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 Every Friday evening The Official Chart Company send me an email with the latest Charts and they always include extra amazing trivia and reports. I so, so, love it and look forward to receiving it. As much as I used to look forward to the NME (New Musical Express) rock music newspaper being delivered to me at home on Friday evenings in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

I enjoyed this trivia so much I felt compelled to share it with you.

Official Charts bingo: Acts who have peaked at every position in the Top 10

Only a handful of acts have managed this Official Chart quirk…

By Jack White

Hitting the Top 10 of the UK’s Official Singles Chart is a big deal. In the competitive streaming era, a top tier single is a mark of genuine popularity; that a song has well and truly wormed its way into the ears and hearts of the general public. Back in the early 00s, anything lower than a Top 10 single for a popstar and, to borrow a line from Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, you in danger girl. 

While acts like The Beatles, Spice Girls and Westlife were more about topping the charts in their day, there are a small number of acts that have managed to peak at every position inside the Top 10. A bit like bingo. Forget a single line (stay with us), we’re going to highlight the legends who have delivered a Top 10 full house.

Here’s the Official rundown on the 11 acts who have impacted every slot in the Official Singles Chart’s top flight. We’re also going to list the artists that have a sweat on, holding out for one more hit to complete their board. Eyes down…

Lonnie Donegan

Scottish star Lonnie Donegan, a pioneer of the revival of Skiffle music in the 1950s, was the first artist to cross off all the numbers in the Official Singles Chart’s Top 10. Not only was Lonnie the first, he did it the fastest.

The King of Skiffle’s debut hit Rock Island Line peaked at Number 8, while his second release fared even better – Lost John/Stewball hit Number 2. Bring A Little Water Sylvie/Dead or Alive (7) and Don’t You Rock Me Daddy-o (4) followed, before Cumberland Gap become Lonnie’s first of two chart toppers.

My Dixie Darling (10), The Grand Coolie Dam (6), Tom Dooley (3) and I Wanna Go Home (5) occupied different positions across the next three years, before the Number 9 Donnie needed to complete the set arrived in 1962, the aptly named The Party’s Over. All in all, it took Donnie six years, three months and seven days.


POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                                                YEAR

1              CUMBERLAND GAP                                                                        1957

2              LOST JOHN/STEWBALL                                                                1956

3              TOM DOOLEY                                                                                    1958

4              DON’T YOU ROCK ME DADDY-O                                               1957

5              I WANNA GO HOME                                                                       1960

6              THE GRAND COOLIE DAM                                                          1958

7              BRING A LITTLE WATER SYLVIE/DEAD OR ALIVE         1956

8              ROCK ISLAND LINE                                                                       1956

9              THE PARTY’S OVER                                                                        1962

10           MY DIXIE DARLING                                                                       1957

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Elvis Presley

If you thought The King would be in this elite club, well, you would be right. With 76 Top 10 singles, Elvis Presley has had plenty of chances, and he achieved the feat in 15 years, nine months and 25 days.

Elvis’ debut single Heartbreak Hotel reached Number 2, and he has of course had a multitude of hits since. He was all shook up waiting for a Number 5 to come along, but it finally did in April 1972 with Until It’s Time For You To Go.

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                                YEAR

1              ALL SHOOK UP                                                                 1957

2              HEARTBREAK HOTEL                                                   1956

3              (LET ME BE YOUR) TEDDY BEAR                            1957

4              A BIG HUNK O’ LOVE                                                     1959

5              UNTIL IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO                            1972

6              TOO MUCH                                                                        1957

7              SANTA BRING MY BABY BACK TO ME                 1957

8              PARALYSED                                                                       1957

9              BLUE SUEDE SHOES                                                      1956

10           KISSIN’ COUSINS                                                             1964

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With an impressive 63 UK Top 10 hits, you would think Madonna had paid a visit to every Top 10 placing at least three times over, but in fact, she waited 11 years for a Number 8 hit (1995’s Human Nature) and she’s not had one since.

In addition to having more Number 1s than any other female and more Number 2s than ANY other artist, Madonna has popped up at every Top 10 position, managing it in 11 years, six months and eight days.

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                YEAR

1              INTO THE GROOVE                                         1985

2              CRAZY FOR YOU                                             1985

3              LIKE A VIRGIN                                                 1984

4              GAMBLER                                                           1985

5              ANGEL                                                                  1985

6              FEVER                                                                  1993

7              RAIN                                                                     1993

8              HUMAN NATURE                                             1995

9              THE LOOK OF LOVE                                       1987

10           BAD GIRL                                                           1993

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Mariah Carey

Madonna was the first female to shout BINGO!, but Mariah Carey can say she is the woman to claim a full house in the shortest space of time.

It took Mariah nine years, five months and 25 days to put her dabber to all of the boxes, with Thank God I Found You being her only Number 10 single in March 2000. Thank God indeed.

Bonus trivia: In the 1990s, Mariah has one Number 1, two Number 2s, three Number 3s and four Number 4s. Spooky!

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                YEAR

1              WITHOUT YOU                                                 1994

2              I’LL BE THERE                                                  1992

3              ENDLESS LOVE                                                1994

4              FANTASY                                                             1995

5              HEARTBREAKER                                             1999

6              ONE SWEET DAY                                             1995

7              HERO                                                                    1993

8              ANYTIME YOU NEED A FRIEND               1994

9              VISION OF LOVE                                              1990

10           THANK GOD I FOUND YOU                         2000

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Tom Jones

Sex Bomb led to a climax for Tom Jones! Over three decades after his first hit, (1965 Number 1 It’s Not Unusual) the Welsh legend’s 2000 smash was the missing piece to the puzzle he was looking for, a Number 3. Sir Tom completed his collection of every Top 10 place two months after Mariah, notching up a time of 35 years, two months and three days.

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                                                YEAR

1              IT’S NOT UNUSUAL                                                                         1965

2              I’LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN                                           1967

3              SEX BOMB                                                                                          2000

4              MAMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME                                              2000

5              HELP YOURSELF                                                                              1968

6              YOUNG NEW MEXICAN PUPPETEER                                      1962

7              FUNNY FAMILIAR FORGOTTEN FEELINGS                         1967

8              DETROIT CITY                                                                                  1967

9              LOVE ME TONIGHT                                                                        1969

10           WITHOUT LOVE (THERE IS NOTHING)                                  1969

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Elton John

From one Knight of the Realm to another, Elton John adopted Tom Jones’ slow and steady approach; why perform a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sprint when you can take in the good times at a leisurely pace?

Number 9 evaded Sir Elton for 29 years, four months and 2 days, but his only one finally came to him in April 2001 courtesy of I Want Love. Thanks for finally showing up!


POSN     FIRST SONG TO CHART                                                                YEAR

1              DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART                                           1976

2              ROCKET MAN                                                                                   1972

3              NIKITA                                                                                                 1985

4              DANIEL                                                                                                1973

5              CROCODILE ROCK                                                                          1972

6              GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD                                           1973

7              SATURDAY NIGHT’S ALRIGHT FOR FIGHTING                  1973

8              BLUE EYES                                                                                         1982

9              I WANT LOVE                                                                                    2001

10           LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS                                      1974

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(While Elton’s Your Song was originally released in January 1971, it wasn’t until July 2002 it reached its Number 4 peak, so we began his span of hits from the 1972 Number 2 hit Rocket Man.)


You wait 19 years, nine months and 25 days for a Number 5 single… and two come back-to-back! With an almost complete tally for nearly two decades, U2 completed their bingo board in December 2001 with Walk On. And for good measure, their next single Electrical Storm did the same. Bonus points as they are the only group to achieve this distinction.

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                                                YEAR

1              DESIRE                                                                                                 1988

2              HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME, KILL ME                          1995

3              PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE)                                               1984

4              WITH OR WITHOUT YOU                                                             1987

5              WALK ON                                                                                            2001

6              THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE                                                      1985

7              ONE                                                                                                       1992

8              EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING (REMIX)             1992

9              ANGEL OF HARLEM                                                                      1988

10           NEW YEAR’S DAY                                                                           1983

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Cliff Richard

Of all the ten acts to peak at every Top 10 position, three of them are Sirs, and three of them were all holding out for a Number 5. The third in each of those categories is Sir Cliff Richard.

Forgotten among Mistletoe & Wine and Saviour’s Day, Cliff’s Xmas hit Santa’s List became his only Number 5, which we’re sure was exactly what the Bachelor Boy had asked from St. Nick in Christmas 2003. In total, Cliff took the longest to pay a peak visit to every Top 10 position, taking a whopping 45 years, one month and 20 days. That Millennium Prayer paid off.

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                YEAR

1              LIVING DOLL                                                    1959

2              MOVE IT                                                             1958

3              NINE TIMES OUT OF TEN                             1960

4              GEE WHIZ IT’S YOU                                        1961

5              SANTA’S LIST                                                    2003

6              I COULD EASILY FALL                                 1964

7              HIGH CLASS BABY                                         1958

8              I’M THE LONELY ONE                                   1964

9              IT’S ALL OVER                                                  1967

10           MEAN STREAK                                                 1959

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Raise your glass to this! P!nk has had a feel good time (pun very much intended) on the Official Singles Chart over the years, collecting 20 Top 10 singles so far. Much like Madonna, Pink needed a Number 8 to complete her set, and the criminally-underrated Try did just that. Who Knew (we’ll stop with the puns now) it would take P!nk 12 years, six months and five days?

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                YEAR

1              LADY MARMALADE                                      2001

2              GET THE PARTY STARTED                          2002

3              FEEL GOOD TIME                                           2003

4              STUPID GIRLS                                                   2006

5              MOST GIRLS                                                      2000

6              THERE YOU GO                                                2000

7              TROUBLE                                                            2003

8              TRY                                                                       2012

9              YOU MAKE ME SICK                                     2001

10           U & UR HAND                                                    2006

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The latest male artist to finish his full set of Top 10 peaks is Usher. Holding out for a Number 8 for 17 years, one month and 18 days, Mr. Raymond finally scored one in March 2015 with I Don’t Mind ft. Juicy J.

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                                YEAR

1              YOU MAKE ME WANNA                                               1998

2              POP YA COLLAR                                                              2001

3              U REMIND ME                                                                  2001

4              I NEED A GIRL (PART ONE)                                         2002

5              U GOT IT BAD                                                                   2001

6              I NEED A GIRL/U DON’T HAVE TO CALL              2002

7              DJ GOT US FALLING IN LOVE                                    2010

8              I DON’T MIND                                                                    2015

9              CAUGHT UP                                                                       2005

10           GOOD KISSER                                                                   2014

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Taylor Swift

The most recent completist is Taylor Swift, who achieved all three of her missing Top 10 peaks in the same week! Taylor’s breakthrough hit Love Story reached Number 2 back in March 2009, and in July 2020, Cardigan, Exile (with Bon Iver) and The 1 peaked at 6, 8 and 10 respectively, the exact numbers she needed to dab all of her boxes. In total, it took Taylor 11 years, 4 months and 30 days.

POS        FIRST SONG TO CHART                                                                                YEAR

1              LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO                                                             2017

2              LOVE STORY                                                                                                     2009

3              ME                                                                                                                         2019

4              WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER                         2012

5              I DON’T WANNA LIVE FOREVER                                                              2016

6              CARDIGAN                                                                                                         2020

7              EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED                                                                   2012

8              EXILE                                                                                                                   2020

9              22                                                                                                                           2013

10           THE 1                                                                                                                    2020

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So who just misses out?

Cliff Richard took nearly five decades to score this chart quirk, but who else is one song away from clearing the board?

22 chart acts are waiting in the wings, with only one group waiting for a Kelly’s eye – a Number 1. Bon Jovi have peaked at positions 2 – 10, but alas, they are missing a chart topper.

UB40, Cher and Celine Dion are all waiting for One Little Duck (a Number 2 peak), while Pet Shop Boys have yet to score a Number 3 single. David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Frankie Laine and Iron Maiden are all knocking at the door of Number 4, and George Michael was only missing a Number 5.

6 is the most common number causing a sweat, the missing link for Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Status Quo, Whitney Houston and The Saturdays. The former two can claim a Number 6 in their groups The Jackson 5 and Destiny’s Child however with I Want You Back and Bills, Bills, Bills respectively. Frankie Bridge and Rochelle Humes of the latter group did manage a Number 6 also with Puppy Love/Sleigh Ride in their first band S Club Juniors.

A not-so-lucky Number 7 awaits Eurythmics, Dua Lipa and Drake, while Diana Ross and Girls Aloud – with exception of Kimberley who nabbed one solo – are looking for Number 8. Following that, Rod Stewart, Madness, The Beach Boys and Craig David are seeking a Number 9 hit.

Finally, Ed Sheeran may have 43 Top 40 hits, but he still needs a Tony’s den – a Number 10.

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