CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 158 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 27.8.2020 BLOG 29th August 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 158 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Thursday 27th August 2020

Have you ever heard a certain song or tune that immediately takes you back to your youth? It can be a very poignant moment.

When researchers at the University of Westminster examined the choices of 80 different guests on the BBC radio show Desert Island Discs, they found that most guests had chosen music which dated back to when they had been between 10 to 30 years old.  This time span was identified as a ‘self-defining period’ in their lives.

The research concluded: “The music we know and love between the ages of 10 to 30 will play a significant role throughout our lives, connecting us as individuals to other people, places and times that become central to our identity.”

What songs trigger the big memories for you?

The average Briton spends six hours 25 minutes watching television and online video every day – approximately 40% of their waking hours. Metro Not me I do one and a half hours max.

Today I had a medical consultation at the QMC, Nottingham. Because of my acute hearing loss, I need to be accompanied by Mamma. As parking at the hospital is almost impossible, we parked in the Victoria Centre and caught the tram from the Market Square so that we spent as short a time as possible exposing ourselves to other people.

The tram we felt was very poorly configured for social isolation. There was no supervision either so the whole thing was poorly organised.

But the tram is so brilliant for visiting the QMC. We got off the tram walked 100 yards and we were at the Clinic I needed.

I was disturbed that it was something like the Department of the Elderly and I was seeing one of the main professors (of the elderly). I’m not old, for goodness sake! Obviously, a wrong referral by my GP. And the other patients in the waiting area fitted the bill. They were very, very elderly. Older than old. Really old.

I could not hear the professor too well but as hearing and balance was my problem it was quite fitting. Fortunately, Mamma picks up what I don’t which is most of what is said.

The consultant, a professor, was amazing. He cut to the chase straight away. I avoided cracking the joke that my GP was not impressed with. The problem is my balance. I told her what do you expect I used to be an accountant for nearly 50 years and they say old accountants don’t die they just lose balance. She said ‘terrible joke’. Later she did speak unsurprisingly about a brain scan.

The professor referred me to a specialist at the Ear Nose & Throat Dept. So, it was not an elderly problem after all. He gave my condition a name and told me what medication I would probably be prescribed for it. He then discussed with me all about the condition. He really was a brilliant consultant.

As we came out of the hospital the rain was pouring down and we took our life in our hands again travelling on the tram.

I have now written 100,000 words of my novel. Only 40,000 words to go.

In the evening we watched the final two episodes of the bizarre comedy “Mandy”. It was the project of a favourite comedy actor of ours, Diane Morgan. I don’t mind saying we have had some difficulty with the series but stuck with it for Diane Morgan’s sake. I did like the one with Sean Locke. You may think I have a bizarre sense of humour, but I liked the last one too where she accidentally gets herself buried alive in a coffin and phones a local radio station phone-in. Could this be considered as thinking outside the box. Definitely original black comedy.






Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting HOLY CRAP… WHAT A RIDE! – Hunter S Thompson


Happiness is…music you listen to between ages 10 years old to 30 years old


What’s it like to work for a hot air balloon company?

It has its ups and downs!


Love is… dedication

5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

We are grateful  Lockdown gives us  a time…

  1. A time to listen to music when you are 10 years old…A time to listen to music when you are 30 years old.
  2. A time to drive to QMC hospital…A time to go to QMC on the tram
  3. A time to visit the Dept of Elderly at QMC Hospital…A time to visit ENT Dept at QMC.
  4. A time to visit QMC in the sunshine…A time to leave QMC in pouring rain.
  5. A time to watch good basic solid comedy like Still Open All These Hours…A time to watch bizarre off the wall comedy like Mandy


DAY 145        16 Times – 144 Feet              Cumulative Total 21,609 Feet


  1. Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) Mr. Probz 3:27
  2. Best Day of My Life (Single Version) American Authors 3:14
  3. Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) [Clean] Martin Garrix, Macklemore, Fall Out Boy 2:45



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