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All to continue our celebrating 50 years since the books were launched 10th August 1971

1              90  –  With a cast of over 90 characters the Mr. Men and Little Miss have brought fun and laughter to generations of families for over 50 years. Currently one Mr. Men and Little Miss book is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide, and lifetime sales total of over 250 million books.

2              55  –   Original Mr Men Books including the latest new one published 2021.

3              41   –    Original Little Miss Books including the latest new one published 2021.  

4              19   –   Special Mr Men who apear in books or events – See the full list in TOP 19 Below.

5              600,000  –  Over 600,000 Mr. Men Little Miss books were sold in the UK in 2019

6              2nd largest pre-school brand in the UK children’s market

7              1  –  Mr. Men Little Miss is the number one selling children’s book in France

8              15% growth in UK publishing 2016 to 2018

9              2x  –  The largest European growth markets are Greece and Israel, which have seen year on year sales double since 2017 and double sales figures since 2018 retrospectively

10           25%  –  China is predicted to expand the Mr. Men Little Miss business with the 25% market share following doubling year on year sales

11           33%   –  A third of Brits own a Mr Men or Little Miss book

12           17  –  Mr. Men Little Miss books are published in 17 languages worldwide

13           50 years  –  Founded by the late Roger Hargreaves the series was created in 1971 starting with Mr. Tickle, turning 50 in 2021

14           76   –  Google celebrated what would have been Roger Hargreaves, the creator of Mr Men and Little Miss’ 76th birthday, 9 May 2011, with a series of 16 Google Doodles on its global homepage.

15           1st  –  The first Mr. Men book, Mr. Tickle, was rejected by all the big publishers in the UK, before being published by Fabbri book in 1971

16           28 – The Mr. Men book series was also made into a cartoon television series, that was made into 28 episodes

17           13  –  TV Series 1 (1974) 13 Episodes

18           15   –   TV Series 2 (1978) 15 Episodes

19            13  –  In 1983, husband and wife team John Alderton and Pauline Collins narrated 13 TV episodes of Little Miss programmes, which again reproduced the books perfectly. 

20           1975  – The first TV episode was produced by Terry Ward’s company in 1975. The voices and narration were done by Arthur Lowe.

21           £5 coin – The £5 coin featuring Mr Happy is released just a day after Britain’s decimal coin system turns 50 years old. The first Mr Men book was published in August 1971

22           15,000 – Although Mr Tickle will not feature on a coin, 50 special golden tickets featuring him will be hidden among 15,000 coloured £5 Mr Happy coins, which will go on sale for £22.50.

23           250 million   –   The Mr Men and Little Miss books have been a family favourite for five generations, with a lifetime of sales totalling 250 million books.

24           80 – There are 80 licensees selling Mr. Men and Little Miss products

25           2.5 seconds   –  The books are still loved today, with a Mr Men and Little Miss book sold every 2.5 seconds of every day worldwide.

26           2020   –  Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Hug were the top-selling books in the series in 2020.

27           6   –  There are 6 Mr. Men for Grown-Ups  Mr. Greedy Eats Clean to Get Lean (2017),  Mr. Happy and the Office Party (2017), Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood (2017), Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating (2017), Mr. Grumpy Nails Fatherhood (2018), Little Miss Lucky is Getting Married (2018

28           13  –  Mr. Men & Little Miss (Adventures) There were 13 Mr Men Little Miss Adventure Books, Mr. Men Adventure with Dinosaurs, Mr. Men Adventure in Egypt, Mr. Men Adventure with Knights

29           14   –  There are 14 Special editions. The Mr. Men on Holiday (1976), The Mr. Men Christmas (1976), The Mr. Men Sports Day (1977), Little Miss Jealous, etc

30           “34   –  34 Mr. Men & Little Miss (Celebrations) Books. Mr. Birthday (2006),  Little Miss Birthday (2006), Mr. Men: A Christmas Pantomime (2010), Mr. Men: The Big Match (March 2014), Mr. Men and the Tooth Fairy (August 2014), , Mr. Men: Trip to the Moon (August 2014)

Little Miss Splendid and the Beast (December 2014) Etc., Etc.”

31           12   –   “Mr. Men” New Library.  12 Titles  Mr. Topsy-Turvy the Round Way Wrong (2006), Mr. Small a Big Day Out (2006), Mr. Tickle in a Tangle (2006) etc., etc.

32           12   –   “Little Miss” New Library 12 Titles Little Miss Stubborn and the Wrong Advice (2006), Little Miss Sunshine Keeps Her Smile (2006), Little Miss Contrary All in a Muddle (2006), Little Miss Dotty Has a Dotty Day Out (2006),

33           15   –   Mr. Men & Little Miss (Everyday) 15 Titles: Mr. Men on the Farm, Mr. Men Making Music, Mr. Men go Camping, Mr. Men New Pet, Mr. Men go to the Doctor.

34           20  –   Mr. Men & Little Miss (Magic) 20 Titles . Little Miss Sunshine and the Wicked Witch, Little Miss Trouble and the Mermaid, Mr. Bump and the Knight, Mr. Funny and the Magic Lamp, Mr. Greedy and the Gingerbread Man

35           3   –   r. Men & Little Miss (At Work) 3 Titles Mr. Men: Hospital, Mr. Men: Fire Station, Mr. Men: Police Station.

36           3   –   3 Promotional editions (free with L’Oreal Kids shampoo). Little Miss Sunshine and the Splendid Hair Day (2002), Mr. Daydream and the Big Splash (2003), Little Miss Chatterbox and  and the Burst Strawberry (2003).

37           2   –   2 Books in the “Be My” series, Be My Little Miss Sunshine, Be My Mr. Happy

38           10   –   10 Grown-up Mr Men & Little Miss Guides. Mr. Bump’s Guide to DIY (2000), Mr. Lazy’s Guide to Fitness (2000), Mr. Mean’s Guide to Management (2000),Little Miss Chatterbox’s Guide to Text Messages (2001), Little Miss Naughty’s Guide To Love (2001), Little Miss Trouble’s Guide to Men (2002), Little Miss Chatterbox’s Guide to Gossip (2003), Mr. Greedy’s Guide to Food, Mr. Messy’s Guide to Student Life, Mr. Tickle’s Guide to Women (2002).

39           16-18   –   Each book contains a title page and 16 to 18 text pages.

40           15-18   –   Each book contains a title page and 15 to 17 colour illustrations

41           31-35   –   In total each book contains a title page and 31 t0 35 pages.

42           14   –   The books are paperback with dimensions of 14 cm x 12.6 cm.

43           104   –   The Mr. Men Show (sometimes referred to as Mr. Men and Little Miss) is a British-American animated children’s television series. Based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves, it was made into a television variety program consisting of sketches, pantomimes, choreographic visuals and music videos. The series aired in the United States on Cartoon Network and Boomerang and on Channel 5’s Milkshake! in the United Kingdom. No. of seasons 2. No. of episodes 104.

44           1977   – Sstarting in 1977, British newspapers The Mirror and Daily Mail published a Mr. Men comic strip,

45           1979   –   In 1979 BBC records released The Mr. Men Songs.

46           345    –   REC 345 The Mr Men record album by Arthur Lowe with 12 Mr Men Songs on the BBC label .

47           2010   –   Unlike most other Mr. Men albums, these songs are still acknowledged by Mr Men Official in current day, being featured as one of the points on the website’s about page and being used as background music in the 50th Anniversary Documentary by Matt Lucas. A CD version was released in the early 2010s as “The ‘Original’ MR. MEN Songs”. Its said by Joe Campbell (who helped compose the songs) that after many requests they decided they would rerelease it for a new generation of children and parents alike.

48           1982 – Mr. Men Song is an educational song that teaches you about times tables and sums. It was a part of the LP Up To 10 With The Mr Men, which was released back in 1982. Said LP includes 9 original Mr. Men stories read by Arthur Lowe which are all maths related and a times tables song at the end sung by Roy Castle. The song most likely got a single record release along with The Winter Song (which was also sung by Roy Castle) on side B, but images of this version remain limited.

49           60 minutes – 50 Years of Mr Men is a 60 minute documentary  with Matt Lucas and was shown on  Channel 4 on Sunday 17 May at 6pm.

50           Roger Hargreaves, Mr Men & Little Miss creator, was born 9 May 1935 and died 11 September 1988 Aged 53 Years.



Bonus 1.                2  –  2 Mr. Men books have Hargreaves drawn in them. He appears in: Mr. Small  and  Little Miss Star

Bonus 2.                10   –   The number of Series by Roger Hargreaves is 10: 1.Mr. Men   2.Little Miss   3.Walter Worm.   4.John Mouse   5.Albert Elephant  Count Worm and Grandfather Clock, 6.I am…, 7.Timbuctoo, 8.Hippo Potto and Mouse, 9.Easy Peasy People (also by Gray Jolliffe), 10.Roundy and Squarey

Bonus 3.                58   –   Adam Hargreaves (born 18 June 1963) is an English author and illustrator. The son of Roger Hargreaves, he continues his father’s popular Mr. Men series of children’s books, including 14 titles comprising 6 Mr. Men and 8 Little Misses.[1] The younger Hargreaves also served as inspiration for the series. When, at age 8, he asked his father “What does a tickle look like?”,[2] Roger was inspired by that question to create the first book, Mr. Tickle, published in 1971.






                Other Mr. Men                    


                Title                                        Release Year

1              Mr. Miserable                       1971 (only appeared in ‘Mr. Happy’)

2              Mr. Mean’s Brother             1976 (only appeared in ‘Mr. Mean’)

3              Mr. Stupid                             1977 (Only appeared in a Railway Safety Poster)

4              Mr. Right                               1978 (only appeared in ‘Mr. Wrong’)

5              Mr. Magic                             1980 (Only appeared in the 1980 Mr. Men magazine)

6              Mr. Spendy                           Was used by a Bank to help kids save money

7              Mr. Thrifty                            (Only appeared in ‘Mr. Spendy’)

8              Mr. All-Goes-Wrong            1992 (Only appeared in ‘Little Miss All-Goes-Well’)

9              Mr. Beefeater                       Was seen in Beefeater Steak House and was used to promote the food along with other Mr. Men

10           Mr. Scatterbrain                  2008 (Little Miss Scatterbrain’s counterpart in The Mr. Men Show)

11           Mr. Stubborn                        2008 (Little Miss Stubborn’s counterpart in The Mr. Men Show)

12           Mr. Metal                              2009 (Only appears in The Mr. Men Show episode Robots)

13           Mr. First                                 Was seen in a WorldFirst Ad

14           Mr. Quiffy                            Based on fashion designer Henry Holland, and featured on clothing

15           Mr. Glug                                Created by Evian to promote healthy drinking. Featured on merchandise and a special website.

16           Mr. Gap                                 Created by GAP, and featured on clothing

17           Mr. Fun                                 Featured as part of a promotion with The Toy Store, as well as an activity book

18           Mr. Try                                  Created by Uniqlo for an exclusive clothing line.

19           Mr. Brilliant                          2021 (created for a new character vote to celebrate the series’ 50th anniversary)


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11th August

1968 The start of National Apple Week in England. The Beatles launched their new record label, Apple.

1909 The first recorded use of the new emergency wireless signal SOS.

1873 Bertram Mills, British circus proprietor, was born.

1897 The birth of Enid Blyton, English author (also known as Mary Pollock). Her work has been translated into nearly 90 languages and her literary output was an estimated 800 books, with 8,000,000 sales, over roughly 40 years.

2008: Airbnb is founded by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk.

1965: Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and his business partner Tony Calder launch Immediate Records.records.


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