Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella No.1

He SHALL go to the ball! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s glittering carriage awaits at the top of this week’s Official Compilations Chart as the soundtrack to his latest lockdown-penned musical ‘Cinderella’ debuts at Number 1 ahead of opening night.

The iconic composer becomes the newest recipient of the Official Charts Specialist Number 1 Award as the OST for his new West End musical, Cinderella, debuts atop this week’s Official Compilation Albums Chart just days before the show’s world premiere on 20 July at London’s Gillian Lynne Theatre.

Cinderella, a new romantic musical comedy based on an original story by 2021 Oscar winner Emerald Fennell and lyrics by David Zippel, stars West End mainstay Carrie Hope Fletcher as Cinderella, and also features special contributions from guest singers Adam Lambert, Todrick Hall and Call the Midwife star Helen George.

Its chart-topping soundtrack marks Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first original material in five years – a musical concept album written and produced during lockdown. The score was mostly produced from home and over Zoom, with further socially-distanced recording sessions taking place at Abbey Road studios.

Speaking to, Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I am thrilled that the Cinderella album is Number 1. It was recorded in lockdown, mainly at home and long before the show was able to open.

“To see audiences finally loving the show and people listening to the album means a huge amount to me and all of the people who have worked so hard to bring Cinderella to the stage in the most difficult circumstances I have ever worked in. I hope to see you at the Gillian Lynne Theatre soon.”

Interestingly, the release of Cinderella also mirrors that of the project that first brought Lord Lloyd Webber into the public consciousness half a century ago; Jesus Christ Superstar. Much like Jesus Christ Superstar, Cinderella’s musical concept album has been recorded and released before its stage debut, exactly 50 years on.

Lord Lloyd Webber is one of the most celebrated modern British composers and has written the music for worldwide-renowned productions such as Cats, The Phantom of the Opera and Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat. His highest charting album to date is 1978’s Variations which peaked at Number 2 on the Official Albums Chart, see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s chart history.

The Specialist Number 1 Award is the newest addition to the Official Charts Number 1 Award family for 2021, celebrating 10 years of the coveted Number 1 Award. It was created to highlight the diverse range of music talent, and breadth of records finding success on the UK’s Official Specialist Charts – including vinyl, Afrobeats, indie, classical and more. 


1-1                           Buns ‘N’ Roses

1-2                           It Has To Be Her

1-3                           Bad Cinderella

1-4                           So Long

1-5                           Unfair

1-6                           Unbreakable

1-7                           Hunk’s Song

1-8                           Man’s Man

1-9                           So Long (Reprise)/Introduction To Only You, Lonely You

1-10                         Only You/Lonely You

1-11                         The Queen’s Boudoir In The Palace

1-12                         I Know You

1-13                         I Know You (Reprise)

1-14                         The Village Square

1-15                         Unfair (Reprise)

1-16                         The Godmother’s Shop

1-17                         Beauty Has A Price

2-1                           Fanfare

2-2                           The Cinderella Waltz

2-3                           The Ball

2-4                           I Know I Have A Heart

2-5                           Act 2 Scene 2

2-6                           I Am No Longer Me

2-7                           Moment Of Triumph

2-8                           What Were You Thinking / Introduction To Far Too Late

The Official Compilations Chart is compiled weekly by the Official Charts Company,

tracking UK sales of multi-artist compilation albums, original soundtracks and motion picture cast recordings.


Pos          LW          Title, Artist            

1              New        ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’S ‘CINDERELLA’                ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

2              1              THE GREATEST SHOWMAN                                            MOTION PICTURE CAST RECORDING

3              New        BURIED TREASURE – THE 70S                                         VARIOUS ARTISTS            

4              New        MAGICAL DAYS – HITS OF GOLD                                   VARIOUS ARTISTS            

5              5              NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC 108                        VARIOUS ARTISTS

6              4              IN THE HEIGHTS                                                                 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

7              2              NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL SUMMER                          VARIOUS ARTISTS

8              12            NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL FOOTIE                              VARIOUS ARTISTS            


10            7              HMILTON                                                                             ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST        

11            8              MOANA                                                                                MOTION PICTURE CAST RECORDING

12            10            SUICIDE SQUAD – THE ALBUM                                       ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

13            3              NOW YEARBOOK 1983                                                      VARIOUS ARTISTS

14            11            MAMMA MIA                                                                      MOTION PICTURE CAST RECORDING

15            9              THE BEST SUMMER HOLIDAY ALBUM IN THE           VARIOUS ARTISTS

16            13            FROZEN 2                                                                             ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

17            14            MAMMA MIA – HERE WE GO AGAIN                             MOTION PICTURE CAST RECORDING

18            16            FROZEN                                                                                ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

19            17            80S ROCK DOWN                                                                VARIOUS ARTISTS

20            15            1-2-3 – THE 80S                                                                     VARIOUS ARTISTS            

21            18            A STAR IS BORN                                                                 MOTION PICTURE CAST RECORDING