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London is a fascinating city here are 50nice little (and sometimes big) numbers about it.

1              9,176,530 is London’s estimated population in 2019. It was the most populous city in the world until 1925 when it was taken over by New York.

2              6th Richest City in the world is London

3              1 The Strand – The first house to be given a number in London

4              1866 the year the scheme of putting blue plaques on houses originated. In 1867 the first one was put on a house in Holles Street, Martylebone, where Lord Byron was born. Unfortunately the house was demolished and the plaque never replaced. This means the oldest plaque is that for Napoleon III on a house in King Street, St. James’s also erected in 1867.

5              850+ the number of blue plaques in London

6              35th Biggest If London was a country it would be the 35th biggest in Europe

7              53 countries in the world are smaller than London

The Imperial State Crown, is worn by the Queen for the State opening of Parliament. It is made of:

8              2,868 Diamonds

9              273 Pearls

10           11 Emeralds

11           17 Sapphires

12           85,000 the estimated number of different streets in London

13           53 Countriesin the world are smaller than London

14           1billion passengers travel on the tube train every year

15           25 million visitors stay in London every year

16           13 million people go to London’s theatres every year

17           7.7 million people live in London

18           5.6 million people go to the British Museum every year

19           3.5 million people take the tube every day

20           1,213,870 children go to school in London every day

21           36,000 people run the London Marathon

22           17.000 bus stops are in London

23           7,000 stray dogs roam London

24           79 the number of adventure playgrounds in London

25           8,000 bicycles are available to hire in London

26           7,000 the total number of buses on the streets of London

27           4,500 pubs and bars are dotted around London

28           40 the number of West End theatres

29           700 London BusRoutes

30           5 Royal Parks

31           30 rivers and canals in London

32           2 cathedrals stand in London

33           1 Queen resides in London

34           1 Prime Minister lives in London

35           17,000 black taxi cabs operate in London

36           3,440 miles distance London to New York

37           5,063 miles distance London to Beijing

38           10,568 miles distance London to Sydney

39           22 streets of London on a Monopoly board

40           1400 the year a weekly rubbish collection began in London

41           13,200 the number of houses destroyed in the Great Fire of London

42           318 million the number of bricks used to build london’s sewers in 1856 by Joseph Bazolgette 100 miles of them.

43           215 miles long, the River Thames and it’s the longest river in England

44           12 inches every year is how much London is sinking

45           7 cemeteries were built in London between 1832 and 1841 known as the Magnificent Seven

46           10 main line stations in London

47           270 the number of London tube stations

48           2,080,369 – The amount of Londoners that buy takeaway coffee every single day. Our coffee chain of choice? Costa, apparently.

49           458,000 – The average house price in £sterling in London, nearly double the average cost in the UK

50           35,490 – The average salary, up on the £26,500 in the rest of the country.


The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. – Vince Lombardi


Happiness is…being in London


What do you call a crate of ducks? A box of quackers


Love is… someone you can’t put a price on


Streets of London – Ralph McTell

Highest Chart Position: No.2 11th January 1974


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