29th JUNE 2017




Hi George here. Welcome to my world, won’t you come on in.


One of my biggest achievements apart from being born is to mobilise myself. That is posh words for saying I am now able to walk.


You do not know how much that has liberated me. If you can’t walk you are stuck! I’ve been working towards it since I was conceived in the womb. I was born, just a minute, no, conceived to walk.


During this week I finally did it properly. Do watch the video on the blog site as proof.


Now, finally I can do what a one year old is supposed to do and get into real mischief. I’ve only played at it until now. Mum and Dad you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.


So I can walk what does this mean I can now do that I couldn’t do when I couldn’t walk? Here’s my Top 30 Things To Do When Because I  Can Walk:


1              I can walk down to the shops


2              I can Walk the Walk


3              I can walk the 203 miles (14 days) Coast to Coast, St Bee’s Head to Robin Hood’s Bay.


4              I can walk round the coast of Britain 5,000 miles (10 months)


5           I can walk around the world like the guy, Karl Bushby,  a British ex-paratrooper: The Goliath Expedition is Bushby’s attempt to walk around the world “with unbroken footsteps”, from Punta Arenas, Chile, to his home in Hull, England. He began his journey on 1 November 1998 and originally expected to finish the over-36,000 miles (58,000 km) trek in 8 years, though numerous delays ensure it will not be completed until sometime after 2018.


6              I can walk on water


7              I can walk hand in hand with you


8             I am Walking Back to Happiness – Helen Shapiro No.1 19thOctober 1961 for 3 weeks (Sorry Grandad’s putting words in my blog, again. Stop it Grandad)


9              I walk the line (because you’re mine, I walk the line)


10           I can walk on the moon


11           I can walk up Mount Everest


12           Walk up the street and walk up town


13           It means I can now sleep walk (never ever been able to do that before, exciting isn’t it)


14           I can Walk like an Egyptian


15           I can walk the dog (assuming I was permitted to have one, of course)


16           I can walk tall


17           I can do the walk of life


18           I could take a long walk off a short pier, but why would I want to?


19           I can walk a tightrope


20           I can walk on sunshine


21           I can walk on eggshells


22           I can walk right in


23           I can walk the plank


24           I can walk in single file


25           I can walk down Memory Lane


26           I can walk on the ceiling (and dance on it too)


27           I can walk my baby back home


28           I can walk this a-way, I can walk that a-way


29           And because I can walk You’ll never walk alone, eh, Dad, Liverpool FC anthem


30           And I couldn’t run before I could walk, your not allowed apparently, but I can run now!


But most of all I can walk like a man!


Grandad is so impressed by me walking that he has filled the www.rujokinggrandad.co.uk Stunning Playlist with running tracks this week, to celebrate,


Once you can walk there is no end to the amazing things you can do and that’s before you start exploring running, jumping and dancing. Wow! I’m so excited.


One downside is parents, as usual. They just do not understand the consequences of me being able to walk.


To spell it out to them: Hello, I have now learned to walk. Yes that means I will never, ever…ever need my buggy again. I shall walk everywhere. But they take no notice, they’ve hung on to it.


The buggy should have been on Ebay the very next day and the proceeds used to buy me, football boots, an England kit, or a bike and definitely lots of books, or steak and chips or just FOOD!.


But they’ve kept the buggy. Stupid, though because they will never get me in it again. I will go stiff and rigid so it will be impossible to force me in.

I need to end my blog there, I just need to work out how to unlock this front door and I’m away on a jog. Not over ambitious you realise. Just around the village and call into the pub and pull off another of my dream ambitions and order and eat a plate of steak and chips.


Just one last thought I was starting to wonder what was the point of waking up at 5.00am every morning. No one ever appreciated it. But now I can walk it gives a whole new purpose for getting up that early.


OK, I’ll try and get off for a stroll or a ramble. See you soon.

Watch the video below to see me take my first walk, no run, no dash


In the words of Cousin Ewan, Bye, Bye, George.