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 Songs, like books , often tell a story, a ficticious story. As a writer they often inspire me to think what happened next after the song/record ended. What would happen to these ficticous characters? I have taken some of these best selling songs mainly from ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s and tell the story of what I think happened after the record ended.

TERRY by TWINKLE What happened after the record ended?

Highest Chart Position: No.4 7th January 1965 Original song written by Lynn Ripley (Twinkle)


Terry died after crashing his motor bike, so what happened next?

Where are they now?

“TERRY” by Twinle – What happened next.

A song about a boy getting killed in a motorcycle accident – “Terry” by Twinle hit the charts in November 1964 and after being banned by the BBC, it reached it’s highest chart position of  No.4 on 21stJanuary 1965. The song was written by the singer Twinkle who sadly died in 2015 after battling cancer.

The song is a fictitious girl singing about her boyfriend who was killed in a motorcycle accident after he found out she had been unfaithful to him.

The following is how I see how the girl’s life would have turned out some fifty years later.

I stress that this is purely fictitious and the song has inspired me to write the story and has no bearing, view or relationship to the original writer.

Here are a few lines from the that you need to know:

“He said to me he wanted to be close by my side

We had a quarrel. I was untrue on the night he died

Please wait at the gate of heaven for me, Terry

He rode into the night

Accelerated his motorbike

I cried to him in fright

Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it”

You can hear the full song by Twinkle on the Youtube link above. SORRY THE QUALITY IS NOT THE BEST

So back in 1964, Julie was devastated at the death of Terry. She felt guilty because if she’d not had a date with Chris, Terry and her would not have had the row and he would not have driven off on his motorbike and certainly not so fast.

She wasn’t into Chris really. She was just flattered he had asked her out, especially when all the other girls were desperate for a date with him.

After the funeral things went from bad to worse. Julie found she was pregnant with Terry’s child. She was pretty confident it was Terry’s although there could be doubts. In the early to mid sixties Julie had been quick to take on the promiscuous lifestyle but slow to pick up on the new ideas of birth control.

Life has never been easy for the single mother but it was particularly tough in the sixties.

Julie had a baby boy she named Terry, after who she felt was his dad. DNA tests were not available in those days. There was not even a Jeremy Kyle Show. She could see he was Terry’s child. The quiff of black hair, just the same as Terry senior. Those beautiful green hound dog eyes, just like Terry senior’s which attracted her to him in the first place. But most of all his love of motorbikes.

He was a wild child, just like his dad, giving Julie so many problems through his school years. He ended up in court one or two times. One time for stealing a motorbike and driving it when he was under age. When he was old enough he took up motorcycle racing. Although it worried Julie she was relieved to see it kept him out of trouble.

But sadly he was killed in a bizarre motorcycle accident on the Isle of Man TT circuit.

Julie had lots of other relationships. She was married twice and had two other children. One, a daughter, was wild and rebellious who ended up in jail most of the time, a real worry for her mother. The other, a son, was totally the opposite, a good caring sort. He won a scholarship to a top local school and ended up at Newcastle University studying medicine.

Over the years, with all her problems,worries, the constant struggle for money, and poor health Julie found she was thinking less and less about Terry senior. Infact she began to resent him, blaming his hot headedness for her hardships. He should have known she was not serious about Chris.

In the end, too exhausted to fight any more, her illnesses became too much and she died. She was a good woman inside and in her tough life she’d always tried to be good and do the right thing within her knowledge and capabilities. Her only major weakness was the love of male company. But irrespective of that, she got her pass to heaven.

As she approached the gate of heaven there were one or two folk waiting to greet her. But in the distance she caught sight of a young fella, leaning on the gatepost smoking a cigarette. (Cigarettes are allowed in heaven because to some people Heaven is a cigarette. A bubble contains the smoke so that it does not offend others) She recognised the quaff of black hair and the.

“Oh deary, deary, me” said Julie or stronger words to that affect.

“I completely forgot. When he died I said: Please wait at the gate of heaven for me, Terry. And he took me at my word. I just can’t take him. Life has moved on.”

She looked for another way in to avoid the gate. She could not see one. She saw an old man and went up to him.

“I’m new here,” she said “Is there a way to get into heaven without going through the gate?”

“I don’t think so.” Said the man. “I’ve been trying to get in for years. I’m trying to get in to see my wife, but I do not have a pass. I’m destined for the other place. But I keep trying to get in here. I can’t find a backdoor or a side gate. The walls are too high to scale and security is so tight.

“Haven’t you got a pass either.” The man asked.

“Yes, I’ve got one, but I am trying to avoid someone waiting for me on the gate.”

“Oh, let me have your pass, please, please. I will pay you any amount of money. There are billions in my estate back on earth.”

“No sorry.” Said Julie. “I have no choice but to confront him.”

Boldly she walked forward and showed her pass to a total white clad, St. Peter whose white hair moved slightly in a balmy breeze. He passed it to a white uniformed, angelic faced guard who read her name out in a strong bold voice for everyone to hear

“Julie Mason.”

At that point the young teenager with a black quiff came up to Julie.

“Hey babe, remember me, Terry. You said to wait for you at these pearly gates. I’ve stood here for an eternity.”

She looked at him and could not believe she once fancied him, not just fancied but thought she was in love with him. He now looked just a rough kid.

Julie was worried. She needed to tell him she was a different person, now. And then there were the marriages to confess. How would he take those, bearing in mind how jealous and hot headed he was. She’d only had a coffee with another guy and Terry had flew off the handle and gone off in a huff, due to his fiery temper at such speed, on his motorbike that he ended up killing himself.

“I really thank you for that. I am grateful. But I’m a completely different person now. I am of a different age.” Said Julie, avoiding looking into Terry’s green eyes.

“Are you trying to tell me, you didn’t really want me to wait at the gate of heaven for you?”

“It was just a bit of an hasty comment at a sad and emotional time.” Julie waited for the explosion.

“Cor! What a relief.” Said Terry. “There’s a Biker’s Heaven Department up here. I daren’t go because you said: Please wait at the gate of heaven for me, Terry. So you’re saying I can move in there for eternity with your blessing.”

“Yeh, ok, go on, then” Said Julie.

“Cool man!” shouted Terry punching the air he turned and walked from her and the gate and into heaven jumping with joy.

Julie relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Feels like heaven.” She said to no one in particular.

By Phil M Robinson

©2018 Phil M Robinson





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Terry – Twinkle

Highest Chart Position: No.4 7th January 1965