Albert and the Giant Squid by Luke Temple

Albert and the Giant Squid by Luke Temple  (Author), Jessica Chiba (Illustrator)


Paperback:           96 pages

Age Range:           5-7 years

Publisher:              Gull Rock Publications


Albert and Ernie discover a pirate ship on top of a cliff far above the sea. How did it get there? they wonder.


Ernie is captured by the crew of hungry pirates. They will only let him go free if Albert finds a way to get their ship off the cliff. He has until lunchtime.


In the sea below lurks a gigantic squid, which is very angry because the pirates stole something from it.


Can Albert help the giant squid and save Ernie from the pirates? And can he do it before lunchtime?



Luke Temple was born in 1988. When he was 10, Luke didn’t enjoy reading, he was terrible at spelling and found writing hard work. Yet today he’s an author! When not behind his desk with his writing partners, a one eyed dog and a bald hamster, Luke spends most of his time visiting schools and bringing his stories to life with the children he meets.