CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 16 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 31.3.20

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 16 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 31.3.20 BLOG Thursday 2nd April 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 16 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 31.3.20

Today I had to go into the doctor’s surgery. I had an appointment for a blood test. I am on Warfarin and have to  have regular blood tests. The doctor rang me to say that even though the surgery was not officially open I still needed to go in. She also said she would try to put me on a new medication that thins the blood like Warfarin, but you only need one blood test a year. But my life has always been ruined by exams. My blood has to pass a test before I can get on it. We’ll see how well it did its revision tomorrow.

The trade up to the new medication is due to Coronavirus, if it comes off. It is to cut down the number of visits needed to the surgery. I’ve not been put on it before because it is expensive.

I was happy with that until I find out half the world is on it anyway. Seems odd that I’ve not heard from him for a week or so, but he manages to call the night before I have the decision about the medication to say he’s been on it for ages.

On a more serious note I was most disturbed to see one of my favourite people Michael Rosen ‘very poorly but stable’ after night in intensive care

Michael Rosen’s family has said that the poet, broadcaster and author, who is suffering from suspected coronavirus, is “very poorly at the moment” but is stable and alert after a night in intensive care.

Rosen, the author of beloved children’s books from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt to Little Rabbit Foo Foo, has been charting his illness on Twitter in recent weeks.

“Can’t stop my thermostat from crashing: icy hands, hot head. Freezing cold sweats. Under the covers for bed-breaking shakes. Image of war hero biting on a hankie, while best mate plunges live charcoal into the wound to cauterise it,” he wrote on 22 March.

The next day, he was wondering if he was suffering from a heavy flu rather than coronavirus: “Have had no chest pains. No persistent cough. So all along it could have been a heavy flu and not corona. Today the fevers are ebbing. In their place a deep muscle exhaustion. In every corner.”

On Monday, his family tweeted: “Michael is very poorly at the moment. Having spent a night in ICU, he is now doing ‘OK, stable, alert’ and was able to go to a ward yesterday.”

As the hashtag #GetWellSoonMichael began to trend on Twitter on Monday night and Tuesday morning, his wife Emma-Louise Williams thanked the thousands of readers who had wished him well.

Rosen, is the author of the poem These Are the Hands, written for the 60th anniversary of the NHS. “These are the hands / That touch us first / Feel your head / Find the pulse / And make your bed,” it opens. The poem lends its title to a new anthology of poetry by NHS workers that is raising money for NHS Charities Together’s urgent Covid-19 appeal. Rosen wrote a foreword for the collection, which was published last week, in which he described the NHS as “a perfect symbol of how we can care for each other across a whole society”.

Today was the first time I’d been out for a while. I’ve been exercising in the garden and I was surprised how many people were out there. But they all kept their 2 metres away.

I was disturbed by one old lady who as I approached walked out into the middle of what is normally a very busy main road. Although she was dead right it still made me feel unloved and unclean. But I’ll get over it.

Finished and mailed Coronabobs Times No.3 the magazine for and to the grandchildren. I hope they enjoy it. Some real creative stories in that you know.

Felt bad for a guy in Mamma’s church group. His mum was taken in to hospital with an illness that was later confirmed as Coronavirus. At the end of last week they were preparing him for the worse. But brilliantly she seems to be stabilising now, which is wonderful news.

Tom Hanks and his wife seem to be recovered from it and Prince Charles.

£84.99 is what one UK Ebay user was selling a 72 Pack of toilet rolls for online, that is triple it’s usual retail price.

Mamma had this brilliant idea to go shopping at Tesco at 9.00pm last night. A brilliant idea. There were just two other customers in the store, and she got a full weekly shop except milk.

Mamma has gone crashing to the sharp end of the 21st Century by mastering the technology and having a couple of hour video conferencing link with a number of people in her church group. Video links are the saviour of the self-isolation of the Coronavirus.





“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”


Happiness is…what life is all about


– What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer? A brick layer!


Love is…going wild together



Nellie The Elephant by The Toy Dolls

No.4 29th December 1984

Bears no relationship to Coronavirus – Just a feelgood track to cheer you up

  1. Nellie The Elephant Toy Dolls 2:56


Country Confirmed cases  Deaths
1  Italy 110,574 13,155
2  Spain 104,118 9,387
3  US 216,721 5,137
4  France 57,757 4,043
5  China 81,588 3,312
6  Iran 47,593 3,036
7  UK 29,784 2,357
8  Netherlands 13,696 1,175
9  Germany 77,981 931
10  Belgium 13,964 828

Global cases Updated 2 Apr at 07:23 local

No.                          +Inc by

Confirmed            937,567                 +78,535

Deaths                   47,256                   +4,934

Recovered             194,311                 +16,210


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