CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 131 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 31.7.2020 BLOG 2nd August 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 131 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Friday 31st July 2020

We, me and Mamma have made an enormous, biggest decision of our 131 Days of Coronavirus Lockdown, Self-isolation lives today. It is an emotional decision which has cut us up but we both agree it is the correct decision.

We were due to go to Trevone, Cornwall on holiday with the family. But as there have been a couple of announcements applying the break to releasing us from lockdown, we’ve sadly taken the decision to withdraw.

The main reasons are that on Thursday 30th July, the government stepped up restriction in the North, at very short notice. Then, very quickly afterwards on the lunchtime of Friday 31st July, Boris Johnson and Prof. Chris Whitty put back some of the restrictions they had eased up on because the number of cases of Covid-19 are starting to increase again nationwide.


I had been very bold and determined I was going on holiday right up until today. I want to be with my grandchildren at the seaside, so much! So, what changed my mind (and Mamma’s).

On Friday Boris freaked me out saying it the situation was worsening. I made a list of what had freaked me out about it over the last twenty-four hours:

  1. The Northern announcement to toughen up Lockdown for 4 million people because cases of Covid-19 were rising.
  2. The South West R # is at the top of the range and the same as the North West R#. The two-share top billing. See the map.
  3. The announcements today stopping and slowing down many of the easing of restrictions. Plus, Boris’ comments. And Chris Whitty saying we’ve probably gone as far as we can go on easing the restrictions.
  4. A friend of ours normally goes to the Lakes with their family in August. They have decided not to do so this year and yet they’ve been quite bullish over lockdown.
  5. I texted another friend who usually does Cornwall and they said they did not fancy facing the masses in Cornwall this year and so have taken a last-minute decision to go to France.
  6. I saw a report and photograph of a crashed-out pub garden in the Manchester area. People just not socially distancing. Apparently there have been 12 cases of Covid-19 confirmed from that night.
  7. Spain flights: Jet2, British Airways and TUI holidays have cancelled Spanish holidays which is bound to increase numbers of bodies attempting to get a fake Costa Del Sol tan in an already overpopulated Cornwall.
  8. I feel physically feel scared – I explain later.
  9. We feel the satisfaction gained factor from the holiday will be far less than risk factor.
  10. I work hard at managing my many health issues. It seems irresponsible to expose myself if only remotely to anything more.
  11. At home I am familiar with my surroundings and ensure I am not putting myself in any undue risk situations.
  12. When you are younger you are sharper with the social distancing skills due to quicker reaction, sharper hearing and better sight. All of which I struggle intensely with.
  13. It’s not easy to relax – I am unsteady on my feet, and cannot walk far. Coffee shops will not be easy to do because of crowds. We cannot browse shops like the bookshop.
  14. The masses of numbers of people floooding England’s coastal resorts terrifys me and makes me feel claustraphobic and so suseptible.
  15. I am too old. If I was in the zero to 50+ age range without health issues I would feel fine. But I’m not. Even if I was as fit as Mamma I would risk it. But I’m not.


The reason I feel scared is this. I pick up any little virus, cold, infection, anything, within a 50-mile radius and I can’t shake it off easily if at all. During social isolation I’ve managed to pickup ear infections and viruses. What’s that all about?

 I am old and rickerty. I have many, many health issues.  I don’t fear dying, that and taxes are the only certainties of life.

But AND GET THIS LOUD AND CLEAR! I do fear not living.

I still have so much living I want to do, so much on the bucket list to complete. So many words I need to create. So much loving I need to do. I cannot risk losing any of that.

If I was younger and less prone to viruses, I too would feel invincible and be ready to tackle Cornwall.

I went into Wilko’s recently. I even felt threatened there as it was busy and people were not socially distancing at all. Cornwall will be full of those types of people.

Seven days will soon pass. Won’t it?  And it will be like we never missed it. Let’s hope there is a vaccination by Christmas then roll on August 2021! We’ll have a lot of catching up to do.

I worked on the Village Hall accounts all day. What a lot of hard, concentrated work that is especially when you’ve had such an emotional day.

In the evening my heroine Miriam Margolyes presented her second documentary in the series Almost Australian. She speaks to some amazing characters and gives a good insight into the real people of Australia. Like the female trucker with a huge truck towing 4 or maybe 5 trailers. incredible




“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”

— Isaac Asimov


Happiness is…Trevone beach


What did the beach say to the tide when it came in?

Long time, no sea. 


Love is…sharing a lifetime of treasured memories


5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

We are grateful  Lockdown gives us  a time…

  1. A time to hit Trevone, Cornwall…A time to give Trevone a miss for this year in respect of your health.
  2. A time to be young and fit…A time to be old and ill.
  3. A time to holiday on the Costa Del Sol…A time to holiday on the Cornish Riviera.
  4. A time to be flippant…A time to be sensible.
  5. A time for male truckers…A time for female truckers with 4 trailers attached to their truck.


DAY 118        18 Times – 162 Feet              Cumulative Total 17,577 Feet




                Country                 Confirmed cases  Deaths

1              US                          4,617,494              154,319

2              Brazil                    2,707,877              93,563

3              Mexico                 424,637                 46,688

4              UK                         305,572                 46,278

5              India                     1,695,988              36,511

6              Italy                      247,832                 35,146

7              France                   213,180                 30,153

8              Spain                     288,522                 28,445

9              Peru                       407,492                 19,021

10           Iran                       306,752                 16,982


UK deaths yesterday 74


Global cases         Updated 2 Aug at 07:59 local

Confirmed            17,849,853           +352,499

Deaths                   685,071                 +7,792

Recovered             10,553,585           +295,621




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