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From Aldi’s Peaky Blinders inspired commercial to Mariah Carey in Walkers, here are the Christmas adverts 2019 ranked ahead of John Lewis

The Christmas adverts are here

Bonfire night is well and truly out of the way and there are only eight weeks left until Santa all our hopes and dreams underneath a big old green pine tree in our front rooms. Yep, it really *is* that time again, which means it’s time to feast your eyes on all the Christmas adverts brands have gifted us to get us spending all our money in the festive spirit.

So while we patiently wait for John Lewis’ hotly-anticipated work of art, let’s take a look through some of the best and worst yuletide commercials of 2019.

  1. Amazon Amazon release their 2019 Christmas ad

Duration Time1:30

Amazon focused its Christmas ad on its ghastly cardboard boxes. Yes, really. ADVERTISING Set to Solomon Burke’s Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, the commercial sees a number of packages being successfully delivered to its recipient and everyone’s all happy-clappy. The sentiment is pretty dreamy. That’s all.

  1. Lidl Lidl 2019 Christmas Ad

Duration Time1:00

Lidl has poked fun at its infamous miscellaneous aisle and for that, we have to stan. The minute-long ad sees a family do their big old Christmas food shop, picking up a rogue keyboard after rooting around for mince pies. Honestly, incred.

  1. TK Maxx

TK Maxx first out with their 2019 Christmas advert

Duration Time1:00

TK Maxx want us to ‘gift different’ in 2019 and used a man dressed in ski gear and a crash helmet, throwing unusual gifts to everyone he passes, to signify this. Off-piste, get it? Love Actually’s Bill Nighy and Not Going Out’s Kerry Shale provided the voiceovers for that extra Christmas feel.

  1. Boots 2019 Christmas Ad

Duration Time1:32

We all know the excruciating feeling of not knowing what to buy that special someone. But gone are those days because Boots is trying to help the nation become better gifters with their new Bootiques range. What would we do without them, eh?

  1. Iceland’s ‘Frozen’ Christmas Trailer – 2019

Duration Time0:40

Iceland revealed itself to be a bit of a pun enthusiast this year, tying together its range of frozen produce with Disney film Frozen. Clever! Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff made a glowing return in celebration of the hotly-anticipated sequel film. But why did the foursome opt to play a game of charades over singing Let It Go? Your guess is as good as ours.

  1. Aldi Aldi’s full-length ‘Leafy Blinders’ Christmas ad is here for 2019

Duration Time1:09

There’s just no getting rid of Kevin The Carrot, is there? Putting their mimicking abilities to the test, this year the supermarket pitted the beloved root veggie against the Peaky Blinders inspired mob the Leafy Blinders. Of course, Kevin came out triumphant and we have no doubt we’ll be seeing him in 2020.

  1. Ikea’s 2019 Christmas campaign

Duration Time1:30

Ikea smashed it out of the park with its first-ever Christmas ad featuring grime MC D Double E, brands take note. The clip sees a number of hard to please ornaments shaming a couple for their ‘disgusting’ home decor until they spruce up the place with some new flat-pack pieces. Iconic. Fans are now calling out for a D Double E Christmas album. Somebody make it happen

1.Walkers Mariah Carey Walkers crisps ad

Duration Time1:00

This year, Walkers managed to get the queen of Christmas herself into their festive ad and honestly, we’re impressed. The offering sees the singer give a rousing performance of her hit All I Want For Christmas Is You before being wrestling an elf over a packet of the brand’s new Pigs In Blanket flavoured snack. Of course, Mariah comes out on top after producing a deafeningly high note to deter her competitor. Nicely done, Mariah. We’ll of course excuse the fact that she took the world’s smallest bite.

By Cydney Yeates – Entertainment Reporter Metro


The Daily Mail rated the “Jingle Sells” ads with a “Schmaltz Factor”:

Walkers Crisps                     6/10

Lidl                                         2/10

TK Maxx                              7/10

Aldi                                         5/10

ASDA                                     10/10

Boots                                     5/10

Marks & Spencer                 8/10

Iceland                                  7/10

IKEA                                      8/10

Argos                                      6/10

Amazon                                9/10

Visa                                        4/10


I have to say a good one for me which the reviewers seem to have left out is the Smyths Toy Store TV ad. It features a wonderful massive toy store where all the toys come alive and Woody of Toy Story is the star.

But of course, Christmas doesn’t start until the Coca-Cola “Holidays a-coming” ad is aired. I love that you cannot beat it.


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