Apple AirTag found in bag after visit to shops

Apple AirTag found in bag after visit to shops BLOG Wednesday 8 June 2022


Apple AirTag found in bag after visit to shops

 Warning as TikTok user finds Apple AirTag in her bag after visit to shops

A woman has moved to warn others after she found an Apple AirTag in her bag when she returned from a shopping trip. The coin-sized discs that people can place in or attach to items to find them if they lose them.

TikTok user molly32320 posted videos claiming that she had found such a device in her bag, reports the Daily Star. She said she was looking for her vape when she found it.

Once she realised it was an AirTag, she worried that she was being tracked by someone. She said she destroyed the device by soaking it in water and dumping it outside away from her home.

In one of the videos, she said: “Girls if you’re listening and this has happened to you before, just be careful. If you ever see one of these AirTags in your bag, be careful, go and soak it in water like me and put it in the grass.”

One user, Pauline Kiernan said: “It’s a tracker they can find out where you live go to the police and report it hun. Please stay safe.”

While many users were supportive, some people aren’t convinced the video was real as none of the clips showed her actually destroying the AirTag. One user said: “The acting here is quite something.”

Apple AirTags have attracted plenty of criticism since launching last year after dozens of people discovered them hidden on their person. Earlier this month, an American family said they were enjoying a day out at Disney World when they discovered a stranger was tracking them using an Apple AirTag all day.

They were alerted thanks to an iPhone notification warning them of an unidentified AirTag in their presence for hours. This is a feature Apple added to iPhones after reports began to emerge of the devices being used to follow people.

Apple AirTags are small, coin-sized devices designed to help people find lost belongings like keys. Apple has made concerted efforts to address privacy fears, releasing a ‘user safety guide’ as well as adding new precision finding features to help people locate AirTags easier if they’re in close proximity to one of the devices for too long.

By Ciaran Daly & Steven Smith


The Top 10 afflictions that should have ruled out a chosen career

A list of people whose careers advisers might have suggested they try something else

This list was suggested by David Wilcock, after he read the obituary of Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold, who suffered from serious seasickness, but said it was a badge of honour because Admiral Nelson did too.

  1. Horatio Nelson. Seasick admiral. “I am ill every time it blows hard and nothing but my enthusiastic love for the profession keeps me one hour at sea,” he wrote. Mike Whitesman said his father served in the royal navy for 24 years: “He was scared of the sea; he said it made him a good sailor as he made damn sure he didn’t go in it.”


  1. Ed Balls. Politician who overcame a stammer. As did Demosthenes, Winston Churchill, Aneurin Bevan and Joe Biden.


  1. Henry Cooper. Boxer who suffered from bleeding diathesis – a tendency to bleed or bruise easily.


  1. Joseph Acaba. Nasa astronaut who is afraid of heights. From David Wilcock. Alan Shepard, the second person in space in 1961, was grounded by an inner-ear disease that caused dizziness, but it was fixed by surgery and he walked on the moon in 1971.


  1. Tiger Pataudi. Captain of the Indian cricket team who damaged an eye in a car crash at the age of 20 – so he saw two balls not one. “I hit the nearest one,” he told anyone boring enough to ask.


  1. Clint Eastwood. Star of sundry westerns who is allergic to horses (as well as to cats and dogs).


  1. Evelyn Glennie. Renowned percussionist who has been deaf since the age of 12.


  1. Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. Lost the tips of two fingers in a factory accident aged 17 and was told he would never play guitar again. He was inspired to try by the example of Django Reinhardt, jazz guitarist, who lost two fingers to fire, also at the age of 17.


  1. A A Gill was dyslexic, but he could read his own writing and dictated his articles to copytakers at The Sunday Times.


  1. Lawrence Rowe. West Indian cricketer who suffered from hay fever. As did Norman Stewart “Mandy” Mitchell-Innes, Somerset and England cricketer. Lleyton Hewitt won Wimbledon despite being allergic to grass. Ian Poulter, Jesper Parnevik and Jill McGill are among several golfers who also suffer.


I didn’t accept Ludwig van Beethoven, who became deaf gradually, although he composed the Ninth Symphony when he could hear only low notes and sudden loud noises. (Thanks to Allan Holloway, Dean Bullen, Tom Peck and Simon Goldstone.) Nor did I find room for Boris Johnson, who became prime minister despite an inability to tell the truth (said Martin Payne), or “most of his ministers”, who managed to serve in government despite a complete lack of empathy (according to London Titan). Nor was I convinced by the theory that Vincent Van Gogh was colour-blind.


John Rentoul – Independent

REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort



Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.


Happiness is…not being tracked.


“Why don’t eggs tell jokes? They’d crack each other up.”


Love is…


“The only normal people are the ones that you don’t know very well.” —Alfred Adler


A time for Apple AirTags to be used wisely… Not a time for Apple AirTags to be used deviously




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