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1              UK Cinema attendances 1,430,000

2              Male Life Expectancy in 1949 66.42 Yrs

3              Female Life Expectancy 1949 71.54 Yrs

4              George Orwell’s novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ is published 8.6.1949

5              15 March – post-war rationing of clothes ends

6              25 March – Laurence Olivier’s film Hamlet (1948) becomes the first British film to win a ‘Best Picture’ Oscar

7              1 April – the Marquess of Bath opens Longleat House to paying visitors, the first privately owned stately home to be so opened

8              30 April – 1949 FA Cup Final: Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. win the FA Cup for the first time in 41 years, and the third time in their history, with a 3–1 win over Leicester City at Wembley Stadium

9              24 April – wartime rationing of sweets and chocolate ends, but is re-instituted shortly thereafter as shortages return

10           24 April Manchester Mark 1 computer operable at the University of Manchester.

11           1 May – the gas industry is nationalised

12           10 May – first self-service launderette opens, in Queensway (London)

13           27 July – maiden flight of the British-built de Havilland Comet, the world’s first passenger jet, at Hatfield, Hertfordshire

14           22 August – T. S. Eliot’s comedy The Cocktail Party premieres at the Edinburgh Festival.[16]

15           24 August – Old Trafford football stadium, home of Manchester United F.C., is re-opened following a comprehensive rebuild due to bomb damage by the Luftwaffe eight years ago

16           2 September – film The Third Man, with screenplay by Graham Greene, released. The film wins the 1949 Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.

17           October – Valerie Hunter Gordon is granted a U.K. patent for the disposable nappy.

18           26 October – How Do You View?, the first comedy series on British television, starring Terry-Thomas, is first broadcast on BBC Television.

19           28 November – Winston Churchill makes a landmark speech in support of the idea of a European Union at Kingsway Hall, London.[20]

20           17 December – Sutton Coldfield transmitting station begins transmitting BBC Television to the English Midlands, the first broadcasts to be seen outside the London area.

21           The number of workforce deaths in the coal industry is reported to have fallen to a record low since nationalisation two years ago

22           With an average Central England temperature of 10.64 °C or 51.15 °F, the record for the hottest year in that series set in 1834 and equalled in 1921 is broken. 1949’s record stands until 1990 by when anthropogenic global warming had come largely to control temperatures

23           Enid Blyton’s children’s books Little Noddy Goes to Toyland, the first to introduce the title character; and The Secret Seven, first in the eponymous series.

24           Agatha Christie’s novel Crooked House.

25           H. F. Ellis’ humorous collection The Papers of A.J. Wentworth B.A.

26           Graham Greene’s novella The Third Man.

27           Nancy Mitford’s novel Love in a Cold Climate.

Births in 1949

28           29 April – Anita Dobson, actress (Angie in East Enders)

29           2 May – Alan Titchmarsh, television presenter

30           13 May – Zoë Wanamaker, actress (born in New York)

31           18 May – Rick Wakeman, rock keyboard player and songwriter (Yes)

32           24 May – Jim Broadbent, actor

33           26 May – Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party Leader 2015–

34           29 May – Francis Rossi, Status Quo lead singer

35           26 July – Roger Taylor, rock drummer (Queen)

36           25 August – Martin Amis, novelist

37           18 September Peter Shilton Footballer – Goal Keeper

38           19 September – Twiggy, born Lesley Hornby, model

39           6 November – Nigel Havers, actor

40           27 November – Brumas, polar bear (first born at London Zoo)

41           12 December Bill Nighy, actor

42           13 December – Robert Lindsay, actor


43           July – BBC Television revives the regular televised weather forecast.

44           29 September – The BBC Television Service first broadcasts Come Dancing, a TV ballroom dancing competition show. (1949–1998)

45           1949: Ford Anglia – £310 (£9,888)

46           1. The Lucky Lady II airplane completes the first non-stop circumnavigation flight on March 2nd after 94 hours and 1 minute of travel time.

  1. The Boeing B-50 Superfortress plane was piloted by Captain James Gallagher and had a crew of 14 men.
  2. It was re-fueled in the air four times during the 23,452 mile journey.
  3. It had taken off from Carswell Air Force Base in Texas on February 26th and successfully returned there.
  4. It held the record for a round-the-world flight until 1957 when a B-52 bomber flew the journey in just 45 hours and 19 minutes.

47           RCA Perfects a system for broadcasting color television

48           The Emmy Awards for US Television first presented

49           First 45 rpm Vinyl Record are introduced on January 10th

50           First Polaroid Camera History sold for $89.95


Records 1st issued in 1949

51           A your adorable ” by Perry Como

52           Mule Train  by Frankie laine

53           Frank Sinatra stars in “On The Town” with Gene Kelly

54           Rodgers and Hammerstein debut the musical “South Pacific” on Broadway

55           Twelfth Street Rag – Pee Wee Hunt and His Orchestra No.1 7.4.1949 for 7 weeks in USA

56           Far Away Places – Bing Crosby

57           Riders in the Sky- Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra

58           On a Slow Boat to China – Kay Kyser and His Orchestra

59           Silly Putty goes on sale in plastic eggs for $1.00

60           United States — President — Harry S. Truman —

61           United Kingdom — Prime Minister — Clement Attlee —

62           January – Mass Observation carries out a national survey into the sexual behaviour and attitudes of 4,000 British people, “Little Kinsey”. The results remain largely unpublished for over fifty years.

63           Price of a Pint of beer 1/- or 5p

64           Daily Mirror daily circulation 4 million now 562K

65           Price of Daily Mirror 1d or less than half p

66           9 100 000 Radio licences issued in 1949

67           126,567 Joint Radio & TV licence

68           Radio Timrs price 2d = almost 1p

69           World population in 1949 2.5 bn 2019 = 7.7 bn

70           UK population 1949 50.6 m 2019 = 66.86 m

 Bonus Entry: 8th April 1949 Phil Robinson  was born at Peel Street Hospital, Nottingham. Now next to the Nottingham Trent University (closest he got to being at University) Part of the hospital is now the Wetherspoons’ Gooseberry Bush Pub. Can’t find a blue plaque on the wall though!


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