4+ Children’s Books with Hedgehogs as Main Character

4+ Children’s Books with Hedgehogs as the Main Character

There are lots of children’s books with hedgehogs as the main characters here are four plus of the best for you to choose from.

The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter  (Author)

Hardcover:           64 pages

Age Range:           3 – 6 years

Publisher:              Warne

It’s been 110 years since Frederick Warne published Beatrix Potter’s very first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and in celebration, we are delighted to be publishing special editions of her entire body of work. Unlike the traditional little white books, these editions have delightful colourful covers and specially designed endpapers. And to make them extra special, we have included a publisher’s note to tell you all about the history of how each book came to be.

The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle was first published in 1905, and is as charming today as it was then. It tells the tale of a hidden home high in the hills. It is discovered one day by a little girl called Lucie, who is in search of her missing pocket handkerchiefs. She knocks on the tiny door, and meets Mrs. Tiggy-winkle who does all the washing and ironing for the neighbouring animals. Lucie spends a lovely day helping her, and it’s only right at the end of the day that she realises Mrs. Tiggy-winkle is a hedgehog!

The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle is number six in Beatrix Potter’s series of 23 little books.



Lost Wellingtons (Country Companions) by Karen King (Author)

Paperback:           24 pages

Age:                        3-5 years

Publisher:              Andre Deutsch Ltd

There are four picture books in the Country Companions Series by Karen King: Summer Fayre, Lost Wellingtons, The Photo Competition, and Birthday Surprise,

The stories are about Ed the Hedgehog and his friends. They are wonderful books and the only reason they do not feature higher in the list is because they are no longer in print but can be purchased as pre-loved books.

Ed loves his green wellingtons. He wears the m everywhere, then one morning he wakes up to find them missing. What could have happened to them. Will he ever find the m? ‘



The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith  (Author)

Paperback:           96 pages

Age Range:           7 – 9 years

Publisher:              Puffin

Max is a hedgehog who lives with his family in a nice little home, but it’s on the wrong side of the road from the Park where there’s a beautiful lily pond and plenty of juicy slugs, worms and snails!

The busy road is dangerous but Max is determined to make his way across. If humans can do it, why can’t hedgehogs?

His first attempt ends in a nasty bump on the head and, when Max tries to speak, he realises his words are all mixed up. He is no longer a hedgehog but a hodge-heg!

Still determined to fulfil his mission, Max discovers the best way to cross the road – with the help of the lollipop lady and some careful detective work . . .

From the number-one author for animal magic comes this wonderful new edition of The Hodgeheg.



Hedgie’s Surprise by Jan Brett  (Author)

Hardcover:           32 pages

Age Range:           4 – 8 years

Publisher:              G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Reader

Henny doesn’t know what to do. Every morning the irksome gnomelike Tomten steals her egg and takes it home to cook in his kettle and gobble up for breakfast. But when she sees Goosey-Goosey sailing by with a gaggle of goslings, Henny is suddenly galvanized to do something. Will she never have chicks of her own? She consults her wise friend Hedgie the Hedgehog, who comes up with a clever plan guaranteed to give the Tomten a sharp lesson in appropriate behavior.

Jan Brett’s trademark illustrations–detailed watercolors bordered by intricate needlepoint patterns—capture the charm and mischief of this Scandinavian-style folk tale set in Denmark. Each wide woven margin shows a hint in miniature of upcoming events: Hedgie crawling under Henny’s brooding basket, or the enraged Tomten after being outwitted. Young readers will love guessing what Hedgie has up his proverbial sleeve, and will rejoice with Henny at the unusual hatching of her first brood of chicks. A warm, humorous, 100 percent satisfying story by the creator of many picture book favorites, such as The Hat and The Mitten. (Ages 3 to 7) –Emilie Coulter