W/E 8th October 2016



Hi, Ewan here.

Grandad sitting today. It is so exhausting and tiring. But rewarding.

This week he found some report he had treasured since my brother and cousin were around my age. It says quote:

“In March 2013, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research introduced research that showed that children four to five years of age who are read to three to five times a week are six months ahead of their peers in terms of reading acumen. Those children who are read to daily are a year ahead of those who are read to less frequently. ”It does appear to be the case that children who are read to more often keep doing better as they age than other children,” Guyonne Kalb of the Melbourne Institute told The Age newspaper when the study he co-authored was released.”

I love books, I really do, get it from my mum I think. But I sighed when grandad read that piece. Well, no, I screamed and cried. Grandad takes such things so serious and under the guise of trying to prepare me for the best life possible I just know a report like that spells trouble for me and it did.

Grandad decided we’ve got to get ahead of the game. Instead of waiting for another two and a half years when I am four he had to start on 4th October 2016 when I am just 20 months old. As you know numbers are meaningless to me, but I am learning about them fast and it’s a long until I’m four years old.

My brother was four last week and he is so big (and bossy) and so old. It will take me millions of years before I am four years old.

My grandad and mamma are my mum’s mum and dad. I can’t get my brain round that one. Why does my mum need a mum and dad? She can feed herself, go to the toilet and even drive a car. So why do you need a mum and dad.

But Grandad and probably mamma obviously made my mum read lots of books when she was a baby and it has majorly affected her. She owns every book that was ever published and more besides. I know that is true because my dad said so. They are all kept in our loft. Our loft fills the sky. I’ve never been up there but my dad huf12b-standard_portrait_true8x10as and its all dark like the night sky.

Now I sort of understand numbers because my dad is a mathematiuf12b-standard_portrait_true8x10cian but then again they are a bit meaningless to me. Grandad says for me to be one year a head when I start school I need 365 x 2 that is 730 books reading to me. Or, my grandad says 731 if it’s a leap year. He likes to be precise my grandad.

He says he, mamma, my mum and my dad, and Granny and grandad David have read more than that to me already. He says I shall have had so many read to me I will start school in my brothers class two and a half years older than me. He says I will have had over 1200 books read to me by then.

But what’s all this being read to.I am a big boy I don’t need no reading to, I read to myself. On Tuesday when Grandma and Grandad came I read one hundred thousand books, although grandad said it was ten. Here’s my Top Ten Favourite Books (well it was Tuesday its probably changed now)

They were :

  1. Thomas the Tank Engine Big Lift and Look Book
  2. Where’s Spot – Eric Hill
  3. Peekaboo – Giuliano Ferri
  4. Postman Bear – Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler
  5. Dear Zoo – Rob Campbell
  6. Peekaboo – Giuliano Ferri
  7. Spot At The Farm – Eric Hill
  8. Peekaboo – Giuliano Ferri

I do not know why people make a big thing about learning to read. What is difficult about lifting a flap.

I feel sorry for my mum. She buys loads of books from Waterstones and Amazon.

She opens the book up, stares at the page and is always shocked to see there are only words and no flaps. Then turns the page, again stares at the page in disbelief that there are no flaps. She does this for a day or so until she gets to the end of the book and gets dad to put it in the loft.

Why doesn’t she check out in the shop that there are flaps and just buy the ones with flaps? You wouldn’t think she was intelligent enough to be a teacher. It’s a good job me and my brother are super intelligent.