CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 161 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 30.8.2020 BLOG 1st September 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 161 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Sunday 30th August 2020

August Bank Holiday Sunday today as everyone prepares to go back to school next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And one grandson prepares to attend school for the very first time.

But this item caught my eye on the Daily Mash Site. I always find their stuff funny and helps get the day off with a smile. It has the theme of Bank Holidays and this is what it says:

BANK holidays used to mean trips to the beach, but in our pandemic times the fun now lies in harshly judging other people going on trips to the beach. Check out these locations:

The Great Orme, Llandudno

This mountain headland is the ideal vantage point to inspect the bay below with binoculars, periodically remarking ‘Well, I don’t see many masks down there’, ‘Social distancing? Not this lot’, and ‘I hope they bloody well catch it’.

Blackpool Tower

Being 120ft in the air above Blackpool, well away from any of the people who live or go there, is always the tower’s main attraction. Being able to literally look down on the scum brawling on the beachfront while infecting each other makes it even better.

A Windermere pleasure launch

Being out there safe on the water sharing a picnic, a magnum of champers and a never-ending stream of disapproval about the crowds on the shore is such a relaxing day. You’ll feel like you’re in Tuscany sneering at the tourists.

The Cotswolds

‘Oh dear me,’ you say, as you drive past throngs of crowds to your isolated cottage up in the limestone hills. ‘They are taking such a risk,’ you add as you drive back through to enjoy them again. ‘And with schools starting next week too,’ you add, on one final trip.

A yurt

There’s nowhere better to be judgmental from than a yurt. It just brings it on. And while most are sited deep enough into countryside that there aren’t any crowds they’ve all got wifi so browse Twitter on your MacBook and castigate anyone breaking rules from there.

A glowing orb of omniscient self-righteousness floating above Britain

After a summer of coronavirus judgement, you have attained your final form and transcended the material world to become pure disapproval. Hover above the country judging us all unworthy and deserving of everything we’re going to get. Then write your column for the Mail on Sunday.

We had a great, family, end of Summer Chinese meal get together with all the family. What better way to bring summer to a close?

We then went home and watched Mortimer & Whitehouse – Gone Fishing



The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. – Unknown


Happiness is…changing seasons – moving from Summer to Autumn, August to September.


Times New Roman and Comic Sans walk into a bar.

‘Get out!’ says the barman ‘We don’t serve your type here!


Love is…knowing you’ll live happily ever after

5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

We are grateful  Lockdown gives us  a time…

  1. A time for August Bank Holiday Sunday…A time for August Bank Holiday Monday.
  2. A time to visit Blackpool Tower…A time to cruise on the Windermere Pleasure Launch.
  3. A time for a McDonalds Take Away…A time for a Chinese Take Away.
  4. A time for the weather to be cloudy but fine…A time for the weather to be cloudy but downpouring rain.
  5. A time to be feeling the cold…A time to allow the heating to come on at home.


DAY 148        16 Times – 144 Feet              Cumulative Total 22,041 Feet



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