BLUE PLANET II 29.10.2017

BLUE PLANET II 29.10.2017


R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 29th October 2017


There is big excitement in our family as Blue Planet II starts tonight on BBC 1 at 8.00pm.


Here is a BBC article about it as a taster:


Blue Planet II: 22 things to know about the new series

By Steven McIntosh


A year after the epic Planet Earth II, Sir David Attenborough is returning to our screens with a follow-up to 2004’s Blue Planet.


No spoilers, but we’ve seen the first episode and as sequels go we can confirm it’s better than Sex And The City 2.


Here are 22 things you need to know about Blue Planet II – complete with behind-the-boat info and what you can expect from the first episode.


  1. Five babies were born to crew members in the time it took to film.


  1. “Oceans cover 70% of the surface of our planet, and yet they are still the least explored,” says Sir David


  1. Hans Zimmer is doing the music again.


  1. There will be seven episodes in the series.


  1. We wouldn’t fancy filling out the risk assessment form for this show.


  1. There’s some serious dramz in the opening episode.


  1. Fish are Facebook-friendly.


  1. New technology was built to film the series.


  1. They’ve brought back those ‘making of’ segments at the end of the episodes.


  1. There’s some stuff in the series that even Sir David Actual Attenborough didn’t know about.


  1. One Walrus has clearly been watching Titanic.


  1. Bottle-nosed dolphins are super-cute

They just look so friendly don’t they, you’d definitely go for a drink with one.


  1. Dolphins surf, Sir David explains, “to strengthen friendships, develop social skills, and for the sheer exhilaration of it”.


  1. The show doesn’t shy away from the impact of pollution.


  1. Warning: The first episode includes “mating”.

In case you’re planning to watch with your parents.


  1. Some shots weren’t filmed on location.

  1. It wasn’t originally going to be called Blue Planet II.


  1. Tusk fish are determined little creatures.


  1. Not all of the plans for the series came off.

“There were lots of shoots that failed, to put it bluntly,” says Tom.


  1. In true W1A style, the show has led to more collaborative BBC working.


  1. There’s going to be a podcast to accompany the series.

So make sure you’re all caught-up on Serial.


  1. So… Planet Earth II. Blue Planet II. What’s next?

“We have a big landmark series for next year which is very different to Blue Planet II,” says Tom.

“It’s been announced already, it’s called Dynasty, not to be confused with Carringtons and Colbys, so who knows if it will stay that title.

“But the premise of each film is we take one animal family and follow them for a number of years to see the ups and downs of their family lines.

“I’m already viewing episodes of it, and it’s incredibly visceral. It feels so different to this.”

There’s more.

“One other thing I’m really excited about is a series the NHU have made which is on in January called Animals With Cameras, a really simple proposition.

“We’ve built bespoke cameras for different species, that the animals wear, so we can see the world from an animal’s point of view.

“There’s meerkats in it,” he adds. “That’s my innovation for 2018, more meerkats.”



“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” ~George Addair


Happiness is…watching Blue Planet II and then revisiting Blue Planet I


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