CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 102 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 25.6.2020 BLOG 27th June 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 102 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Thursday 25th June 2020

You know things are getting back to normal when medical appointments begin to build up.

Since Monday/Tuesday there has been pandemonium as hairdressers were given the go ahead to start taking appointments again. I managed to get one even though it is not an emergency for me. If I find one hair growing on my head and not up my nose or in my ears I find it something to rejoice about and celebrate. Rather than panicing and wanting it to be destroyed.

The lack of hairdressing over the past three months has caused much grief and tears to many if not all ladies. So that does bring some relief. It also relieves the pressure on the Telephone Samaritans (joke).

Prior to this the hospitals and all things medical like dentists and opticians got the all clear. These places were considered a hair’s breadth more important than hairdressers and marginally more important than restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and gyms.

Consequently I was called in for an MRI scan on my prostate today, to the opticians Friday and for my Diabetes annual review next Thursday. I can’r remember my haircut day. Something like the Tuesday following a week on Sunday.

The MRI scan is fine as long as you are not claustrophobic which fortunately, I’m not. Your head is left peeping out.

My appointment was at the City Hospital at 2.10pm on the hottest day of the year. Temperatures were over 30 degrees C.

Due to Coronavirus I had to wear a face mask. And that was the worst bit. Wearing a face mask for the first time on the hottest day day of the year.

I can imagine if you had a tendency towards claustrophobia this would make the feeling far worse.

Initially the mask made my glasses steam up, and my face ultra hot and sweaty.

But in the scanner, I did not wear glasses. Nor hearing aids. I was almost blind and could not hear much except the loud thudding noise the scanner made.

The staff were amazing or at least the girl who took care of me was. She asked me every question under the sun to ensure I had no metal or pacemakers within me The scanner has a very strong magnet force.

She asked every question except, “Are you on blood thinners.”

She did ask me this question in am emergency at the end, though when she took out the line that put the dye into my vein. She said, “Are you on blood thinners.”

 “Yes.” I said.

“They are certainly working well.” She replied.

I felt really bad as the onus is on me to alert medical staff to the fact that I am on blood thinners.

But she was superb about it and took it well.

She dressed my arm really well, and said I should watch my arm and be careful with it. She warned me that I would get a big bruise. I didn’t. You cannot see where the needle went in. That’s a remarkably person, highly skilled at her job for you.

I am severe hearing loss and struggle with hearing with my hearing aids and can hardly hear anything without. This girl was excellent at speaking clearly to me and making me understand everything. Obviously when wearing a mask it just muffles the voice.

In the preamble leaflet it does say music may be played for you during the scan. You are given headphones to deaden the horrendous thudding of the machine.

This is the third MRI scan I have had over the years. During the first one I was given Queen’s Greatest Hits. That was fantastic. Made the scan a joy!

With the last two I was not offered music. Did I overplay the deafness and they thought it was pointless? But then again I do enjoy having time to lie doing nothing and just letting my thoughts flow where they will. Shear luxury. At times what would you give to have 20 minutes free time for your thoughts.

On the pre-amble it did say the scan would last 20-40 minutes. My two previous ones were over quickly within 20 minutes but today was a laboured 40 minutes. Why? I should have asked.

I know I did not move so they should have got a perfect images.

It is amazing where your thoughts go when left to flow. I explored what would happen if I had an uncontrollable urge to cough. I thought about others with more serious conditions who had laid where I lay.

My thoughts turned to the wonderful marvel of the air conditioning system, and the value of it. Also to how I was so uncomfortable wearing the mask. I breathed slowly and deeply and thought calmness.

Comedy sketches of being in this position entered my psyche.

 I thought through the fact that my legs wouldn’t normally lay perfectly still. All part of my restless leg syndrome. Yet for this forty minute my body remained tensely rigid due to the tension of the situation.

My thoughts turned to my poor brother in law having chemotherapy at this exact time  as I lay here. And again and again my thoughts were about Mamma and also my grandchildren.

Things to write constantly flowed through my mind. And then for some reason I recalled the time I spent with Hospital’s Radio and wondered if it was still running.

I panicked as I realised I’d forgotten to mention being on blood thinners and allowed myself to think through the very worst consequence of my actions. My heart began to pound and race.

Then, as I realised the scan was taking longer than usual I started thinking about panic attacks and how I could easily enter one if I was not wholly in control. I found myself having to fight hard to stay sane- weird.

But not to worry the scan was over. Just the results to worry about now.

A room contains a medical scanner with patient. Doctors and technicians observe from a second adjoining room. Includes high-quality JPEG and EPS10 with transparencies.

The bat thing on TV was Talking Heads, Soldiering on by Alan Bennett. Such skilled writing and acting. I love it.





Just look around, so many tiny but good things happening in front of you!.


Happiness is…an MRI scan


“I don’t play soccer because I enjoy the sport. I’m just doing it for kicks!”


Love is…just calling to say “Hi”

5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

We are grateful  Lockdown gives us  a time…

  1. A time for an MRI scan to take 20 minutes…A time for an MRI scan to take 40 minutes
  2. A time to be alone with your thoughts…A time to be distracted from your thoughts
  3. A time to listen to Queen’s Greatest Hits Vol 1…A time for no music at all
  4. A time for the hottest day of the year…A time for average weather
  5. A time to be grateful for Mamma’s love and care of me…A time to try and repay that love and care to Mamma.


DAY 82        16 Times – 144 Feet Cumulative Total 12,393 Feet






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