CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 109 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 2.7.2020 BLOG 4th July 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 109 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Thursday 2nd July 2020

Although this post is about the 2nd July, I am writing it and posting it on 4th July. So, to all Americans Happy 4th July! Enjoy your festivities.

There has been a big lack of good new children’s books published not just for the period we have been in lockdown but for a while now.

This Blog is basically supposed to be about Children’s Book, but of course when lockdown was introduced, we switched to being a Diary of a Self-Isolator. But to be honest it had become a struggle to find good new inspirational books. And that is me talking who too easily gets so over excited at the sight of a brand-new children’s picture book or a multi storey tree house adventure.

I cringe to think if I’m not being inspired and I’m an easy case what affect is it having on children and especially the reluctant readers. Where has the Book Magic Fairy gone?

However, you might be sure David Walliams saves the day.

A couple of years ago it was Julia Donaldson you could rely upon to constantly save the day. Now it is David Walliamson.

Also, Kes Gray with Daisy. The trouble with Kes Gray is I can’t resist his books, especially the ones about Daisy.

So, like the good old days here are the few (and only a few) recently published children’s books that inspire me.

The World’s Worst Parents – Published yesterday 2 July 2020 by David Walliams  (Author), Tony Ross (Illustrator)

Hardcover:            312 pages

Age Range:          7-12 years

Publisher:              HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks

Are you ready to meet the worst parents ever?

Sure, some parents are embarrassing – but they’re NOTHING on this lot. These ten tales of the world’s most spectacularly silly mums and deliriously daft dads will leave you rocking with laughter.

Pinch your nose for Peter Pong, the man with the stinkiest feet in the world… jump out of the way of Harriet Hurry, the fastest mum on two wheels… watch out for Monty Monopolize, the dad who takes all his kids’ toys… and oh no, it’s Supermum! Brandishing a toilet brush, a mop and a very bad homemade outfit…

The Beast of Buckingham Palace: by David Walliams  (Author), Tony Ross (Illustrator)

Hardcover: 464 pages

Age Range: 7 – 12 years

Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks

It is 2120 and London is in ruins.

The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters.

And when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred must screw up his courage and battle to save her, himself and the entire city.

In a future of myths and legends, join the bestselling David Walliams and venture forth into his most enthralling tale yet!

Daisy and the Trouble with Nature by Kes Gray (Author)

Paperback:            304 pages

Age Range:           5 – 7 years

Publisher:              Red Fox

The BRAND NEW laugh-out-loud new Daisy adventure, from bestselling author of the Oi Frog series, Kes Gray.

Here comes trouble!

Daisy and her class are so excited when their new school nature garden is unveiled.

But the trouble with their nature garden is, there’s not very much nature in it.

There are NO:



Grizzly Bears


If there’s one thing Daisy HATES it’s waiting. Especially waiting for nature to appear. Luckily, she’s going camping with Gabby, and will find LOTS of nature to bring back.

Only, the trouble with nature is, it’s really hard to control…

Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue (Umbrella Mouse 2) – Due to be published 23 July 2020 by Anna Fargher  (Author), Sam Usher (Illustrator)

Paperback: 256 pages

Age Range: 9 – 11 years

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Book

A breath-taking story of bravery, friendship and fighting for what you believe in, Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Anna Fargher’s bestselling and award-winning The Umbrella Mouse, based on the true stories of the heroic animals caught in the conflict of WWII.

Young mouse Pip Hanway is in France as she continues fighting for the French Resistance group Noah’s Ark: a secret gang of animals operating beneath the feet of human soldiers, whose aim is to liberate France and secure the victory of the Allies. Determined to reach her ancestral home of the Umbrella Museum in Italy, Pip hopes she can find long-lost family and a home. But as Pip makes the perilous journey through occupied territory, she soon realizes that danger comes from all sides and that the enemy is all around, and she does everything she can to fight for her friends.

Beautifully illustrated by Sam Usher, Pip will take you on an incredible journey through a war that reaches even the smallest of creatures.


The Flood: The Dangerous Exploits of Three Girls, a Cat and a Boat by Wendy Bartlett  (Author)

Paperback:            198 pages

Age Range:           9 – 12 years

Publisher:              Kensington Hill Books

When eleven-year-old Elizabeth is left to babysit her four-year-old sister one rainy night, neither of them expect the adventure that unfolds. Their parents don’t return home, and by morning there is a flood that fills the first floor of their house. Elizabeth must take initiative and make an agonizing decision: whether to stay put where her parents might find them, or to be brave and leave home to go in search of their parents. Dangers loom in either scenario. Then Elizabeth and her sister Amanda rescue a neighbour, seven-year-old Maya, and her cat. In this adventure for girls, the three lost children and the cat together set out in a little red boat, looking for their mothers and fathers. As they struggle to survive the flood waters, find food, and make their way among the ruins left behind by the rising tides, the quest forces Elizabeth to rise to new levels of courage, bravery, and resourcefulness she didn’t know she had. But will they find their families before it’s too late?

Even though this book is classified for ages 9-12, younger children might be able to read this as well.


As for my day I’m concentrating on photo research for my daughter’s 40th birthday celebration book. A lot of photographs to chronicle her life.

I like to include in the book lots of trivia about the day she was born which includes what was on TV. I needed to buy the Radio Times for the week of her birth. I found one on Ebay but was shocked and dismayed to find Jimmy Saville pictured on the front cover. That emphasises that 40 years is a long, long time.

Our life is now filled with Coronavirus. TV is either repeats or about Coronavirus. But a documentary about Coronavirus and cruise ships was actually most interesting, even though I fell asleep at the end.





“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” —T.S. Eliot


Happiness is…a cruise without Coronavirus


I struggle with Roman numerals until I get to 159, then it just CLIX.


Love is…releasing the passion within


5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

We are grateful  Lockdown gives us  a time…

  1. A time for The World’s Worst Parents by David Walliams…A time for The Beast of Buckingham Palace: by David Walliams
  2. The Beast of Buckingham Palace: by David Walliams… Daisy and the Trouble with Nature by Kes Gray
  3. A time for David Walliams…A time for Kes Gray
  4. A time for David Walliams…A time for Roald Dahl
  5. A time for Children’s book authors to engage the depths of their imagination and commit it to brand new books…A time for Children’s Book Publishers to get off their backsides and publish some ground-breaking showstoppers!



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