A Chase In Time (The Time-Seekers) by Sally Nicholls

A Chase In Time (The Time-Seekers) by Sally Nicholls (Author), Brett Helquist (Illustrator)

Paperback:           208 pages

Age:                        9+ years

Publisher:              Nosy Crow

From multi-award-winning author Sally Nicholls, A Chase In Time is the first in a brilliant time-slip adventure series for 9+ readers, beautifully illustrated by Brett Hellquist.

The old gilt-edged mirror has hung in Alex’s aunt’s house for as long as he can remember. Alex hardly notices it, until the day he and his sister are pulled through the mirror, back into 1912. It’s the same house, but a very different place to live, and the people they meet need their help. Soon they’re caught up in car chases and treasure hunts as they race to find a priceless golden cup – but will they ever be able to return to their own time?

“Good clean fun…The book consists of 10 short, cliffhanger chapters, which an able reader would devour in a sitting. (It is aimed at readers of nine-plus, but should be easy fodder for a seven-year-old.) Some of the history lessons might seem brisk… But Nicholls is a wonderful storyteller. Dates may be swiftly dispensed with, but when it comes to a bodice or collar no detail is missed.” – The Daily Telegraph

“I completely devoured this book in one sitting, time literally flew by as I got totally caught up in this intriguing adventure. It really is like stepping into the past with it’s considered attention to period detail, told with real enthusiasm and insight. Sally has assembled a perfectly marvellous cast of characters who will delight and entertain readers… Brett’s illustrations complement this story perfectly creating a truly beautiful and engaging read.” – Book Lover Jo