Barbie unveils limited-edition Queen doll to mark Platinum Jubilee

Barbie unveils limited-edition Queen doll to mark Platinum Jubilee BLOG Sunday 24th April 2022


Barbie unveils limited-edition Queen doll to mark Platinum Jubilee

The doll comes in a box inspired by the styles present in Buckingham Palace

Mattel has unveiled a limited-edition Queen Elizabeth II Barbie doll to celebrate Her Majesty’s historic Platinum Jubilee.

Released on the Queen’s 96th birthday, the doll has been made in the royal’s likeness, featuring an ivory gown with a blue ribbon, a recreation of the tiara worn by Her Majesty on her wedding day, and pink and blue ribbons — a nod to the one given by her father George VI.

Available to buy now, the doll is presented in a box inspired by the styles in Buckingham Palace, and is printed with a crest-shaped logo and a badge commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne.

“Queen Elizabeth II’s reign has been one of extraordinary impact, holding a position that few women have,” historian and professor Kate Williams, author of Our Queen Elizabeth, says.

“The longest reigning British monarch, and the first to reach a Platinum Jubilee, The Queen has dedicated herself to service and duty and seen the world change immeasurably. In 1952, when she came to the throne, women were not encouraged to work and politicians expressed doubts about a young female monarch – but she showed them wrong, proved herself an adept leader and diplomat.

“As Her Majesty celebrates this milestone jubilee it is wonderful to see an iconic brand like Barbie share important historical female figures impact as leaders, creators and pioneers to new generations.”

The doll is part of Barbie’s Tribute Collection, which launched last year to celebrate visionaries for their remarkable contributions, impact and legacy as trailblazers. It will be sold at Harrods, Hamley’s, Selfridges, John Lewis and on Amazon.

We’re sure it’s set to be a collector’s item, so make sure to snap this one up while you still can…

The official price of the doll is £94.99 but is currently out of stock at Amazon. But you can get one on Ebay ranging in price from £271.75 to £750!

BY LISA JOYNER – Country Living


 Top 10 Most Famous Barbie Dolls

It’s amazing how much controversy a little doll, less than 12 inches in height, can generate. These days, the blonde beauty named Barbara Millicent Roberts, aka Barbie, is in the middle of a lawsuit. The controversy? Mattel claims Bratz, a line of dolls that has been stomping Barbie sales, was made by an employee at Mattel who had an exclusivity contract, and therefore, Mattel is entitled to some of the estimated $500 million to $2 billion in sales their rival is generating annually.

Oh, well, Barbie has been to the moon, worked at McDonald’s been a fashion model and had countless babies. Bratz may come and go, but Barbie’s been around nearly 50 years and she can handle anything. So here is the list of the Barbies that have been the most fun to play with


  1. The original Barbie – 1959
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  3. Western Barbie
  4. Christie – Barbie’s first Black friend – 1968
  5. Super Star Barbie
  6. Black Ken (Black – 1981)
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  8. Ballerina Barbie – Cara
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A time for The original Barbie – 1959…A time for Barbie Queen doll to mark Platinum Jubilee 2022.








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