CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 11 – Diary of a Self-Isolator -26.3.20

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 11 – Diary of a Self-Isolator -26.3.20 BLOG  Posted 28th March 2020

DAY 11 Thursday 26th March 2020

Day 11 already, of maybe 84 or could it be 365? Who knows? Covid-19 likes to keep you guessing like that.

The best thing today was Clap For Carers and NHS. At 8.00pm everyone had to go to stand on their front door steps and clap the health workers. It was great most people did it on our road and throughout the country. Fantastic.

I love the following which appeared on Twitter “The best part of #clapforourcarers was the bit where a chap walking down my street, clearly totally oblivious to the whole thing, thought everyone was stood on their doorstep applauding him.”

Half a million Covid-19/coronavirus cases now confirmed worldwide


The U.S. has topped the leader board in the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases. The chart looks something like this:


Country                 Confirmed             Deaths


1              US                           85,991                   1,296

2              China                     81,298                   3,287

3              Italy                       80,589                   8,215

4              Spain                      57,786                   4,365

5              Germany               43,938                   267

6              France                    29,563                   1,698

7              Iran                        29,406                   2,234

8              Switzerland           11,811                   192

9              UK                          11,777                   580

10           South Korea          9,332                      139


The government came up with a scheme to help the self employed but funds won’t be available until June. There are some protests, but a tough one this. Me not being self-employed can see both sides. There are no easy, perfect answers.

Joe Wicks is holding live PE classes to keep kids fit during school closures in the UK

Joe Wicks has started online virtual PE classes to make sure kids are keeping fit from home as schools close for the foreseeable future amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Body Coach, 33, told his followers he would be leading classes kids can do from their homes to make sure they are still getting some exercise.

He said on Twitter: ‘Hello everybody, I’m Joe Wicks The Body Coach and I’ve got an exciting announcement to make. ‘Starting Monday, (23.3.20) every single day from Monday to Friday I’m going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on my Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV.

‘It’s a workout specifically designed for kids because when the schools are closed there is no PE. Don’t worry, I’ve got you – I’m going to take this over. ‘I’m going to get your kids moving, feeling energised, positive, optimistic. So tune in Monday morning 9am and every day Monday to Friday.

‘It’s a 30 minute session for little kids right up to secondary school to get involved and have fun. We’re going to be doing loads of basic exercises, you don’t need a lot of room.’

Joe declared himself the ‘nation’s PE teacher’ as schools around the country closed to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Myleene Klass predicts a baby boom or a divorce increase after Coronavirus lockdown

Someone has declared, the Coronavirus isolation is Springtime for Introverts.

And what did I do Day 11, I managed to work on and complete the mountain of two weeks ironing deficit that lay in the clothes basket for the two of us. What an achievement. That really is extreme ironing. What is good about my ironing technique is that I love listening to my favourite tracklist whilst doing it. Fantastic pastime!