George:                  Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

Ewan:                    As this is where we look at what is going on in the news, together, it is my world too.

George:                  Nobody said it wasn’t, Ewan.

Ewan:                    So why didn’t you say “Welcome to OUR world”?

George:                  Ok, Welcome to our world. Won’t you come on in?

Ewan:                    Thank you

So what’s on the agenda today?

George:                  Sinitta is reportedly raging after she was axed from the X Factor Judges’ Houses and replaced with pop star Cheryl.

Ewan:                    George, you are so lightweight. Strictly is far better than X-Factor.

My dad won’t allow X-Factor on our TV. He likes a quality environment for me and Brother Rory to grow up in.

George:                  What a load of b’s. You need a bit of chaviness in life to enrich it.

I’ll carry on about poor old Sinitta.The offer has been brutally withdrawn, she’s been replaced by Cheryl.’


Just earlier this month, Sinitta gave Cheryl a bit of a warning. Apparently Sinitta told the Sun Online: You can’t look like that, have hair like that, have Liam [Payne]… have the perfect baby, the perfect body, the perfect face, be a pop star, be drop-dead gorgeous and take Judges’ Houses.


Ewan:                    George, I can’t believe you know all this, let alone putting it in the blog.

Now, look at this face. Does it look bovered? Let’s change the subject.


George                   Sinitta went on to say: ‘She (Cheryl) needs to stay in her lane a little bit. I love you Chez but don’t even go there – not that I’m bothered.’

Apparently after Sinitta had been promised the job for life and invited back on live television last year it was at least insensitive to change direction and exclude her’.

Ewan:                    Nah, nah, I’m not listening.

George:                  I have started so I will finish:

The ‘So Macho’ singer was reportedly also asked back the two previous years… and then replaced under similar circumstances.

Ewan:                    I thought you loved dancing. I thought you’d really be into Strictly Come Dancing.

It beats the pants off X-Factor in the TV ratings.

George:                  I’m only just getting into dancing.

Ewan:                    Dancing is brilliant! I dance to the music at the end of the film “Trolls” and to “I Like To Move It” by Erick Morillo and Sacha Baron Cohen in and at the end of “Madagascar”.

You gotta dance, dance, dance, George and forget this X-Factor gossip.

George:                  I got plenty of time to learn my dancing. Mamma has only just started to learn ballet dancing, and she’s really old. On the other hand Cheryl and Sinita ain’t going to be bickering forever.

Is Grandad learning ballet too.?

Ewan:                    I don’t think so, they are struggling to find a tutu to fit him.

George:                  Mamma says she wishes she could find one for him on Ebay, she says it’s importanthe becomes fit and gender neutral.

Ewan:                    No, George it’s not a ‘one’ he needs it’s a ‘two-two’.

George:                  Grandad’s really into Fashion you know. He loves Fashion Week.

The Coat of Neon Pink

Ewan:                    Talking of fashion did you see the First Lady Melania Trump in her $2,950 neon pink coat from Delpozo featuring voluminous sleeves and a matching wool belt that clinched her waist as she addressed the United Nations luncheon in New York.

George:                  Did I see the First Lady Melania Trump in her $2,950 neon pink coat from Delpozo featuring voluminous sleeves and a matching wool belt that clinched her waist as she addressed the United Nations luncheon in New York?

Ewan:                    Well did you?

George:                  I don’t know, that’s why I was asking you if you knew if I saw her, because I don’t know.

Is $2,950 a lot of money, then?

Ewan:                    I think it’s either lots or very little otherwise no one would quote the money. It’s the colour that gets me.

George:                  Why’s that Ewan.

Ewan:                    Mum says I have got to like pink as much as I like blue because of this neutral agenda thing.

George:                  What that thing where if you are a boy you have to be a girl and if you are a girl you have to be a boy?

Ewan:                    You got it.

George:                  My mum says that too. It’s all very confusing and mixed up.

Ewan:                    But blue is my favourite colour. I hate pink.

George:                  If everyone is supposed to be gender neutral President Trump as King of America and his Queen wife is not setting a very good example.

Ewan:                    What you say is right George. King Trump should be wearing the $2,950 neon pink coat from Delpozo featuring voluminous sleeves and a matching wool belt that clinches his waist as he addressed the United Nations luncheon in New York.

George:                  And his First Lady Queen should be playing war games with North Korea.

Ewan:                    But like all grown ups they don’t practice what they preach.

George:                  Just like my Mum and Dad. They preach on at me that I shouldn’t be waking at 4.30am in a morning when they are up and awake at that time lecturing me about being up.

Ewan:                    Double standards, George, that’s what it is. Double standards. Like my Mum, goes on about agenda neutrality and she’s always wearing dresses. Not just dresses but pretty dresses.

But I suppose in her defence, maybe she’s wearing what a male would wear, if he was being agenda neutral and getting in touch with his female side.

George:                  Stop! My brain hurts.

I’m off to watch a repeat of Xtra bit of Xtra X-Factor with Xtra bits.

Ewan:                    I’m off to try and get in touch with my feminine side. I think it’s time I raided Mum’s handbag and put on some lipstick.

George:                  Clown!

Bye Bye

Ewan:                    Bye Bye