CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 1 BLOG Wednesday 18th March 2020       2020

Today Wednesday 18th March 2020 sees the start of our third Coronabobs day keeping us under house arrest.

We have been sentenced, at the moment, to 12 weeks Self Isolation or house arrest. That is 84 days. 84 sleeps. From Monday 16th March 2020 until the last day sited as Sunday 7th June 2020.

This is one of the weirdest sentencing systems in history because you do not know if it could be extended and at worst it could turn into a death sentence.

So, I thought I’d keep a Self-Isolation Diary. A bit like Anne Frank did in World War II. She became a very successful author.   The diary has been published in more than 60 languages. 31 million copies of “The Diary Of Anne Frank” have been sold worldwide, in all its versions. And it is listed on most lists of Best Books Ever.

I am on to a winner. Turn a bad situation into a dream come true – I am set to become a top selling successful author, at long last. My golden opportunity

That is my objective for my period of Self Isolation. To write the Diary of A Self Isolator Aged 70¾


Day 1     Monday16th March 2020.

Mamma and I have gone into self-isolation kicking and screaming, forced into it by our two daughters and our two sons-in-law.

Being in isolation with one another does not worry us. We’ve been married for over 46 years, been in love for over 50 years. We really enjoy each other’s company. And the key is we still make one another laugh loads and loads.

Of course, Mamma may come out of the isolation looking exhausted, but she’ll be grateful that she still has masses of appeal at her age. But she tells me we are supposed to keep two metres apart. I think not! That’s not what isolation is all about, surely.

We stocked up with as many toilet rolls as the supermarkets would allow us. I’m not quite sure why, but everyone else was doing it so we thought we’d better. We filled the cupboards with loads of tins of Spam. We got that tip from seeing documentaries about the Second World War. The purpose of that is if we run out of laughs, we open the cupboard door and those tins of Spam remind us of Monty Python. And no matter how low we feel we will fall about laughing.

Another tip we got from the Second World War is to put masking tape round your glass windows and make a cross in masking tape (X) across every window. I’m not sure what it does but it obviously helped them get through and it will us

We decided the key was to have plenty of projects. The first we decided was to clear out the garage ready to receive our summer outdoor furniture that is due to be delivered on Thursday.

Our garage is full of gear/(crap) and is like a junk museum.

But the junk tells a story of our lives.

I had boxes and boxes of past writings and scrap books. A huge box containing a lifelong collection of greetings cards Mamma and the girls have sent me over the years. Our Church accounts from my Treasurer days, date back to 1950s. There are die caste model cars, a Postman Pat cuddly toy and a Yellow Witch doll I bought in Austria that inspired me to write a good many Yellow Witch stories.

I even found ‘Woofy’. Woofy was a toy ‘plush’ dog I had in my first year of birth. He was the toy that I’d scream the house down for if I couldn’t find him on going to bed. He is 70 years old and now worn out and just a lump of kapok all the outer fabric has rotted away. I suspect the kapok contains so many germs it has gathered over the years it is more deadly than Cronavirus.

What is the point of keeping a lump of kapok? The time had come. I took it to the recycle bin. Mamma said, you can’t throw him away. Do you know she was right. I put him back in the garage.

There are boxes of our daughters’ university works and programmes from various concerts they attended over the years. There are tennis magazines, Wimbledon programmes, Smash Hits Magazine Annuals, Jason Donovan & Kylie memorabilia, tape cassettes of artistes long gone. There are books and books and books. Anne of Green Gables books and the whole series on VHS video tape.

There is a box full of VHS video tape covering favourites mainly of mine but some of the girls. I’ve got a box set of Marx Brothers films in VHS. They are so funny. Original comedy that has me in stitches, but in VHS format. How would I play them? What on? Anyway, I can easily stream them, now. But you see it’s all sentimental. My daughter bought the box set, in the days when box sets were for real and physical box sets. Not contrived boxes that don’t exist, real box box sets.

These priceless things like this Box Set, the girls’ Wimbledon and concert memorabilia, some of my writings and The Yellow Witch I put into a huge tin chest. The tin chest is massive, big enough for a child to sleep in. In fact it was used as a cradle back in the 1920s for my mum as a baby, to sleep in because my grandparents were too poor to buy a real cot. That’s why I still have it.

You have heard me list all these items but nothing at all is Mamma’s. She’s has no baggage. She hates memorabilia. Says it is clutter.

In that garage there is just one thing that is Mamma’s. One table lamp. It had belonged to her mam. It is her pride and joy.

But then again Mamma hoards other things. FURNITURE! To be more precise mainly outdoor furniture. To be even more precise outdoor furniture we do not use.

We do have our old dining table and chairs stored in the garage. That’s how it all started.

But she developed an obsessive fetish for garden furniture and loungers. She is constantly buying them, but we never, ever sit out and use them. Half the garage is given over to storing this garden furniture we never use. And we are clearing out my precious memorabilia to make way for even more of the monstrosities.

We worked hard throughout Coronabobs Day 1 and me with a terrible backache, a two week old cough and cold  (runny nose)and Mamma working the hardest.

We emptied the garage, threw a skip load of stuff away, filling all our wheelie bins and Mamma taking loads to the tip. After we’d finished the garage looked fuller than ever. But a little tidier and more organised.

But at the end of the day it gave Day 1 a very important purpose.




“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” — Napoleon Hill


Happiness is…clearing the garage and then filling it up again


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Queen who?

Queen your room it’s filthy,


Love is…the cure




©2020 Phil M Robinson