Brits’ top news moments of 2021 revealed

Brits’ top news moments of 2021 revealed BLOG Sunday 2nd January 2022


Brits’ top news moments of 2021 revealed

Britain’s favourite news moments of 2021 include Marcus Rashford’s school dinner campaigning, Donald Trump being banned from social media and Tom Daley knitting at the Tokyo Olympics.

However, the single best piece of news of the year was the England men’s football team reaching the final of Euro 2020, as voted for by 21 percent of people in the research of 2,000 adults commissioned by digital magazine and newspaper app Readly.

Emma Raducanu winning the US Open (20 percent) was also popular, as was Piers Morgan storming off the set of Good Morning Britain (13 percent).

Other top moments of the year include Adele’s comeback, Cristiano Ronaldo going back to Manchester United, and the infamous Zoom meeting with Jackie Weaver and Handforth Parish Council, which made headlines and saw many tuning in.

And you can test your knowledge of the big events of 2021 by taking part in the ‘Readly Quiz of the Year’.

Behavioural Psychologist, Jo Hemmings said: “2021 has been a year of great sporting moments which has united the nation, yet continued public health issues, bizarre events and uncertainty has led to many of us experiencing highs and lows and worries about what might be coming next.

Challenges such as working from home, limited social events and fewer connections with friends and family have been evident again this year, but one thing many of us have learned is to take our fast-changing news in ‘worry windows’, on a need-to-know basis, rather than watching rolling news or being on social media all day.

We can decrease our levels of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, by listening to soothing music and immersing ourselves in a magazine or newspaper of our choice which gives us balance as well as pleasure, releasing our reward hormone, dopamine. It’s all about self-care and indulgence in difficult times.”

The One Poll study for Readly also found that eight in 10 Brits like to consider themselves up to date when it comes to current events.

And 37 percent of those working from home admit to missing the ‘water-cooler’ moments to chat to co-workers about items in the news.

Hero of the year

Marcus Rashford was named ‘hero of the year’ in the poll, picking up 31 percent of votes. He was followed closely in second place by campaigner and environmentalist David Attenborough, with tennis ace Emma Raducanu placing third.

Musicians Adele and Ed Sheeran also came in the top 10, as did Sky Brown, the 13-year-old Olympic skateboarder.

Top villains and more doom scrolling

The villain of the year, meanwhile, was former US President Donald Trump, chosen by a huge 44 per cent of adults.

Second place in that poll went to Matt Hancock AND Meghan Markle – both chosen by 33 percent of respondents, while 31 percent opted for current Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Brits estimate they have five conversations per month about big-ticket items in the news, and just under a quarter (23 percent) were moved to share a big news moment on social media.

Readly – the all-you-can-read subscription service providing unlimited access to 6300 digital magazines and newspapers in one app has reported 210,000 issues being read 120 million times in 2021. Research shows that reading makes people feel educated and informed (44%), entertained (38%) and relaxed (32%).

However, more than half (51 percent) admit they spent more time ‘doom scrolling’ this year – reading endless negative social media comments – than they should have in 2021.

When a big piece of news does happen – for example, comedian Sean Lock passing away in August – 12 percent got that news from a broadcast on TV. Eleven percent found out through social media, seven percent read about it in a digital newspaper, magazine or on the radio and just three percent heard about it during an in-person conversation.

When it comes to topics Brits simply don’t want to hear about anymore, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle topped the list – joint with hearing about Love Island.

Four in ten of those polled are fed up with hearing about YouTube personalities – and another third don’t want to read anything else about cryptocurrencies.

Chris Crouchman, Head of Content at Readly added: “There has been much appetite for news this year across our portfolio of digital magazines and newspapers.

Insights from the app show that people are also seeking inspiration and wanting to read about categories such as running, cycling and fitness, home & renovation and TV, film & cinema, however celebrity & entertainment remains the most read category among Brits this year.

Whilst there are many topics our readers want to read more on, there are certainly some we’re all pretty ready to leave behind as we look forward to a fresh start in 2022!”


  1. England getting to the final in the Euro 2020


  1. Emma Raducanu winning the US Open (tennis)


  1. Marcus Rashford’s school dinner campaigning


  1. Piers Morgan walking off the Good Morning Britain set


  1. Facebook and Twitter banning Donald Trump


  1. “No Time to Die” James Bond film finally coming out


  1. Tom Daley knitting at the Olympics


  1. That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah


  1. Jackie Weaver and the Handforth Parish Council


  1. Matt Hancock’s affair revelations


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo going back to Manchester United


  1. The Ever Given container ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal


  1. Adele’s comeback


  1. The #FreeBritney campaign


  1. When Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp all broke at the same time


  1. Sky Brown winning bronze at the Tokyo Olympics


  1. The “Friends” (TV show) reunion


  1. The big run up for 21st June ‘Freedom Day’ – that never happened


  1. The meme of Bernie Sanders in his mittens at Joe Biden’s inauguration


  1. Paul Rudd being named Sexiest Man Alive


  1. The rise of the sea shanties


  1. Keeping up with the Kardashians finally coming to an end


  1. The “Sex and the City” reboot


  1. Kourtney Kardashian dating Travis Barker


  1. Facebook changing its name to Meta


  1. Boris Johnson getting married


  1. GamesMaster being revived


  1. Kim and Kanye splitting up


  1. The return of the Met Gala – and Kim Kardashian’s incredible outfit


  1. The anti sex beds at the Olympics


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Christmas Day TV ratings: Queen’s Speech and Strictly come out on top

The BBC scores a winner with eight out of the ten top shows on Christmas Day.

The British Broadcasting Corporation’s premiere channel BBC One scored eight out of the top 10 shows on the big day.

The most highly-watched fixture of the schedule was the Queen’s annual Christmas Broadcast.

Her Majesty The Queen paid tribute to her late husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who died earlier this year at the age of 99.

Outside of the Queen’s Speech, the most-viewed programme was the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, which was won by pop singer Anne-Marie.

Beloved BBC period drama Call the Midwife came in third place with its 90-minute festive outing, followed by BBC game shows Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Wheel and the Blankety Blank Christmas Special, respectively.

Disney sequel Mary Poppins Returns, which starred Emily Blunt in the title role, took the sixth slot as viewers joined in on the family fun on BBC One.

Seventh place was taken up by the animation Superworm, which was narrated on BBC One by Olivia Colman and included other talented cast members.

The rest of the top 10 is rounded out by the soaps with ITV’s Coronation Street taking the top spot at number eight with its uplifting festive outing.

Fellow ITV soap Emmerdale took ninth place as evil Meena Jutla attacked sister Manpreet Sharma amid a disaster.

Finally, BBC One soap EastEnders – which had a slightly later slot in the schedules – finished out the top 10 amid a double wedding that saw Chelsea Fox see husband Gray Atkins’ true colours.

Commenting on the Christmas Day ratings, the BBC’s Chief Content Officer Charlotte Moore said: “Viewers chose the BBC on Christmas Day and entertained them in their millions with Strictly taking the top spot.

“Nothing brings the country together at Christmas quite like the BBC, there was something for everyone with the seven most popular programmes across the day that caps off a brilliant year on the BBC celebrating British creativity where we have delivered hits and award-winning work and seen huge audiences come to our shows.”

Moore added: “It’s these moments, in a time of intense competition, that prove that after 99 years the BBC matters more than ever.

“We have an ambitious and exciting year ahead in 2022 to mark our centenary year with an unmissable range of world-class content that will celebrate and reflect the unique role the BBC continues to play in the lives of audiences across the UK.”

Christmas Day TV ratings

  1. The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast (BBC One) – 7.4 million
  2. Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special (BBC One) – 5.8 million
  3. Call the Midwife (BBC One) – 4.7 million
  4. Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Wheel (BBC One) – 4.6 million
  5. Blankety Blank Christmas Special (BBC One) – 4.2 million
  6. Mary Poppins Returns (BBC One) – 3.7 million
  7. Superworm (BBC One) – 3.34 million
  8. Coronation Street (ITV) – 3.25 million
  9. Emmerdale (ITV) – 3 million
  10. EastEnders (BBC One) – 2.9 million.


REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort


I can’t believe

I forgot to go

To the gym today.

That’s 7 years

In a row now.



Happiness is…looking back at 2021 News Stories.


“My New Year’s resolution is to get in shape. I choose round.” – Sarah Millican

“My wife – it’s difficult to say what she does. She sells seashells on the seashore.” – Milton Jones


Love is…a diet of kisses, hugs and cuddles.


A time for 2021 News…A time for 2022 news.


Why was Lady Gaga’s Poker Face the most Googled song of 2021 in the UK?

We discover why Gaga’s Number 1 hit dominated conversation a decade after its release.

Lady Gaga’s Poker Face had the most googled lyrics of any song in the UK of 2021, Google has revealed.

Coming out ahead of Number 1 hits like Adele’s Easy On Me and Olivia Rodrigo’s Good 4 U, Poker Face (which was first released in the UK in 2009) topped the yearly Google Trends poll which analyses the internet search habits of UK residents.

But why has a 12 year old (yes, really!) Number 1 hit dominated conversation in 2021?

Well, naturally, it’s thanks to a TikTok trend. Namely, a trend that sought to uncover explicit lyrics buried deep in the songs post-chorus that everyone (even radio stations playing the track) had missed.

Basically, what you have thought for years is a chopped reverb vocal of Gaga going “Poker face poke-poke-poke-er-face” is actually…well…something a lot more explicit.

Gaga herself has admitted in interviews going back as far as 2009 that in line with the song’s themes (it’s a celebration of bisexuality) that she actually says “poker face…f-f-f*ck her face.” Apparently, only one station in the US correctly heard the lyrics at the time and censored the song. In light of the discovery, the song’s official lyrics on Genius have also been updated with the explicit lyrics intact.

So there you have it! It also helps that Poker Face is one of Gaga’s most recognisable hits to the general public. In the UK, it topped the Official Singles Chart for three weeks as her second Number 1 single after Just Dance, and is still Gaga’s second best-selling track here to this day.

The rest of the Top 10 result is included for you below, which also features Olivia Rodrigo as the most dominant act, with two entries in total for Drivers License and Good 4 U.

Elsewhere, Olivia’s Drivers License and Lil Nas X’s Montero (Call Me By Your Name) have been revealed as the most googled songs of 2021 worldwide. You can find the full Top of that here.

The Top 10 most Googled song lyrics of 2021 in the UK

  1. Lady Gaga – Poker Face


  1. Adele – Easy On Me


  1. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline


  1. The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar


  1. Olivia Rodrigo – Good 4 U


  1. David Baddiel, Frank Skinner & The Lightning Seeds – Three Lions


  1. Olivia Rodrigo – Drivers License


  1. Tion Wayne, Digga D – Body


  1. Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits


  1. Taylor Swift – All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)


By George Griffiths




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