CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 117 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 17.7.2020 BLOG 19th July 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 117 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Friday 17th July 2020

On a day that two stories dominate our front pages – Claims that Russia tried to hack our Coronavirus vaccine. And the Court of Appeal ruling which allows Shamima Begum to return to the UK.

The claims that Russia has tried to hack into Britain’s attempts to develop a coronavirus vaccine lead most of the front pages. Intelligence sources have told the Daily Telegraph that the cyber-attacks were known about at the “highest levels” in Moscow, directly implicating the Russian President Vladimir Putin. His spokesman denies this. The paper says the revelations came hours after Russia announced its intention to produce an “experimental” vaccine fuelling suspicions it could have been successful in stealing information from abroad.

The Guardian points out the hacking allegations were revealed just days before the publication of the long-awaited report into Russian interference in British democracy. It has prompted critics to claim ministers are using the cyber-attack claims as an attempt to distract attention from the report’s findings. One former security official described it in the Times as “very suspicious timing”.

The papers report on claims Russia is behind cyber-attacks on vaccine programmes, something President Vladimir Putin denies.

The papers have plenty to say about the Court of Appeal ruling which allows Shamima Begum to return to the UK to appeal against the decision to revoke her British citizenship. In an editorial, the Daily Mail says it shudders at the prospect of other terror suspects in her position attempting to return to the UK using the same legal loophole.

Writing in the Spectator, Oxford law professor Richard Ekins says the Court of Appeal has made a bad mistake in taking over the home secretary’s responsibility in deciding who should be allowed to enter the UK. He argues that in allowing her to return, the court has undermined the powers given to the government to protect the public from the risk of terrorism.

The Daily Mail is among a number of papers to highlight differences between Number 10 and the government’s scientific advisers about whether people should still be encouraged to work from home. “Boris at War with his Covid Experts” is how the paper sums it up. The Express says the prime minister’s plea for millions of people to return to their workplaces has been “plunged into confusion” after his top scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, said they should continue working from home. The paper describes it as “another day of mixed messages”.


This day has been quite an interesting one through history. Take a look:

1841: The first issue of the magazine Punch was published in London. Final issue 1992.

With approximately 7,900 issues (200,000 pages) from all volumes of Punch between 1841-1992, including Almanacks and other special numbers (issues), as well as prefaces, epilogues, indexes, and other specially produced material from the bound volumes, and the images in the archive appear as originally published, the Punch Historical Archive, 1841–1992 enhances teaching, learning, and research.

1917: The British Royal Family adopted the name House of Windsor in place of House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

1945: The Potsdam Conference began with world leaders Truman, Stalin and Churchill planning for the future peace at the end of the Second World War.

1955: Walt Disney’s Disneyland was opened in California.

1969: Oh Calcutta!, the sex revue devised by theatre critic Kenneth Tynan, opened in New York. Critic Clive Barnes said the show gave pornography a dirty name.

1975: An international space link-up between US astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts took place when they crossed over from their docked spacecraft and shook hands 140 miles above Britain’s south coast





Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. – St. Francis of Assisi


Happiness is…reading an old edition of Punch Magazine


“My wife – it’s difficult to say what she does. She sells seashells on the seashore.” – Milton Jones


Love is…that secret ingredient

5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

We are grateful  Lockdown gives us  a time…

  1. A time to develop a Coronavirus vaccine…A time not to let the Russians hack the formulae of our Coronavirus vaccine
  2. A time to enjoy Punch Magazine…A time to move on from Punch Magazine.
  3. A time for Walt Disneyland, California… A time still, for Walt Disneyland, California
  4. A time for rain…A time for shine.
  5. A time for weekdays…A time for weekends.


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