75 Tricks to Find Happiness

75 Tricks to Find Happiness

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75 Tricks to Find Happiness


I constantly trawl the internet for snippets of advice to make you. me everyone, a smidgen more happy. Here is today’s helping.


1              Spend Time With Your Pet.

2              Eat Some Clementine’s.

3              Spend Time With Positive People.

4              Wear Red Lipstick. (I question whether this one would work on me). (See main picture)

5              Grab an Adult Colouring Book.

6              Eat a Healthier Diet.

7              Do Some Yoga.

8              Be More Generous.

9              Try Meditating.

10           Take a Nap – taking a nap can make you instantly happy.

11           Boot the Stress Out of Your Life.

12           Drink Some Coffee.

13           Stay Off Social Media.

14           Say “Thank you.”

15           Make Someone Smile.

16           Laugh as Often as Possible.

17           Watch Some Funny Videos.

18           Declutter Your Life.

19           Actually Use Your Holiday Days.

20           Wear Something You Feel Confident In.

21           Read a New Book.

22           Wear More Yellow.

23           Volunteer for a Cause Close to Your Heart.

24           Put On Your Favourite Feel-Good Movie.

25           Something as easy as grabbing a paint brush could make you feel incredibly happy. A 2011 study published in the journal Arts & Health found participants who did some painting—either by themselves or in a group—were much happier than those who worked on a puzzle.

26           Take a Break from Technology.

27           Cut Your TV-viewing by 50 Percent.

28           Keep Challenging Yourself. It’s easy to get bored in a routine that’s the same every day, and that boredom can lead to unhappiness.

29           Take a “Sick” Day.

30           Show More Gratitude on a Daily Basis.

31           Try Something New.

32           Spend Time With Friends.

33           Go on a Hike.

34           Bust Out Your Dancing Skills – dancing can make you instantly happy.

35           Burn a Vanilla Candle.

36           Practice Self-Acceptance – Loving yourself isn’t always easy, but once you realize just how great you are, you’ll feel much happier.

37           Take Yourself Out to Lunch.

38           Make an Effort to Meet New People.

39           Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep.

40           Keep a Gratitude Journal.

41           Keep Yourself Busy.

42           Get Yourself Some Flowers – smelling flowers can make you instantly happy.

43           Walk Taller—Literally Walking can make you instantly happy.  Becoming happier just by changing the way you walk might sound crazy, but it does.

44           Indulge in Your Favourite Treat.

45           Spend Money on Others.

46           Eat More Omega-3s – AKA healthy fats like avocados, salmon, and nuts—don’t just help your brain function normally.

47           Paint a Wall in Your House Green.

48           Use Blue Light Therapy – If you can’t get enough sunshine, there’s another option available—especially in the winter: blue lights. Adults who use an hour of pale blue light every day are much happier than those who don’t. Another bonus? The light also helps reduce some stress. (You can even grab one for yourself on Amazon.)

49           Complain More.

50           Hug Someone You Care About.

51           Have a Soothing Bath.

52           Listen to Music You Love – why isn’t this #1 or #2?

53           Go to the Nearest Animal Shelter.

54           Spend Some Time in the Kitchen.

55           Take a Trip Down Memory Lane. A little nostalgia can make you feel joyful because of how comforting it is. Whether it’s thinking back to a pleasant childhood memory or listening to a song you loved in school days.

56           Go Get a Massage.

57           Fake It Until You Make It. You smile when you’re happy and frown when you’re sad, but forcing yourself to slap a grin on your face when you’re feeling down can actually boost your mood.

58           Become an Optimist.

59           Spend Time at a Park.

60           Don’t Work So Much.

61           Talk to Your Family — Especially Your Mum.

62           Buy Experiences, Not Things. While it might be tempting to spend your hard-earned money on the latest tech gadgets or new clothes, apparently material objects don’t bring as much happiness as a life experience, like a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit.

63           Get Some Sunshine.

64           Take a Selfie. A study published in the journal Psychology of Well-Being found those who snap photos of themselves on the regular were actually happier overall—particularly because they’re more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

65           Head to the Gym.

66           Work On Your Spirituality. Whether you’re religious or just spiritual, either one is linked to being happier overall.

67           Cuddle With Your Significant Other.

68           Sing a Song at the Top of Your Lungs.

69           Buy Some Foliage. House plants can make you instantly happy.

70           Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

71           Ditch a Bad Habit.

72           Plan a Trip.

73           Spend Some Time Alone.

74           Buy Yourself Some Time. Spending a little money to save yourself a lot of time will make you a more joyful person in the long run.

75           Hold Hands. A little affection can go a long way toward making you happier in no time. Holding hands with a romantic partner.






The Office for National Statistics and financial services company Lane Clark & Peacock (LCP) have put together Britain’s first national health index.


Britain’s healthiest places to live


1) Wokingham – 110

2) Richmond upon Thames – 108

3) Windsor and Maidenhead – 107

4) West Berkshire – 106

5) Surrey – 106

6) Bracknell Forrest – 105

7) Buckinghamshire – 105

8) Rutland – 105

9) Kingston upon Thames – 105

10) Hampshire – 105


See the TOP TEN Least healthy towns tomorrow.




Why fit in when you were born to stand out? – Dr Seus.


Happiness is…all the 75 items listed above.

Happiness is also living in Wokingham.


 I just found out that I’m colour blind. The news came completely out of the green!


Love is…letting him win occasionally.


A time to (4) Wear Red Lip Stick A time to (57) Fake It Until You Make It.


16th March 1976 – British prime minister: Harold Wilson resigned.







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