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My style of grandparenting is not to stand as a figurehead constantly doling out advice. I hate that and so would my grandchildren and it would serve no purpose.

I think it is important to give my grandchildren experiences and insights into as many aspects of life as possible, so that they are able to intelligently make their own decisions and mould their lives accordingly to get the best from it. It has to be their choices, their journey.

The only definite advice I offer is “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS”.

An item that may help them reflect and think, or it may not, as the case maybe, is the following. At almost 70 years old I harbour almost all these regrets doubled.

The 40 Most Common Regrets People Have in Their 40s

Compiled by Alex Daniel – Best Life

In many ways, your 40s can be the best years of your life: You’ve established yourself in your career, made strong friendships, and have a pretty good sense of what you want out of life and how to get it. But it’s also a time of reflection, and with that comes regrets. Looking back on your life, there’s around a 99% chance you’ll have at least some regrets about decisions you’ve made, paths not taken, or how you behaved when you were too young and foolish to know better. You’re not alone. Here are some of the most common regrets people in their 40s feel.

  1. Wasting Time
  2. Not Taking Better Care of Your Body
  3. Waiting to Save
  4. Waiting to Get Healthy
  5. Spending Too Much Time in Front of Screens
  6. Married for the Wrong Reasons
  7. Didn’t Travel More
  8. Didn’t Take More Risks
  9. Worried Too Much
  10. Borrowing
  11. Lending
  12. Not Cherishing Time With Lost Loved Ones
  13. Not Letting Your Inner Child Play
  14. Not Taking Breaks

“Taking time away from work is critical for maintaining balance as well as staying on top of your game,” says Sanders. “Schedule that next vacation now, even if it’s months away. Take an extra walk after lunch. Say no to a few family commitments that weren’t necessary.”

  1. Didn’t Stop and Enjoy the Moment
  2. Not Setting Aside Enough from a Paycheck
  3. Ignoring Your Credit Score
  4. Going Out to Eat Too Much
  5. Not Spending Time With Friends and Family
  6. Stayed in Touch More With Childhood Friends
  7. Not Building Connections With Extended Family
  8. Not Listening to Your Significant Other
  9. Not Taking Up Yoga Sooner
  10. Not Learning Another Language
  11. Not Learning to Play an Instrument
  12. Not Reading More
  13. Not Communing With Nature
  14. Not Chasing Dreams
  15. Worrying About What People Think
  16. Not Trusting Your Instincts
  17. Took Life Too Seriously
  18. Didn’t Learn More About Money
  19. Didn’t Start Investing Sooner

As anyone who has gotten the rundown on how compounding interest works understands that the earlier they start investing, the better—which can lead to plenty of regret for those who realize later in life that they should have been socking away money all along.“I work with a couple clients in their 40s who just started investing within the past five years,” says Davis. “Now that they understand how the market works they all say that they could have a lot more money socked away for retirement had they started investing as soon they started working full time.”

  1. Failing to Budget

Budgeting is all about the future—ensuring you are spending enough to enjoy yourself and live well, but not so much that your cash supplies dry up before you retire. But those who neglect to budget will realize by their 40s that their lifestyle is unsustainable.“By the time they are in their 40’s is that they didn’t follow a budget as well as they wanted to over the years,” says BestCompany.com’s Pehrson. “Creating an effective budget and sticking to it can be a challenge, especially over the span of many years.”

  1. Staying in a Job Too Long
  2. Dating the Wrong Kind of People
  3. Marrying the Wrong Person
  4. Failing to Find a Work/Life Balance
  5. Failing to Follow Your Heart – It’s often not until your 40s that you realize how important it is to do what you love.“Too many times I see people settle because they don’t believe they can do anything else or don’t have the confidence to do what it is they really want to do,” says Carlson. “My advice is to always give it a go. At the end of the day what is the worst that can happen? Obviously, if it involves taking out huge bank loans or remortgaging your house then you need to think it through carefully—but many times, following your dreams and a career you really love can often be done alongside your day job so you have a chance to test it and see if it has legs.”
  6. Regretting the Past



“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”- C.S. Lewis


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