CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 45 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 29.4.2020 BLOG 1st May 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 45 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Wednesday 29Th April 2020

Labour leader Keir Starmer and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have led the messages of congratulations to Boris Johnson and Carrie Symond’s for the birth of their first child.

The Prime Minister and his fiance announced the birth of a “healthy baby boy at a London hospital earlier this morning”.

Their spokesman said they are “thrilled” and that “both mother and baby are doing very well”.

“The PM and Ms Symonds would like to thank the fantastic NHS maternity team.”

It is understood the PM was present throughout the birth.

The news comes just two days after Mr Johnson returned to Downing Street following a three-week absence due to his battle with coronavirus.

Coronavirus deaths reach 26,097 including care home fatalities

A total of 26,097 patients had died in hospitals, care homes and the wider community after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK as of 5pm on Tuesday, Public Health England said.

For the first time, the Department of Health has announced an up-to-date daily total for deaths in care homes, where it is feared more people are now dying of Covid-19 than in hospitals.

Previously, data was being published weekly and a week out of date as the Government was accused of overlooking care homes while focusing on protecting the NHS.

Downing Street has faced increasing criticism over the number of deaths in care and nursing homes and it is feared that the epidemic still hasn’t reached its peak in those facilities.

Number 10 said the new procedure for publishing data would come from three sources.

First, it would include the previously available data – from NHS England – which is based on reports directly from NHS trusts in relation to deaths in hospital.

It will also include data from central NHS records on officially recorded deaths and figures from Public Health England surveillance teams in each region.

The intention is to combine figures covering deaths in hospitals, care homes, people who die in their homes and the wider community.

It’s unclear whether the figures will be for the whole UK or just for certain regions.

There was an 11-day time lag for the Office of National Statistics’ (ONS) data on the number of people who have died in care homes and their own homes after contracting coronavirus.

Charities supporting older people have warned the government that prolonged shielding and social distancing for the over-70s while lockdown measures are potentially eased for others could create a sense of “victimisation”.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, said age alone should not determine people’s ability to go about their daily lives if the government decides to begin easing some of the restrictions.

The prime minister is developing plans for the next stage of the government’s coronavirus response when the current lockdown period ends on 7 May.

Hedgehogs are getting more RANDY thanks to coronavirus crisis say experts as fewer people and cars leave way clear for wildlife lockdown love

Less traffic on the road and fewer people around means hedgehogs are feeling the love during the coronavirus lockdown, one expert has claimed.

According to a national project, the number of animals being found dead in the road has more than halved compared to the same time last year.

Animal expert  Michael Walker, from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, says the spiny mammals have become ‘extremely active,’ telling the BBC: ‘People are noticing them more in their gardens.

‘I’ve had a video sent to me of a male pursuing a female, very noisily.’

He said he had received ‘randy’ videos of hedgehogs during the lockdown and encouraged people to record their experiences, particularly people living in the city.

Project Splatter, put together by four women at universities in Cardiff and Nottingham, prepares weekly reports on the number of animals killed on Britain’s roads.

The project’s website states at least 19 hedgehogs were found dead in the road between April 13-19, compared to 55 during mid-April 2019.

Overall figures have declined too – 2020’s figures recorded 138 deaths, compared to 239 last year.

Researcher Lauren Moore, based at Nottingham Trent University, added: ‘It could be a result of fewer people on the roads to see and record sightings.

‘[However] it is possible that it’s due to a lower number of vehicles on roads and that the risk hedgehogs [and other animals] face when crossing a road is greatly reduced.’

Coronavirus testing

Coronavirus testing is available for millions more people in England from today after the government loosened rules on who can apply.

Testing expanded last week to all key workers in England and their households.

Now, all care home residents and staff, people over 65 and those who must leave home to work are entitled to a test.

No 10 aims to hit its target of 100,000 tests per day by Thursday, with just over 43,000 taking place as of Monday.

Anyone eligible can book a test on the government’s test-booking website. Testing capacity has now increased to 73,400 a day, according to Downing Street.

Switzerland lets children under 10 to visit grandparents as they ‘can’t pass on coronavirus’

Children aged under ten will be allowed to hug and visit their grandparents again, under new social distancing guidance in Switzerland.

The country’s Federal Department of Public Health said youngsters pose “no risk” to elderly people because they do not have the “receptors” vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Dr Daniel Koch, the head of the office’s infectious diseases unit, said: “Children are very rarely infected and do not pass on the virus. That is why small children pose no risk to high-risk patients or grandparents.”

Grandparents are still urged to keep their distance and the guidance only applies to under-10s who are fit and healthy. Mass gatherings of more than five people remain banned.

Switzerland has begun to reopen after its lockdown (AFP via Getty Images)

But scientists have poured cold water on the move, warning of no consensus in the scientific community.

Professor Russell Viner, the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said: “We don’t think that it would be a good idea for children to hug their grandparents in the UK without more data.

“We think that children probably transmit Covid-19 less than adults, but we need to be absolutely sure and we would need to have a lot more data on that, particularly because elderly grandparents are in the vulnerable group.”

We are Self Isolation Day 45 and yesterday and today have seemed laborious days to both of us. I think due to the weather. It has been grey and wet, and I can’t garden, and we can’t go and sit out and take the air.

In such circumstances I need to try and lift things with the subject of my writing.

On top of that we had a disaster in the fridge. The three containers of milk delivered by Tesco yesterday leaked badly in the fridge. One in particular was worse than the others. The fridge was flooded with milk. The containers were very thin and flimsy at the side of normal containers. We also think they’d been squashed. Whatever it had burst their seams.

Tesco were good about it and refunded the price. But it’s the clearing up work and having to get more milk. But not to worry, we sorted it.


We watched a great BBC documentary about the glory days of light entertainment in Blackpool. Ken Dodd said in the summer of 1959 there were 22 shows on in

Blackpool employing 3,000 people





It’s all about perspective.

“One day or day one. You decide.”


Happiness is…a road empty of traffic to a hedgehog


My girlfriend and I often laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.


Love is…someone you are permitted to cuddle in self-isolation


5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

  1. Having time spare, just extra time
  2. Deciding what we are going to do with the petrol money we’ve not spent
  3. All those who are sticking to the self-isolation rules
  4. Good TV
  5. Solid milk bottles



DAY 25        16 Times – 144 Feet Cumulative Total 3,672 Feet




Country                 Confirmed cases  Deaths

1              US                          1,070,032              63,019

2              Italy                      205,463                 27,967

3              UK                         172,481                 26,842

4              Spain                     213,435                 24,543

5              France                   167,299                 24,410

6              Belgium                48,519                   7,594

7              Germany              163,009                 6,623

8              Iran                       94,640                   6,028

9              Brazil                    87,187                   6,006

10           Netherlands         39,512                   4,811


UK deaths yesterday 674


Global cases         Updated 1 May at 09:53 local

Confirmed            3,256,846              +62,960

Deaths                   233,388                 +5,750

Recovered             1,014,753              +42,034


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