian McDonald’s only); a McFlurry soft serve mix with a Creme Egg & chocolate filling. In the UK, it is currently released as part of                   McDonald’s’ Monopoly promotions.

12           Creme Egg Twisted (Britain, Ireland, Australia and Canada) Available all year round. It was introduced to Australia in 2010, but was quickly discontinued.

13           Holiday Ornament Creme Egg.

14           Creme Egg Pots Of Joy – melted Cadbury milk chocolate with a fondant layer.

15           Screme Egg Pots Of Joy – melted Cadbury milk chocolate but with a layer of Screme Egg fondant

16           Creme Egg Layers Of Joy – A layered sharing dessert with Cadbury milk chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookie and fondant dessert with a creamy topping.

17           Peppermint Egg (New Zealand). Discontinued in 2010.

18           Creme Egg Splats – fried egg shaped pieces of milk chocolate filled with fondant.

19           Screme Egg – traditional milk chocolate shell with a white and green fondant centre – available for Halloween.

20           Screme Egg Minis – Mini version of the Screme Egg – available for Halloween.

21           Fudgee-O Egg (Canada). Introduced at the start of 2015. Filled with a fudge creme centre.

22           Oreo Cream Egg (Canada). Introduced in 2016. Filled with a white cream centre containing Oreo cookie crumbs.

23           Ghost Egg – Same as normal Creme Egg, but without the “yolk”.

24           White Chocolate Creme Egg – Creme Egg, but with white chocolate replacing the milk chocolate. Released in 2018 as part of a UK promotion.

25           Golden Creme Egg – Creme Egg, but with golden-coloured chocolate. Released in 2021 as part of the 50th Anniversary of the product under Cadbury’s ownership.

10 . Easter egg sales bounce back


Sales of Easter eggs have climbed by £48m, a rise of almost 50% on last year, according to figures from retail analysts Kantar. “Grandparents might be showing up with additional treats after 12 months of restrictions,” said a spokesman. M&S, Asda and Thorntons are among those reporting a significant rise in demand.





My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style. – Maya Angelou


Happiness is…(Yes, you’ve guessed it…) A Cadbury’s Crème Egg


Did you hear about the two friends who pooled their money to buy a brand new saxophone?

They recently entered into a same-sax relationship.


Love is…blessing the day I found you.


A time to saviour your Cadbury’s Crème Egg…A time to bite the top off your Cadbury’s Crème Egg and stick your tongue in to get at the crème.


4th April

1949 NATO is formed. 12 nations signed the North Atlantic Treaty to establish what is today one of the world’s most important military alliances.

1968 Martin Luther King Shot Dead – Martin Luther King Jr, the celebrated (‘I have a dream’) civil rights campaigner, was shot dead on this day as he stood on a motel balcony in Memphis Tennessee.

1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen establish Microsoft. Microsoft has developed into a multinational corporation, and it is the world’s largest software maker by revenue.

2013 Poecilotheria rajaei, a giant tarantula with a 20cm leg span, is discovered in Sri Lanka.



 There’s a Reason It’s ‘creme’

Although Cadbury hasn’t confirmed this, there’s a reason why some food companies spell their cream filling as “creme.” A product must contain dairy for it to be considered cream. So while the milk chocolate exterior contains dairy, the inside filling does not. The “creme” is instead made with fondant, which is made with sugar, glucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, dried egg white, flavouring, and paprika extract for colour.                 


  1. You Can Make Brownies

Cadbury Creme Eggs are delicious on their own, but they also make for a fun ingredient in homemade sweet treats. Food bloggers have gotten creative with the creme eggs over the years, This recipe from Cook Bake Eat bakes half of a Cadbury Creme Egg into each of these decadent brownies. Talk about indulgence!                          


  1. They Make Good Shot Glasses

You can even enjoy a boozy beverage made from Cadbury Creme Eggs! Empty out the creme filling, and use the egg shell as a shot glass. A recipe from Delish shows you how it’s done.                

  1. They Can Be Deep Fried

Just about everything is better when it’s deep-fried. The same is true for Cadbury Creme Eggs; some people have mastered the art of deep frying them for a decadent dessert. New York City restaurant Salt and Battery deep fries them around Easter. Others have gone the DIY route, like Giraffes Can Bake.                          


  1. Creme Eggs are Barbra Streisand’s pet python’s favourite snack.




  1. On average a child in the UK will receive 8.8 easter eggs this Easter. (that is any egg not just Cadbury’s Crème Egg.









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