DAY 1 Advent Calendar The BIG Countdown 24 Sleeps 1.12.2017




Two Robins
Two Robins

3  Christmas Track                                                              Lonely This Christmas – Mud

Listen now     Lonely This Christmas – Mud

4   Christmas Carol                                                             Silent Night


5   Christmas Film                                                               Muppets Christmas Carol


6   Something to Prepare                                                    Start Advent Calendar


7   Children’s Christmas Picture Book To Read             Lucy & Tom’s Christmas

Lucy & Tom's Christmas Shirley Hughes
Lucy & Tom’s Christmas Shirley Hughes

8   Children’s Christmas Paperback                 The Girl Who Saved Christmas by Matt Haig and Chris Mould


9   Adult Christmas Book to Read                                   The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories – P D James


10  Christmas Cracker Joke                                              What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas?  Twerky


11 A Christmas Number                                    30,000 – The number of participants in the largest ever Secret Santa, organised by Reddit in 2012


12  An Amazing Christmas Fact                                      £18,000,000,000 – Will be withdrawn from UK cash machines over Christmas


13  Christmas Character                                                                    Scrooge


14  Unusual Gifts                                                                 Classic Motorbike Wooden 3D Puzzles for Adults & kids: Novelty Xmas Motorcycle gift from Amazon £17.95Ideas for men, boys, women and children



1st December, today feels very exciting. Only 24 sleeps until Santa comes.  Does that mean anything to you? It doesn’t me. It still seems a long time until I get my horse. Me and Mum are celebrating the first day of advent in that age old traditional way , we are going swimming. I love advent don’t you



Countdown to Christmas starts today. Advent calendars launched. But why only one chocolate. Why don’t we open all the doors and eat all the chocolate. Mum says we must just have one a day until Christmas. Bah! Humbug! Grown ups just do not have a clue!


17 Christmas Radio Times

Christmas Radio Times 2005
Christmas Radio Times 2005


18  A Christmas List :


A Ghost Story for Christmas is a strand of annual British short television films originally broadcast on BBC One between 1971 and 1978, and revived in 2005 on BBC Four.


1   The Stalls of Barchester                M. R. James, adapted by L G Clark              24-Dec-71

2   A Warning to the Curious                             M. R. James, adapted by L G Clark                24-Dec-72

3   Lost Hearts                                                      M. R. James, adapted by Robin Chapman                    25-Dec-73

4   The Treasure of Abbot Thomas                                  M. R. James, adapted by John Bowen             23-Dec-74

5   The Ash Tree                                                   M. R. James, adapted by David Rudkin         23-Dec-75

6   The Signalman                                               Charles Dickens, adapted by Andrew Davies  22-Dec-76

7   Stigma                                              Clive Exton                                                      28-Dec-77

8   The Ice House                                John Bowen                                                     25-Dec-78

9   A View from a Hill                                         M. R. James, adapted by Peter Harness          23-Dec-05

10  Number 13                                                     M. R. James, adapted by Justin Hopper         22-Dec-06

11  Whistle and I’ll Come to You                     M. R. James, adapted by Neil Cross               24-Dec-10

12  The Tractate Middoth                                 M. R. James, adapted by Mark Gatiss             25-Dec-13



Spiderman Annual 2018
Spiderman Annual 2018

20         CHRISTMAS ALBUM                                      Now Christmas

NOW That’s What I Call Christmas

01 NOW That's What I Call Christmas
01 NOW That’s What I Call Christmas

21 Christmas Stamp

1966_1st Special Christmas Stamps
1966_1st Special Christmas Stamps