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                                     Spring Starts                          Spring Ends

Spring 2021                Saturday, 20 March 2021     Monday, 21 June 2021

For Saturday 20th March 2021 Sunrise 6:06 ↑ (89°) Sunset  18:18 ↑ (271°)

Today Saturday 20th March we welcome the official start of spring in the astronomical calendar and we are all feeling ready for the regenerative, mood-boosting, colourful warmth it will bring with it. There are already daffodils, crocus and snowdrops peppering the countryside, but we’ve got the peaking dawn chorus, fields of lambs, carpets of bluebells and cherry blossom trees to look forward to, too.


When is the first day of spring?

The date of the first day of spring depends on whether you choose to use the meteorological calendar or the astronomical calendar.

Based on the meteorological calendar, the four seasons are split into three-month periods which are the same every year.

March to May is considered spring, while summer covers June to August.

What are you most excited about?

10 facts about spring

How spring can affect your sense of smell and other bizarre facts about the season

  1. It starts at different times.

Spring can start at different times, depending on who you ask. Looking at the astronomical calendar the first day of spring is 20 March. The Phenological method records dates of reoccurring natural phenomena such as flowering. For meteorologists, spring starts on 1 March and runs until 31 May.

  1. Snow?

Many people say you’re more likely to see snow at Easter than at Christmas. This is borne out of statistics to some extent – snow or sleet falls on average 3.9 days in December, compared to 4.2 days in March. However, because Easter is a ‘moveable feast’, it can also take place in April, which has only 2.3 days of snow or sleet fall. So it depends on exactly when Easter falls in any given year.

  1. Vernal Equinox

The first day of spring, the vernal equinox, has 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

  1. The warmest spring…

The warmest spring on record was 2011 with an average daytime temperature of 9.2 °C.

  1. …and the coldest spring

Was the spring of 1962, with an average daytime maximum of 5.8 °C.

  1. The wettest spring

1947 saw the wettest spring to date with 331.7 mm of rainfall.

  1. Average temperatures

The average mean temperature for spring is 7.7 °C.

  1. Something in the air?

Sense of smell can be more acute in spring as there is usually more moisture in the air.

  1. It isn’t the start of the pollen season.

Spring is often associated with the start of the pollen season. However, some pollen types can release as early as January.

  1. The sunniest spring

The sunniest spring was in 1948, in which a total of 558 sunshine hours were recorded.

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring Equinox with Kids

  1. Go on a Spring Walk.

Finally after months of snow, rain and cold the icy grip of winter is losing its hold. Signs of spring are beginning to show and it’s a beautiful muddy mess outside. Spring is wonderful time to get outside and explore with children. Every day there’s something new, some new change, to see: bulbs are sprouting, worms are waking up and the dirt is wet and muddy. Pull on your wellies (rain boots) and go for a walk around your neighbourhood, park or along a nature trail. Here are some fun things to do while you and your child are outside:

Look for signs of spring together.

Find spring flowers and pick a few (as long as they aren’t endangered, in a park garden or in someone yard).

Make a flower and willow crown.

Dig in the dirt and collect worms.

Jump in puddles and get wet.

Go on a spring scavenger hunt.


  1. Read a Picture Book about Spring.


  1. Plant Seeds.

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Seeds and bulbs are sprouting up from the cool damp earth adding bits of colour to our day.  Planting seeds is a wondering way to herald the start of spring, so whether you live in an apartment or on a large piece of land, grab some seeds and get planting.

When it’s warm enough for the soil to be worked, plant early spring seeds outside in pots or a garden (peas, radishes, spinach).

Grow spring bulbs indoors.

Make and sow seed bombs.


  1. Decorate Eggs.

Eggs are a symbol of new life and fertility. The tradition of painting and decorating eggs goes back a very long ways and today it still is one of the most popular activities for celebrating Spring and Easter. There are many different ways to decorate eggs, check out the list below for ideas:

Dye eggs using onion skins, natural ingredient, natural dyes from a kit, food dyes or Kool-Aid.

Use beeswax crayons to create wax resist designs before dying eggs.

Paint eggs using watercolours or tissue paper.

Decorate eggs using eco-friendly glitter made from plants, leaves or mica.*

Use old silk ties to create beautiful patterns on eggs.

Decorate beeswax eggs candles.

Paint wooden eggs with acrylic paint, dye or wood etcher.

Make egg grass heads or wool felted eggs.


  1. Set Up a Mud Kitchen.

Spring is wet and muddy and kids love playing in mud. Capitalize on the mud and set up a mud kitchen for your child to play with. Mud kitchens don’t need to be fancy all kids need is mud, a few pots and pans and their imagination.


  1. Bring Spring Inside.

Spring is a fickle, some days are deliciously warm and other days are wet and cold. Bring signs of spring inside to enjoy when that spring sleet starts coming down.


Bring flowers, pussy willows and branches with spring blooms inside.

Teach your child how to arrange flowers.

Dust those cobweb clean the windows and de-clutter your home together. Let all those rays of spring sunshine warm your home.


  1. Enjoy a Spring Picnic Outside.

Pack up a lunch and head to the park, public garden or trail for a lovely picnic together.





  1. Days are longer with more daylight.
  2. You see lots of baby animals around.
  3. Warmer weather.
  4. Bare trees are starting to sprout leaves.
  5. Your neighbours or/and you start to mow the lawn.
  6. You are awoken by birds singing.
  7. Seed catalogues come through the post.
  8. You see snowdrops, daffodils, crocuses and tulips in the gardens.
  9. You see people in shorts, T shirts and flip flops.
  10. The Grammys, Oscars and BAFTAs
  11. You see Bumblebees and regular bees.
  12. You see Frogs, frog sporn and tadpoles.
  13. Monty Don & Alan Titchmarsh never off the TV.
  14. You start to see blossom buds bursting out on trees.
  15. You smell and see Wild garlic.
  16. You see migrant birds back for the Spring and Summer, like swallows.
  17. You see Bluebells.
  18. The fields are filled with Lambs.
  19. The Budget.
  20. You see lots of Ducklings.
  21. Mum begins Spring cleaning.
  22. You see Butterflies.
  23. You see Rabbits.
  24. You see Sunshine.
  25. Your Council Tax bill arrives.
  26. Supermarkets are filled with Easter Eggs.
  27. You see birds building nests.
  28. Hedgehogs and hibernating animals start to waken up and appear in the garden.
  29. That beautiful smell of spring fresh air.
  30. Cheltenham Festival & Oxford Cambridge Boat Race




If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money. –Abigail Van Buren


Happiness is…the first day of spring.



The quickest way to make antifreeze? Just steal her blanket!


Love is…laughing at the same old jokes.


A time to indulge in Spring…A time to indulge in Autumn.


2019 Disney purchased 21st Century Fox for $71 billion USD.

1930 Colonel Harland Sanders founded KFC in North Corbin, Kentucky.

1345 Saturn, Jupiter and Mars came into alignment. Medieval scholars believed this phenomenon brought forth the Black Death. The Black Death was a pandemic which covered Europe, Middle East and Asia and killed around 25 million people.







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