Brilliant Father’s Day Cards

Brilliant Father’s Day Cards

I used to work in the Greeting Card Industry. I used to find it a tremendous artform in its own right combining pictures, words, humour and paper to form its own unique art.

But this was in the 1970s, ’80s & early ’90s.

Now I find alot of the originality and creativity has gone. I do find it difficult to find a good well created inspirational greeting card.

But I am amazed that my daughters still manage to find amazingly brilliant greetings cards for me. As is illustrated with the latest Father’s Day cards sent to me this year.

They were so good and relevent without using an online create it yourself job.

They are so good they could have got away with just buying the card without the presents.

But that’s easy to say after the event when I’ve got the fantastic presents too.

Footnote: I learned this year for the first time that the correct spelling is Father’s Day and not Fathers’ Day as I thought it was. You live and learn.